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The American Security Agency, simply known as the A.S.A. was a corrupt secret government organization that has attempted to create meta-humans. The organization was later disbanded after its corruption was exposed.


Forty years ago, Peter Gambi was tasked with killing Helga Jace but failed to do so.[1]

A.S.A. chased and cataloged every meta-human they encountered.

Odell had Jennifer Pierce as an asset; he trained her and ultimately sent her on assassination assignments. He also tricked Lynn Stewart into taking the drug Glimmer, not only giving her superhuman abilities but an addiction.

Upon returning from Markovia, Jefferson Pierce reported to the A.S.A., Odell in particular, about rescuing Lynn and Helga Jace; Jefferson wanted the files that the A.S.A. had on Black Lightning's team erased.[1]

During the War for Freeland, Odell ordered commander Carson Williams to eliminate all critical information tying the A.S.A. with Freeland. So, Commander Williams saw Dr. Jace tied in a chair, explained his mission, and shot her in the neck.

Later, Commander Williams found Lynn at A.S.A. and told her his orders as well as the fate of Dr. Jace. Lynn, who realized that she was on his kill list, told Williams that he was a meta-human; he disagreed, saying he was a soldier. As he fired upon her, Williams was slapped by Lynn with enough force to kill him.

Later, Sara Grey and some A.S.A. agents raided Gambi's Custom Tailoring to retrieve a folder belonging to A.S.A. but they are all killed by Gambi and TC.

A few data later, A.S.A. was disbanded and Odell was incarcerated.[2]

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