"A Captive Audience" is the sixth chapter of the comic book series The Flash: Season Zero, and the sixth chapter in the Freak Show arc. It was released digitally on November 17, 2014.


Mr. Bliss shows Barry the true meaning of fear! Can The Fastest Man Alive outrun his own inner demons?[1]


A monstrous hallucination of Barry's mother held him to the ground, judging him for apparently not doing enough in relation to her murder. He attempted to apologize, but she threatened to stab him like she had been. However, he quickly escaped as the circus watched. Barry wept on the ground, begging for mercy, as a truck crashed through the tent. Cisco pulled him in and suggested that Caitlin hit the gas. However, Joey Rose had lifted the back of the truck up, disallowing them to move. He picked up the entire truck, and threw it some distance from the tent, to the annoyance of Mr. Bliss. They attempted to escape as quickly as possible, but were intercepted by the snake lady. She promised that she was in fact trying to help, that she would tell them they'd escaped. She went on to describe how Mr. Bliss had essentially tortured them in to complying, as compliance and devotion was the only way to stop the nightmares he produced. Caitlin was confused, asking what all of it was about, but the lady had no clue, only that something big was beginning. The gang escaped, right before the rest of the circus appeared, pointing them in the direction of the escapees. They ran off, leaving behind Joey and the lady. He suggested that she had let them go, to which he considered it lucky that he had thrown the truck so far. They returned to Mr. Bliss, along with the remainder of the circus, explaining that they had escaped from the truck and had therefore been lost. Mr. Bliss reasoned that they could still do without The Flash. He asked the performers to get in to costume, as it was "showtime".

Eddie and Iris arrived at a sports game. At half-time, a show by the circus was revealed. Eddie thought it was a terrible surprise, but Iris just mocked him, asking if he was afraid.

Caitlin and Cisco arrived back at S.T.A.R. Labs carrying Barry, explaining to Dr. Wells what had happened. They described what the snake lady had told them, how Mr. Bliss was planning something big, but they had absolutely no clue where it would occur or even when, as well as how long Barry would be catatonic. Wells approached Barry, pressing Barry that he had to get better in order to save the city.



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