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For the eponymous character, see Sue Dearbon.
"Oh my god. It's you. You're Sue Dearbon."
"In the flesh. And you are?"
Ralph Dibny meeting Sue Dearbon.

"A Girl Named Sue" is the twelfth episode of the sixth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-twenty-sixth episode overall. It aired on February 18, 2020.




Iris meets Eva McCulloch

Iris West-Allen watches from the Mirrorverse as the fake version of her communicates with Barry. She at that point meets Eva McCulloch, who at first doesn't accept that she's genuine. Eva clarifies that they're caught in a mirror version of Central City, and that she was coincidentally caught there during the Particle Accelerator blast. Iris needs to break out, but Eva doesn't believe it's conceivable.

Mirror Iris investigates McCulloch Technologies' Mirror Gun, and requests Barry to get it out of the S.T.A.R. Labs archives, however Barry is mindful. Mirror Iris goes to S.T.A.R. Labs to discover the Mirror Gun, and coincidentally runs into Nash Wells. Nash - who is seeing visions of different Wells - is diverted.

Iris recollects how Team Flash battled Sam Scudder years back, and concludes that they should utilize liquid nitrogen to attempt to get away. They utilize fluid nitrogen, however it causes the mirror to break into a huge number of pieces. Eva starts to lose trust, particularly on the grounds that she has tried to escape from this reality multiple times. In a snapshot of dissatisfaction, Eva concludes that she's glad she's cut off from reality, which prompts her inadvertently to move a shard of the mirror. Iris persuades Eva to use her powers to assemble the mirror back, and she does it. When the mirror is reassembled, Iris can see Barry on Earth-Prime through it, and he begins to presume that something unusual is going on. Iris guarantees Eva that she's going to assist her with making sense of her forces.

In the interim, Ralph Dibny inventories his most recent impasses as he continued looking for Sue Dearbon. He finds a charge card exchange that demonstrates she's back in Central City, and attempts to discover her. He tracks her down to an undesirable condo, arriving as it explodes. A lady shields Ralph from the impact - it's Sue. She uncovers that the bomb was kindness of her ex, John Loring, who is a killer. Ralph offers to stop John, despite the fact that Sue is hesitant about it. They go stake out an area where John is, and Ralph goes in to battle John and his goons. It goes poorly, prompting Sue to intervene. They go to Jitters to recover, and Sue needs to ensure that Ralph confides in her. Cecile shows up at Jitters, and reveals to Ralph that he and Sue are truly good.

Ralph and Sue wildly attempt to discover a record in John's office, yet locate a key to a security store box. They're pursued by goons to the housetop, however Ralph utilizes his powers to get them down to well-being. Sue is stunned that Ralph is Elongated Man, yet they bond as a result of it. They compose an arrangement to get John's record.

Barry goes to CCPD, where Joe requests help in researching if a murder case was actually an accident or not. Barry establishes that the demise was brought about by Doctor Light's weapon, and Joe suggests that it's the most recent in a series of deaths linked to Joseph Carver.

John Loring

John Loring arrives at the bank

Ralph mimics Joe West to get into the bank, while Sue professes to be a security watch. They enter the bank's vault, while Sue vents about not realizing how to escape her socialite life. Ralph discloses to her that there's still hope. They open a safety deposit box and discover the ledger; Sue then takes out Ralph and locks him inside. Sue uncovers that she doesn't really know John, and that she was lying the entire time to take a precious stone. She offers to stay discreet safe on the off chance that he doesn't tell anybody she's a thief. She leaves, just as John and his goons show up and attempt to battle her. Ralph utilizes his powers to sneak through the sprinklers and spare Sue, and they quibble the whole time. They are then attacked by Ultraviolet. Barry at last shows up and makes all the difference, yet Ultraviolet and Sue escape. Ralph gets furious that he got deceived by Sue.

Sue with diamond

Sue makes off with the diamond

Afterward, Sue examines the precious stone and finds that it has data about Black Hole encoded inside.

Barry at last gives the Mirror gun to Mirror Iris, arguing that he confides in her enough for her to utilize it for good.



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  • Ralph's shape-shifting is used incorrectly again. And once again he is impersonating someone with a different skin color; last time it was Wolfe, this time it's Joe. He can only alter shape, not change pigmentation. For example of true shape-shifting Grace Choi has this power.
  • Iris says to Eva, with incredulity, "You mean the mirror left a fake clone of me in the real world?", but this is after she's already been observing said clone interacting with Barry.