The timelines of Earth One and Earth Thirty Eight are a series of significant events listed in chronological order. but will list the other timelines to. The timeline is subject to change is always in a constant flux when a person with access to any type of time travel, goes backwards in time and events change, creating a new timeline from that moment onward.

Timeline 1

Biblical Times

  • Eve's sisters Lilith, Durgia, Naamah and Lamashtu turned down Adam's proposal and chose an eternity as goddesses of hell over a lifetime of obedience on Earth.
  • 1700 BC
    • Vandal Savage attempts to murder Priestess Chay-Ara and Price Khufu, in which ends all their lives due to a Meteor Shower. Said shower grants Savage immortality under the condition he Kills the two in each of the reincarnations.
  • 1699
  • J'onn J'onzz was born.


  • Transcontinental railroad laid their tracks through Central City.[1]
    • Bobby McFeely rose as Central City's greatest hero after a flood hit the city.[1]
    • 1854
    • Ra's al Ghul happens upon an illusionist in Vienna, becoming mystified with his tricks. Nearly half a century later, he came across the man again, but the man was withered and old.
    • 1889
      • Joe Boardman is born with an unknown name.
      • 1890
      • Edith Boardman is born with an unknown name.


  • Starling City is founded.
  • 1915
    • Aldus Boardman is born.


  • October, After realizing that Vandal Savage was on her and her husband's tail, they had their names changed to "Edith Boardman" and "Joe Boardman" and moved once again. However, Aldus admitted to having heard them talk at night and so they decided to explain the nature of their eternal cycle of reincarnation to him.
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