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"Hmm. From mass murderer to vindicated martyr in one fell swoop, and all I needed was me. I wasted so much time trying to buy, threaten or brainwash people into doing what I wanted. But apparently, people love a guy who tells it like it is. The key is, if you can get them to buy it long enough, they stop being able to discern whether you're telling it like it really is, or how you want them to believe it is."
Lex to Lillian Luthor about his trial

"A Few Good Women" is the second episode of the sixth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-eighth episode overall. It aired on April 6, 2021.



Silas White

Silas White

The trial of Lex Luthor for crimes against humanity was upcoming; though Lillian Luthor wanted Lex to just plea guilty to salvage the Luthor family name, Lex disagreed and wanted the truth to be known.

Meanwhile, the Superfriends had researched a Transilvane named Silas who was once able to traverse the Phantom Zone in search for his husband Owen. The heroes captured him as he was trying to rob a Luthor Foundation blood bank and requested that he build a portal to the dimension to free Supergirl.

In the Phantom Zone, Kara is assaulted by Phantoms who feed on the hope of escape; she is sheltered, however, by a man who recognizes and wears the glyph of the House of El, her own father, Zor-El, who escaped the destruction of Krypton by coming here. Though happy to be reunited, Kara is adamant in leaving. When she attempts again, the phantoms attack again, causing Zor-El to save her again.

Andrea Rojas wants to avenge the folding of Obsidian North and the financial woes of CatCo by seeing Lex crucified in the media and in court. She assigns William Dey to the story but security is too restrictive for him to get any interviews or to even be within the virtual courtroom. Only lawyers, security, and witnesses are allowed. When Andrea pursues an interview from Lena she is rejected. Eve Teschmacher is the prosecution's star witness but Lex, as his own defense attorney, makes Eve's testimony unreliable by painting her as a jilted lover with an image inducer and her own motives.

Lillian sells her shares of Luthor Corp to Lena and convinces Lena to take the stand against Lex. Lena tries to razzle Lex by making him brag about his intellectual superiority, but he tells the truth and tries to get jury to be sympathetic with his desire to rule humanity.

Fractured Phantom Zone

Open portal

Silas tries to get the Superfriends to understand that it took him years to develop the technology needed to traverse the Phantom Zone, but J'onn J'onzz is not patient and wants his surrogate daughter found, causing M'gann M'orzz to have a serious talk with him about his emotions. As Kelly Olsen emotionally supports Silas, Alex Danvers has unhealthy expectations as well.

Querl Dox trains Nia Nal in new ways to use her powers so that she can search the dimension for their friend.

Silas succeeds in opening the gate, but due to the Anti-Monitor Crisis, the Phantom Zone has changed and finding Kara is now much harder than they imagined. Phantoms take the opportunity to cross the divide and attack the heroes, but they are repelled. After the battle, Alex has an emotional breakdown.

Lex is acquitted of his charges and released; he sees his mother for a celebratory game of chess and realizes that the truth set him free.

Kara convinces her father to help her to escape the dimensional prison. On their journey, they see phantoms entering a portal. Zor-El explains that only phantoms can enter such riffs, causing Kara and him to decide to capture a phantom.

William is disillusioned after Lex's acquittal; Nia tries to encourage him.

Andrea sees Lena and the two know that Lex is their common foe in the times ahead.



Special guest starring[]

Guest starring[]





  • The title of the episode in addition to Lex's trial is a reference to the play A Few Good Men.
  • Had Lex accepted the plea deal, he would be in jail until he was 60 in 2045.
  • The cover-story for Kara's absence is that she is out of town with Cat Grant, who knows Kara is Supergirl and would be willing to help with the ruse.
  • Ironically Lex comes to value truth, having made himself the Paragon of Truth previously.
    • The Superfriends ironically also displays traits of Hope and Honor, which Kara and J'onn are the Paragons are of; having hope Kara can be saved, while honoring her legacy as a hero by keeping National City safe.
  • Obsidian North is no more; CatCo is barely getting by. Andrea intends to use the media for revenge against Lex for ruining her company.
  • Krypton's skewed legal system is brought up again; with it being brought up they exiled someone under false charges to the Phantom Zone (which is meant for the worst offenders).
  • Zor-El's imprisonment in the Phantom Zone with his daughter, Kara Zor-El, is a reference to the 1984 film Supergirl, where the two are imprisoned in the Phantom Zone and have to work together to escape.
  • Silas White is said to come from the planet Transilvane. In the comics, Transilvane is an artificial world created by Dabney Donovan, populated by replicas of classic horror monsters.
  • The Phantom Zone portal and its platform somewhat resemble the stargate from Stargate SG1. Claude Knowlton guest starred in an episode of SG1.
  • This episode marked the final appearance of Andrea Brooks for she does not appear for the duration of the series.
  • During the fight with the Phantoms, J'onn references when Nia's Dream powers assisted him in "The Quest for Peace".


  • Silas White does not have pre-Crisis memories of the Phantom Zone as the Superfriends do, so, from his point of view, the Phantom Zone was always a fractured place and should have prepared the heroes for the revelation.
    • However, Nyxlygsptlnz states in "Phantom Menaces" that the Phantom Zone only recently became fractured, presumably due to Crisis. Thus, if Silas tried to open a portal before the Zone's fracturing, this would explain his ignorance.