A Peace Prize Ceremony took place in early 2020 on National City. Lex Luthor won the Nobel peace prize. Attendees included Nia Nal and Kara Danvers sitting in the audience, alongside Lex Luthor and the presenter who awarded Lex the prize.


The event was a press ceremony where Lex Luthor was awarded the peace prize, and made a speech. Reporters were gathered around, Nia Nal being an early participant was saving a seat for Kara Danvers. A reporter from the Gotham Gazette was giving her angry eyes as Kara was late.

Kara arrived using her super-speed and the two sat down together awaiting the Nobel Prize winner. Having just returned from the Dawn of Time, Kara asked Nia to interpret a dream for her, which was interrupted by the presenter presenting Lex Luthor.

Much to her dismay, Kara asked Nia to check if she was dreaming. Nia, unaware of the world before the events of Crisis, assumed Kara was referring to Lex winning the prize as a good thing.

Lex then gave a speech thanking everyone for the honor of receiving the award, and winked at Kara in the audience who is shocked to see him.[1]


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Season 5


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