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Batman era un vigilante que sirvió como protector de Gotham City.



Bruce Wayne was born to the wealthy Thomas and Martha Wayne in Gotham City, New Jersey, on September 5, 1955. When he was ten years old, Bruce was taken to the Monarch Theater by his parents. On their walk home from the show, the Waynes were confronted by a pair of muggers. One of the muggers, Jack Napier, shot Thomas and Martha, but left Bruce alive after asking him if he'd "danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight".

After this, he was raised by Alfred Pennyworth, the kind family butler. At his parents' funeral, he ran away and discovered a cave filled with bats on the family grounds, and decided to take the image and use it to put fear into the hearts of criminals. Bruce trained in many fields for many years, attempting to become the best at everything. In 1989, donning a protective bat-like costume, and utilizing his immense intellect, fighting skills, and special gadgets, and operating from the cave he'd found, Bruce eventually took up the name "Batman" to fight the crime and corruption in Gotham as a violent vigilante by night. By day, he worked as a generous philanthropist and C.E.O. of his parents' company, Wayne Industries.

Conflict with the Joker[]

A few weeks after beginning his war on crime, Batman was merely viewed as an urban legend, seeing how only beaten-up and unconscious criminals seemed to talk about him. Meanwhile, at a party he was hosting at Wayne Manor, Bruce met Gotham Globe photographer Vicki Vale, and the two struck up a connection. However, he was forced to leave after learning that Jack Napier, who he didn't recognize, was raiding Axis Chemicals for crime boss Carl Grissom.

Batman arrived and fought many of Napier's goons before facing down Napier himself. He shot at Batman, but the bullet deflected off his costume, slashing Napier's face and sending him tumbling into a vat of chemicals. Batman left before he could see that he had survived, albeit horribly disfigured to look like a clown. This transformation drove him insane, making Batman responsible for Napier becoming the deranged gangster and serial killer known as the "Joker".

That same night, Bruce and Vicki began dating, seeming a perfect fit for each other. But his deception and obvious lies angered Vicki, straining their relationship. The next day, Bruce discovered Napier was alive, and had taken over Grissom's organization as the Joker. He began investigating Napier with Alfred, and discovered he had excelled in chemistry in school, later confirmed by his creation of the toxin Smylex that he had placed in cosmetic products. Further investigation led Bruce to discover that Joker had tainted hundreds of products with it, but only certain product combinations would make it toxic, like lipstick and hairspray.

Bruce then learned that the Joker had lured Vicki to the Flugelheim Museum out of lust for her, and went in as Batman to save her. He took her to his cave, and gave her a file containing the cosmetic products to avoid mixing for her to publish in the Globe. He then knocked her unconscious and left her in her apartment with the file. He considered telling her he was Batman, and returned to her as Bruce, but the Joker busted in on them. Before shooting Bruce, who had shoved a metal tray under his shirt to protect himself, he asked him once again if he had ever "danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight". Bruce finally recognized the Joker as the man who killed his parents, and slipped away as soon as the Joker was gone and thought him dead.

The Joker challenged Batman to meet him at a parade he was throwing for Gotham's bicentennial. Just as he was watching this, Alfred brought Vicki into the cave, revealing Bruce's secret to her. She became unsure of whether she still wanted to pursue her relationship with him, and the two decided to think about their future while they went to the bicentennial, Vicki for photos, and Batman to take down the Joker once and for all.

After destroying Axis Chemicals, where Joker was tainting the cosmetics, Batman made his way to Gotham's center in his specialized jet, just in time to see Joker release Smylex gas from his giant parade balloons, beginning to kill everyone. Batman snagged the balloons and released them into the sky away from Gotham with his plane, but the Joker shot it down next to the Gotham City Cathedral before he could make another move. Joker then took a nearby Vicki hostage and climbed the stairs with her to the top of the Cathedral, unaware that Batman had survived the crash and was following close behind.

When Batman finally reached the top, he finally fought the Joker head-on, savagely beating him for killing his parents, as well as numerous innocents. Their battle eventually led them to a ledge, and the Joker attempted to escape by grabbing onto a ladder dangling from the helicopter sent by his men. Using his grappling gun, Batman wrapped Joker's foot to a gargoyle on the ledge. As the helicopter lifted, the gargoyle detached from the ledge, and the weight forced the Joker to let go of the ladder, plummeting to his death.

After this, Batman reached out to the police in an attempt to work with them, even giving them a special searchlight with a bat projecting it, which would come to be called the Bat-Signal, to call him when needed. They accepted, and a strong partnership was formed with Commissioner Gordon to protect the city from evil. As Bruce Wayne, he continued to run Wayne Enterprises from afar and even tried working with corrupt businessman Max Shreck to build a power plant, but he and Vicki ultimately broke up, with Vicki deciding she didn't like the secrets and pain of Bruce's lifestyle.

Battling the Penguin[]

In December of 1992, three years after the Joker's attack on Gotham, Batman began fighting the Red Triange Circus Gang, who were causing havoc in the city, on several occasions. Their motives unclear, Batman killed as many as he could while the rest escaped. A few days later, a mysterious disfigured man known as the Penguin appeared, having rescued a child kidnapped by the Red Triangle Gang. He had been living in the sewers after his now-deceased parents tossed him in Gotham River as a baby. Upon investigating the Penguin, Batman found that he was actually a part of the Red Triangle Gang, having been a part of the circus himself, and so decided to keep a close eye on him.

During his investigations, Bruce met Selina Kyle, Max Shreck’s moody and frazzled secretary whose emotional instability drew him to her, and the two began to fall in love. He also began battling the mysterious criminal Catwoman soon after as Batman, which further complicated his already complex investigations with the Penguin and the Red Triangle Gang, especially when the Penguin ran a bid for mayor.

A few nights later at Gotham’s Christmas tree lighting, the lighter of the tree, the Ice Princess, was kidnapped by the Penguin, who framed Batman in the process. When he went to save the Ice Princess, Batman found her restrained in an abandoned building guarded by Catwoman, who was now working with the Penguin. The two fought, and the Ice Princess was freed, but the Penguin knocked her over the edge, sending her to her death. He then released a swarm of bats from the Christmas tree, and with Batman looking down on the dead Ice Princess, Gotham’s citizens and police instantly assumed Batman was to blame, and so chased after him, barely giving him time to escape.

With the city's faith in Batman destroyed, the only course of action available would be to destroy their faith in the Penguin. During a campaign speech to the masses, Bruce and Alfred accessed the P.A. system and broadcast comments Penguin transmitted to Batman in the Batmobile about manipulating Gotham's citizens, which made the crowds turn on him almost instantly, forcing him to run back to the sewers. Satisfied with his work, Bruce then went to Max’s Christmas party to see Selina, believing the Penguin crisis to be behind him.

Bruce met up with Selina at the party, and after talking with her for a time, he realized that she was Catwoman, and she put together that he was Batman. Before they could discuss their emotions further, the Penguin blew a hole in the building’s floor and rose up in a duck-shaped boat. He declared that he planned to slaughter all of Gotham’s firstborn sons, and that his gang was kidnapping them all at that moment. He then kidnapped Max, who betrayed him as a business partner, and quickly left, leaving Batman to head quickly to Gotham’s center to find the Penguin’s gang and save the children, which he managed quickly and easily.

Furious at his defeat, the Penguin decided to send an army of penguins equipped with missile launchers to the city’s center and destroy it all. As the penguins advanced into the city and Batman raced towards the Penguin’s hideout in the Arctic display at the old Gotham Zoo, Alfred managed to disrupt the signal controlling the penguins and sent them scattering, leaving only Batman and the Penguin for a final showdown. When Batman arrived, the two engaged in a violent tussle that led outside the Arctic display, ending with the Penguin crashing through the glass of the display and plummeting into the water below, where he soon bled out and died.

Entering the Arctic display, Batman found Max and Catwoman fighting, Catwoman bent on murdering him for trying to kill her. Tearing off his mask, Bruce tried to reason with her and appeal to her humanity to convince her to not kill Max and have to suffer the consequences. Selina, however, ignored his advice and made her way towards Max, electrocuting him and herself with a powerline, and causing a generator to explode. Bruce ran over and frantically searched through the debris, but all he found was Max’s corpse, with no sign of Selina, and deduced she may have escaped with her mysterious power of self-resurrection, but also leaving him lonely once more.

Soon after this, Batman found himself on the run from the law once again, particularly District Attorney Harvey Dent and Barbara Gordon, who were determined to take him down for the murder of the Ice Princess, and sending him into a low profile for a few years.

Dent's capture[]

Batman was believed to be involved in the arrest of mob boss Sal Moroni. During the proceedings, he learned about the boss' planned attack on District Attorney Harvey Dent. Though he attempted to intervene, Batman arrived too late to stop the attack, which caused the Moroni to scar Dent with a vial of acid. The resulting disfigurement drove Dent insane and led him to become the criminal "Two-Face". Batman would subsequently capture Dent, who was later committed to Arkham Asylum.

Two-Face Returns[]

On the second anniversary of Dent's capture, Batman learned that Two-Face had escaped Arkham Asylum and was committing a robbery of the Second Bank of Gotham. Arriving on the scene, Batman learned that from Gordon that Dent had taken a guard hostage and threatened to kill him. He also met with psychologist Dr. Chase Meridian, who gave him details on Two-Face's psyche. The two struck up an immediate attraction.

Using the elevator, Batman pursued Two-Face to the vaults, defeating the goons present. Whilst attempting to rescue a hostage from the main vault, he was sealed into it by Two-Face. Able to open the vault with the guard's hearing aid, Batman returned the vault back into the bank and pursued Two-Face as he attempted to flee in his helicopter. However, Dent escaped before the helicopter crashed into the Statue of Justice. Batman managed to escape moments before the impact.

The Riddles Begin[]

The following evening, Bruce visited the Wayne Enterprises R&D department to look at development projects. During it, he met the eccentric Edward Nygma, an employee who had developed device called The Box. Concerned about how Nygma's project seemed to manipulate brainwaves, Bruce cancelled the project on ethical grounds. He then left to respond to the Batsignal as Batman, using a tunnel connected from his office to the Batcave. Upon arrival at GCPD Headquarters, Batman discovered that Meridan had lit the signal to summon him. Sharing observations of Two-Face's reliance on a coin, she flirted with the Dark Knight and attempted to seduce him. Batman, however, politely rejected her advances and left shortly after Gordon arrived to investigate.

The following morning, Bruce learned that Fred Stickley had died and arrived to observe the scene. Though Gordon and the officers were willing to pass it off as a suicide, he remained suspicious regarding the circumstances. While in his office, Bruce discovered a riddle addressed to him. Another would later appear on the gates of Wayne Manor the following night.

Deciding to investigate further and wanting to pursue a relationship with Dr. Meridian, Bruce took the Riddles to her to gain further insight into the person. During it, he took notice of a Rorschach test (in which he saw a bat) and a dream doll, split with two colors. When Chase caught onto his intentions, Bruce finally asked her out to a charity circus performance at the Hippodrome.

The Circus Attack[]

With her accepting his invitation, Bruce and Chase attended the event. During the event, they observed the Flying Graysons perform. However, Two-Face attacked the performance and threatened to detonate a bomb unless Batman unmasked himself. Bruce attempted to give up his identity, but the audiences' shouts drown out his voice. While the Flying Graysons attempted to get rid of the bomb, he distracted Two-Face and his men by attacking them. However, Dent got wise to his intentions and, after deciding their fates with a coin toss, murdered the Graysons. Bruce was still on the scene when the only survivor of the troupe, Dick, returned to the scene.

Meeting Dick[]

After the events, Gordon approached Bruce to take Dick under his wing until Two-Face was caught. Though Grayson was intent on leaving immediately, Bruce recognized a lot of himself in the youth and convinced him to remain behind, giving him access to the manor's garage. Memories of his parents murder began to haunt him again. During a nightly patrol in the Batmobile, Batman was ambushed by Two-Face and his henchmen. However, he was able to escape the attack.

During the time, a new criminal called the Riddler began aiding Two-Face in complex schemes and robberies. Around the same time, Nygma, having left Wayne Enterprises, formed a rival company called NygmaTech, producing the Box on a mass scale. Bruce remain skeptical of the intentions and functionality of the devices, though also continued to receive the threatening riddles.

Whilst visiting Chase one evening, Bruce shared with her the return of visions of his parents deaths and how they'd been haunting him since the events at the Hippodrome. Suspecting they were repressed memories, she gave him the doll to help overcome them. Bruce also noticed she was obsessed with Batman and her interest in their duality. After sharing their first kiss, Bruce was contacted by Alfred, who covertly revealed that Dick had discovered the Batcave and gone joyriding in the Batmobile.

Tracing him to a street in Gotham, Batman watched him fight off the Golums and subsequently become overwhelmed. When the group noticed him and fled, he confronted Dick and let him know he'd had have done anything to save his family. Taking him to the Batcave, Bruce learned that he wanted to join his crusade, mainly so he could kill Two-Face in revenge. Noticing the same inner darkness that had consumed him and someone else, he tried to dissuade him from doing so, worried he'd become what he was.

Identity Compromised[]

Bruce later attended the NygmaTech showcase of the newly developed Box with Chase. Goaded into investigating the device by Nygma, Bruce attempted to safely look at it without a necessary component. Unknown to him, Nygma's assistant installed a backup, leading his knowledge to be absorbed by the device. Bruce finally broke out of his trance when Two-Face attacked the event and shot the Box he was using. Suiting up as Batman, he apprehended several of Dent's men. After checking on Chase, he pursued Dent to a subway line under maintenance. Two-Face escaped by collapsing the structure on Batman, causing him to be buried. However, he was quickly rescued by a disguised Dick.

Returning the Batcave, Bruce chastised Dick for putting his life at risk and refused to bring him as his protégé. After the incident, he began to doubt his capabilities and began to ponder leaving the life to be with Chase. Visiting her later as Batman, he learned she'd fallen for Bruce instead. Recognising he'd been using Batman to fight against their greatest fear, Bruce finally decided to abandon the identity and lead a normal life. Unknown to him, however, Riddler and Two-Face learned his dual identity through the brainwaves they'd recorded through the Box.

The following Halloween, Bruce called Chase to visit him at Wayne Manor to spend the evening together and reveal his identity. After she knocked over a vase, Bruce's repressed memories began to return, which he recited to Chase. Through them, she quickly realized that he was Batman. Shortly afterwards, the Riddler and Two-Face invaded Wayne Manor. With Chase's help, Bruce attempted to fight their men while Two-Face attempted to decide whether to get involved in the confrontation. Eventually, his coin gave the desired outcome, leading Dent to shoot Bruce. However, the shot grazed his skull and Riddler stopped Two-Face from finishing him off. Instead, the villains destroyed the Batcave and kidnapped Chase, leaving a final riddle for Bruce.

Upon waking up, Bruce learned from Alfred that the criminals had destroyed the Batcave and kidnapped Chase. Deciding to redon the Batman identity, he worked to solved the last riddle left, deducing from the others that Riddler was none other than Edward Nygma. Donning the new prototype Sonar Batsuit, Batman decided to confront them at Nygma's fortress on Claw Island. While deciding whether to confront them by air or sea, he was met by Dick. Having noticed he'd assumed the identity of "Robin", Batman decided to accept his help to confront the villains.

Battle On Claw Island[]

While Robin approached in the Batboat, Batman flew the Batwing through Gotham to let Gordon, the GCPD and citizens know he was responding to the situation on the island. After being forced to crash by energy beams located in the main fortress building, he transformed the airplane into its submarine form, using the nets to subdue Riddler's Frogmen. Making it to the shores with Robin, the two were separated when the ground detached. Entering through a hatch, Batman discovered a trap set up by the Riddler, though he managed to escape it using the Sonar Batsuit's rocket boots.

Arriving in Riddler's main control room, Batman confronted the villain and Two-Face. There, he learned they planned to absorb all the knowledge from Gotham, planning to use it to rob or blackmail all its citizens. With Robin captured in a separate confrontation, Riddler planned to drop both him and Chase to their deaths to see which Batman would save, thereby indicating which identity was more dominant. After distracting Nygma with a riddle, Batman destroyed the main control with a Batarang, which caused great damage to Riddler's mind in the process. When the distorted Nygma dropped both, Batman was able to catch and save both of them using his grappling hooks.

While ensuring they were safe on a structural beam, Two-Face confronted the trio, planning to execute them. Reminding him his about his need of his coin, Batman was able to goad him into flipping for his decision. However, as he did so, Batman threw a handful of coins at him, causing him to lose track of his coin. In a panicked frenzy, Two-Face tried to grab all of them and lost his balance, causing him to fall to his death. Confronting the now-crazed Nygma, Bruce told him he was Batman not because he had to be, but because he chose to be. He then arrested Riddler and took him to Arkham Asylum.

Moving On[]

After ensuring Nygma had forgotten his identity, Bruce decided to continue operating as Batman, with Dick's help as Robin. Giving Chase the dream doll she'd given him, he said his goodbyes to her and subsequently broke up. Rebuilding the Batcave, he developed new equipment and technology to use, including a new vehicle for Robin. Some time after the events of Claw Island, Bruce began dating Julie Madison, though did not inform her of his double-life as Batman.

Initial Encounters With Mr. Freeze[]

After receiving a call from Gordon, Batman and Robin responded to a break-in at the Gotham Museum of Art organized by a ice-themed criminal called Mr. Freeze. Arriving shortly after he stole a valuable diamond, they fought off his Hockey Thugs to retrieve the diamond and chased him through the Gotham skyline. However, during the confrontation, Robin was frozen by Freeze and, rather than let him die, Batman chose to revive him at the cost of letting Freeze go. After the fight, Bruce reviewed footage to discover Freeze's past, including his wife, her disease and his lab accident. Deciding to set a trap for Freeze and his men, he donate some of his family's diamonds to an auction to lure him into another heist.

Sometime later, Alfred's niece Barbara arrived at Wayne Manor. Knowing that he'd asked her to visit because of his recent diagnosis, Bruce allowed her to stay at the manor with them. Meanwhile, he presented a new telescope at the Gotham Observatory with Julie. During the event, Bruce was confronted by Dr. Pamela Isly on several radical environmental reforms. Recognizing her as an employee of the disgraced Dr. Jason Woodrue, he politely refused her offers and instead suggested she'd meet with Batman.

Attending the auction as honorary guests, Batman and Robin fell under the pheromonic control of Poison Ivy, who sought to steal the funds of Gotham's wealthiest to fund her schemes. Under her influence, they bid against each other to extravagant amounts of money. This finally ceased when Freeze attacked the auction and stole the diamond, forcing them to chase him. As Robin attempted a potentially dangerous stunt to chase after the criminal, Batman overrode the Redbird via remote controls to stop him from endangering his life. He then subdued Freeze himself, ensuring that he'd be taken to Arkham. Though he'd stopped the criminal, Bruce's actions shattered Dick's trust in him and, as a result, fractured their partnership.

Fighting Over Poison Ivy[]

Batman and Robin, both got affected by Poison Ivy's mind control dust, which caused them to fight over her throughout the film. Batman soon realized what happened, and avoided her beauty and charms while Robin was still influenced. Eventually, Batman was able to gain Robin's trust again and the Dynamic Duo, along with their new partner, Batgirl, managed to apprehend Ivy, who was then imprisoned at Arkham Asylum.

Thawing Mr. Freeze[]

Batman was tasked with apprehending a thief with a tragic background, known as Mr. Freeze.

Throughout the current missions that forced him to face Freeze and Poison Ivy, Bruce thought about his relationship with his butler and friend, Alfred Pennyworth.

Batman stopped Freeze, along with Robin and Batgirl, from freezing Gotham with the new telescope at the Gotham Observatory, and revealed to Freeze that Poison Ivy had tried to kill his wife, Nora, in order to be the only woman in his life. Batman promised to have Freeze's wife moved to the lab at Arkham Asylum, where he would be able to continue his research and find a cure for her disease. Freeze also provided Batman with an antidote to save a dying Alfred, who suffered from a lesser case of the same disease: MacGregor's Syndrome. Freeze was locked up in Arkham, where he promised to make Ivy's life "a living hell"

Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce gave Alfred the antidote, and saved his life. After initial hesitation, Bruce allowed Alfred's niece, Barbara Wilson, to continue being Batgirl and join the crime-fighting team.

Joker Returns[]

somehow the joker would have survived and returned to Gotham City but would be captured by Batman.


Durante la Crisis, Batman, junto a su tierra, fueron borrados por la ola de antimateria por el Anti-Monitor el 10 de diciembre de 2019, así como todo el multiverso después. Aunque los siete Paladines crearon un nuevo multiverso, se desconoce si el suyo también lo fue.


  • Traje de Batman: mientras luchaba contra el crimen en Gotham City, Batman llevaba un traje negro protector estilizado como un murciélago diseñado para aterrorizar a sus enemigos y ocultarles su identidad.



Temporada 5[]


  • En los cómics, Batman es el millonario playboy Bruce Wayne, que hace del héroe vigilante protector de Gotham City, un hombre vestido como murciélago que lucha contra el mal y ataca el terror en los corazones de los criminales en todas partes. También es un antiguo mentor de Dick Grayson / Nightwing, quien es el protector de Blüdhaven. También es un aliado ocasional de Oliver Queen / Flecha Verde, Barry Allen / Flash y Clark Kent / Superman, el último siendo de sus aliados más frecuentes.
  • Crisis Aftermath confirma que este es el Batman de las películas de Tim Burton y Joel Schumacher, incluso refiriéndose a los "Batnipples" como canon.
    • Sin embargo, hay cierta inconsistencia en esto, ya que Batman nunca capturó al Guasón en las películas, sino que murió al final de la primera película. Esto significa que no es realmente una continuidad con las películas de Burton, sino un tierra en la que el Guasón no murió.

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