"A Goodnight Hiss" is the third chapter of the comic book series The Flash: Season Zero, and the third chapter in the Freak Show arc. It was released digitally on October 6, 2014.


A breakout at the Central City Zoo puts dozens of citizens in harm's way—including Iris West! Can Barry act fast enough to save the woman he loves WITHOUT revealing his secret identity?[1]


Following some big cats causing a crash, Barry and Eddie tried to hold them back, though Eddie pushed in front to nudge them away. Rather than watch Eddie get eaten, Barry evacuated a bus nearby using his super speed, then used static electricity from the bus to scare the animals away, causing Eddie to believe that he'd been the one to scare them away. Barry asked Caitlin and Cisco if they knew the cause, and they notified him of a recent zoo break, which also led to a group of chimpanzees terrorizing a nearby Tech Village. Barry suited up and ran over to round them up. He discovered that all they wanted was some bananas and allowed them to watch King Kong. After they'd done, Barry led them back to the zoo, while getting defecated on by an eagle on the way there.

Somewhere else at an office, a man was on the phone to someone, talking business. He suddenly had snakes wrapped around his legs and a snake lady lying on his table. She requested that he give back what he'd taken from them. He asked if she'd get her "creepy" pets off of him, which offended her despite his followed apologies. He offered to even give back what he'd taken, but she wished to exact revenge on him for what he'd already done to Mr. Bliss.

At the zoo, Barry led the chimpanzees to their cage and shut it quickly. He noticed a collar on the ground with a purple top hat on a keychain. Caitlin and Cisco updated him on the sweat sample he'd given them, telling Barry that it belonged to a man formerly employed by Central City Circus, Joey Rose. Cisco suggested he head back to the tunnel before they noticed he was gone. Back in the tunnel, animal control commended Eddie for handling the situation well, as well as commenting that their cages had oddly been opened from the inside. Eddie turned round to face Barry, who claimed to have been hiding. Eddie smelt poo, which had in fact come from the eagle previously, though he believed the worst and Joe quickly suggested that they all head back to the station to clean up. Back at the station, they threw around a football and Eddie claimed to have played high school football with Starling City Rockets quarterback, Ramon Hernandez. He threw the ball towards Barry, who was knocked over, embarrassing himself in front of Captain Singh when he came out. He sent Barry, Eddie and Joe to a homicide nearby. At the scene, Barry noticed bite marks on the victim, causing Joe to make a joke about Dracula. Barry stated that they in fact came from a Russell viper, a fact he'd learnt at reptile camp when he was much younger. They searched around the room, noticing scattered deeds to numerous defunct businesses around Central City. Noticing one about a circus, Barry had Caitlin research the Central City Circus, which had come up prior. They came across a news article on its owner going to Belle Reve, then escaping and killing two people.


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