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"A Feast of Friends" is the fourth episode of Constantine. It aired on November 14, 2014.




Guest starring[]




Gary Lester

Gary Lester.

Gary Lester, returning from a small town in Sudan, has just landed at the airport in Atlanta. Being hungry for drugs, he tried to pass a briefing, during which he was asked who he was, how he felt, where he was and what he was carrying. His responses and behavior, however, raised the concern of the employee who handed the man over to the policeman. He started interrogating Gary, wanting to find out what a nice and probably valuable jug was doing in his luggage. Lester made an effort to explain without problems that they asked the uniformed man not to open it. The policeman, however, had a different opinion, as he considered the passenger a drug addict and opened the artifact, releasing a swarm of worms that flew into his body. Gary decided to run away knowing there was nothing he could do now.

Meanwhile, John was spending the day with Zed in the park, trying to show her that her senses were extremely receptive to external stimuli. Their conversation about drugs was interrupted by Manny, who stopped time to talk to Constantin about the recruit. He wanted to know if the girl was aware of the threat she was facing and if she could handle it all. After Manny disappeared, John decided to return with Martin to the mill, where the exorcist noticed a sloppy break-in. He knew, however, that the criminal had no chance to escape thanks to Jasper's security. As they stepped inside, they found John's old friend Gary Lester in an anti-gravity trap.



Gary explained why he came to Atlanta to stay with Constantine. The reason was his addiction caused by Astra's death, which caused him to party so much that he ended up in Sudan. When he recovered, on one of the streets he met a boy, Okoto, in whose body a demon was hidden. Gary decided to drive him out, which he succeeded, and then locked him in a jug that he tried to transport to John. However, there was a problem at the airport where the demon broke free and started killing. Constantine left Zed with Lester and decided to investigate who he was dealing with.

During this time, Zed accidentally touched Gary, feeling his pain, suffering, addiction and shame. When John returned, he explained that they were fighting a hunger demon that was using their hosts, and when it weakened, he would use another. Martin handed the exorcist drawings of the boy she had seen through visions, and Constantine decided to visit the shaman. To this end, he contacted a friend, Nommo, who promised to help him. With the help of special drugs, he showed him what he knows with his eyes. He drew him a story of how the shaman of a village, Samir, chose a young boy to trap a demon in him and save the village from starvation. He noted that the symbols on his body must be precisely painted with a special tool that he can find in the museum. Meanwhile, Lester was fed up with Constantine pushing him away and not letting him participate in the case with which he came. Zed stopped him on his way, refusing to let him go, but he, knowing her keen senses, touched her, transmitting pain, shame and hunger, and left. When John returned, after a short conversation with Martin, he realized where his friend had gone.

He found it not long after that with two drug dealers who were beating Gary. The exorcist offered them a drug from Nommo in exchange for the freedom of a friend with whom he immediately went to the bar to talk frankly. Seeing on TV that the demon stopped at the cinema, they decided to defeat the beast together. On the way, however, they were forced to break into the museum and divert attention to get the shaman's blade. At one point, time stopped Manny, who asked John if he really knew what he was doing. After Gary got the item he needed, they went to the movies together, stealing two ID cards on the way.



There, they saw a demon in the body of a man eating popcorn. It was then that Gary realized why he was alone with John here - a demon cannot be trapped in any vessel but in another human. Lester thought it over and decided it might be the best death of his life, the best end to his miserable life - he finally felt needed. In the end, he agreed, so Constantine proceeded to cast the spell. As soon as the demon chose Gary as its next host, John used the blade to engrave protective symbols on his face. Immediately after that, he took him to the mill, where he found Zed. The girl was angry at the exorcist that he had tricked a friend who only wanted to be like him. He just shouted that Gary knew what he was writing for and had Martin set up a room at the end of the long corridor. After taking Lester there, John tied his screaming friend to his bed and sat next to him, holding his hand. It was difficult for him, and after a while Manny showed up. This time he did not stop time, but knelt in front of the bed and stared at the suffering man.


  • The episode is heavily inspired by "Hunger", from the first issue of John Constantine, Hellblazer published in 1988.
  • This is the first episode of the series not to feature Charles Halford (Chas Chandler).
  • This episode was based on the "Hunger", the first issue of Hellblazer, the Vertigo comic book that spawned the series.
  • The bottle/vessel Constantine creates with the Ring of Solomon is an empty bottle of Christian Brothers brandy.


  • When John and Gary are talking at the bar, in some shots they switch places.