The A.T.O.M. Exosuit is an exosuit designed by Ray Palmer. [1] It has since be disused, as Ray has retired from being a Legend and superhero.


The Earth-Prime version of Ray's second suit has the same history of use as on Earth-1. It hs only really been used in two major fights, against Mobius and Rasputin.

When Ray chooses to retire from the Legends, the suit was likely taken with in shrunken form. If it not, it has likely been put in the storage area of the Waverider.



  • Flight: The suit contains high powered propulsion jets on the back, shoulders, upper arms, and in the legs, allowing the wearer to fly with great speed. The wearer can also perform aerodynamic feats with ease, as well as simply hover. [2] The speed of flight is also very fast as it is capable to knock people unconscious. [3]
  • Enhanced durability: The suit can resist several forms of damage, such as bullets and a powerful punch of a resurrected man. [1]
  • Enhanced strength: The suit can breakthrough a human body while growing through Rasputin's body and can turn it into a puddle of blood. [1]
  • Energy blasts: The suit's primary offensive function is a direct energy weapon on each forearm that creates blasts of focused blue energy. These energy blasts are powerful enough to crack stone, dent metal and physically repel a target, while they also are capable of knocking a target unconscious, and causes small explosion on impact with a harder and thicker surface. The weapons and their computerized targeting system are both manually activated by the wearer. The suit builds up charge on the right arm to fire the weapon's charge, meaning that it is not exactly instantaneous.
  • High-spectrum portable radiograph: The suit has an in-built high-spectrum radiograph, essentially allowing Ray x-ray vision through objects or scan objects at all angles, even the most obscure or microscopic. [2]
  • Size alteration:
    • Size changing beam: It is revealed that Ray has designed a red energy beam on his arm that can shift an object's mass, such as when he shrank down Superman during the battle against Anti-Monitor. [2]
    • Shrinking: The suit can shrink into the size which can fit into a wide opened mouth as seen when Sara threw the suit along with Ray into Rasputin's mouth. This function is also an emergency protocol when the suit is suffering from strong impacts or the wearer gone unconscious. [1]
    • Growing: The A.T.O.M. suit can allow the wearer to increase its size as seen when Ray grew in Grigori Rasputin and killed the latter. [1]
  • High altitude survival: The A.T.O.M. suit contains an oxygen supply to allow the wearer to survive in the lack of oxygen at high altitude. [2]


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