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"A Head of Her Time" is the fourth episode of the fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the seventy-second episode overall. It aired on February 18, 2020.




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In Northumberland, Gary and Charlie remain outside the room that contains Astra's dead mother with Gary choosing he needs to go in there to spare Constantine, but his endeavor to utilize enchantment to open the entryway falls flat, just to take out the door handle, discharging the witch. Constantine develops and asks "Gary, what have you done?" On the Waverider, Sara asks Ava to be interval chief while she goes to Star City for a piece. Zari catches.

In Hell, Astra plays poker, her game hindered by an evil spirit who is worried about their misfortunes so far. She chooses to "play mischievous" and tears an accessory from her neck containing Constantine's spirit coin. Somewhere else, Constantine and friends manage the apparition of Natalie and clarifies the genuine tale about Astra, how Constantine bungled Natalie's revival prompting the entirety of this.

The beam is on the telephone with Nora when Mick intrudes. He's not feeling admirable and it turns out, he has affection for Allie, his old secondary school fire from the last scene. Ava assembles a conference to have a go at setting up the a preparation of sorts, a la the Time Bureau. The group's not having it. In any case, there's an interruption in time during the hour of the French Revolution so off they proceed to even Zari spruces up to participate. Turns out, Zari is valuable. She gets them past the gatekeepers and into the excessive party.

At that party, Ray makes an abnormal revelation: Marie Antoinette is the Encore, yet she likewise looks simply like Nora. It's evident that something is unquestionably off and afterward the guillotine is wheeled in and Marie utilizes it to cut cake. Turns out, the issue is Marie is executing the French Revolution with a relentless gathering. Zari will probably bait Marie away by making her believe there's a cooler gathering she's not part of.

Constantine goes on an excruciating outing through a world of fond memories, conceding Natalie's restoration was his thought. It's likewise uncovered that Constantine was enamored with Natalie yet he picked enchantment over her. While Charlie and Constantine contend, Natalie takes Charlie over. He concedes that he adored her and he took her back to demonstrate that he was on the right track to pick enchantment. Natalie says she thinks she has an approach to spare Astra.

Zari and Ava socialize with their approach to Marie and lead her off, yet the remainder of the gathering attempts to follow her yet Marie's head gets knocked off in the getaway, provoking the Legends to need to convey her in pieces to the Waverider. In the wake of talking with Marie's head, Zari looks into the future and finds that her fragrance wrecks individuals' feeling of smell, demolishing her. It drives Zari to find that Marie's fragrance is enchantment. Marie's body loosens up and Zari takes the aroma.

At the aroma dispatch, Zari's DJ beau, S'more Money proposes to her and causes the fame scent to spill all over her, and individuals begin amassing Zari. On the Waverider, Marie's headless body gets Mick's warmth firearm while at the fragrance dispatch, Behrad, Nate, and Ava attempt to manage Zari's circumstance. Behrad hits individuals with an impact of air while Ava gets to Zari and they bounce into a wellspring, finishing the scent's belongings. Mick and Ray stop Marie's body. Afterward, Zari eats a donut and has a few flashbacks to her past from the previous time. She and Ava become companions.

Natalie uncovers to Constantine that the Loom of Fate is a genuine article and not only a story. Turns out Charlie broke the Loom of Fate and dissipated the pieces over the Multiverse. In Hell, Astra attempts to get Constantine's life expectancy abbreviated (with the help of another resident of Hell, Lachesis) and does as such, in return for some help. On Earth, Constantine drops dead.


Preparation ran from August 8 until August 16, 2019. Shooting ran from August 19 until August 29, 2019.[1]


  • The soul tokens have facts revealed.
    • They are used as currency/power in Hell.
      • They are used in poker games.
    • They have gears inside that can speed up the death of someone already damned to hell.
  • Charlie knows the multiverse exists, having scattered the pieces of the loom pre-Crisis when she broke it.


  • The episode's title is a play on the phrase "ahead of [her] time".
  • In this episode, it is stated that John Constantine was set to die in 2030 from lung cancer.
  • While not outright stated, the spell Constantine planned to use to extend his life needed "essence of life" so to speak from a medieval knight; presumably some kind of vasectomy, or the foreskin of an uncircumsized adult male used as a potion ingredient.
  • DJ S'more Money is a parody of the American electronic DJ Marshmello.
  • Natalie possessing Charlie and using her shapeshifting powers to make her appearance like her actual self is quite similar to when Clifford DeVoe took Ralph Dibny's body and use his shapeshifting powers to make his body to look like his actual self.
  • During the episode, Zari stopped Behrad from drinking alcohol. This is because they are Muslim, who are religiously forbidden from drinking alcohol.
  • This episode aired a rerun on March 24 replacing "Zari, Not Zari" to coincide with sister series The Flash and Supergirl delaying airing of new episodes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[2]


  • Astra blames Constantine for her profit in the Encore business when Rasputin is still resurrected but incapacitated, along with Kathy Meyers, whose past was changed by the Legends. Benjamin Siegel is the only Encore's profit which was affected by John Constantine.
  • Zari says to Marie Antoinette that she has been famous since she was six years old, but the HeyWorld event took place in 2019/2020 which makes her 9-11 years old.
  • The episode's synopsis had a spelling mistake on Marie Antoinette's name. It was spelled as "Antionette" instead of "Antoinette".