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The American Security Agency, simply known as the A.S.A., is a corrupt secret government organization that has attempted to create meta-humans. The organization was later disbanded after its corruption was exposed.


In the 1980s, the A.S.A. began an experiment, in which they gave people a vaccine they created, to keep the people stable and make them docile in an unstable environment, but the vaccine inadvertently created meta-humans, people with special powers.[1] In 1986, Peter Gambi was tasked with finding these people, but after he realized that the A.S.A.'s vaccine was killing children, he leaked the information to a journalist in Freeland, Alvin Pierce. After Gambi found another one of the test subjects, Jefferson Pierce, the son of the late Alvin Pierce, Gambi knew after he caused the death of Jefferson's father by leaking him the information, that he couldn't let the A.S.A. get their hands on him, so Gambi took Jefferson in as his foster son, and did his best to protect him.[2]

A.S.A.'s resumed goals

In 2018, the A.S.A. returned to Freeland and started making Green Light, a drug that creates meta-humans. They sold the Green Light through the notorious Freeland gang, The 100. The A.S.A. concurrently experimented on the 12 subjects and found out they needed a meta-human gene to put them into stable condition. So they started to hunt Jefferson Pierce, also known as Black Lightning. They killed Lady Eve and framed Black Lightning, setting a bounty on his head.[3]

A building full of contained meta-humans was monitored around the clock, though a number of them began to die, much to the chagrin of Kara Fowdy, who had procured them. Fowdy, meanwhile, was ordered to frame Jefferson Pierce, whom they believed to be Black Lightning, but eventually Pierce was released from police custody.[4]

Subsequently, Martin Proctor determined that Peter Gambi knew the identity of Black Lightning. Due to this, they took him under duress, torturing him in order to get him to give up the hero's identity. They were unsuccessful and so brought in his foster son, Jefferson Pierce, unbeknownst to them that he was really the hero. Before they could hurt Pierce, he caused a blackout, Gambi killing a number of A.S.A. agents, allowing them to escape.[1]

Following the failure of the A.S.A.'s plan, Proctor helped Tobias Whale, the leader of the 100, to recover from his wounds which was caused during his showdown with Black Lightning in club 555. Martin assigned Tobias on a mission to bring Black Lightning alive to him whilst making Khalil Payne a weapon to help him. Tobias betrayed the A.S.A., after he along with Khalil killed Black Lightning. This made Martin outraged. He later learned from his spotter Kara Fowdy that Black Lightning was alive.[5]

Later, the A.S.A. tracks down Black Lightning's location. Martin sends his task force to capture Black Lightning and Thunder, so that he could use their meta-human gene to stabilize his test subjects. The mission failed when Black Lightning and his team defeats his task force along with Freeland Police Department. Meanwhile, Tobias, Khalil and Syonide breach the A.S.A. headquarters in hopes of killing Martin. Martin managed to escape but they retrieve Martin's suitcase. Martin was later tracked down by Black Lightning and his team and was eventually killed by Gambi, so that he could not research on the test subjects and other children of Freeland, leaving the Freeland division of the A.S.A. leaderless.[6]

Under Odell's leadership

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According to Peter Gambi, the A.S.A had 20 crack operatives on their payroll that how to do a combat spread and could to two breach attack simultaneously. They were every bit as good as Delta Force and SEALs and maybe better than them. Plus they have special weapons to deal with Thunder but those same weapons to deal with Thunder but proved ineffective against Black Lightning when they assaulted the cabin at North Freeland.

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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, the American Security Agency, or "A.S.A.", was a U.S. Government organization that supervised the creation of the national team of super-agents called the Force of July.