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"We all make choices, Bruce. I chose hope. And I chose to believe Beth was still alive. I chose to save my sister from the monster she's become, but by making that choice, I lost my entire family a second time, and now the only thing I'm left with is the awful truth that Alice was right. Beth is gone."
Kate Kane on Catherine Hamilton-Kane's death at Alice's hands.

"A Mad Tea-Party" is the eighth episode of the first season of Batwoman, and the eighth episode overall. It aired on December 1, 2019.



Batwoman ambushes a member of Alice's Wonderland gang and asks him to give her his jacket. The unnamed Wonderland Gang member refuses because it's vintage but eventually relents. Shortly after Batwoman takes the jacket, a police car arrives, and the gang member is presumably arrested.

Back at the Batcave, Kate gives the jacket to Luke and tells him to use the phone inside the pocket to track Alice via its GPS. Luke tracks the phone's GPS to the Bowery, and Kate heads there.

Alice is trying on clothes, complaining that she has nothing to wear, when Kate comes in and accuses Alice of hiring the Rifle to kill her using the Coil accelerator. Alice reveals that she made sure someone didn't kill Kate and gives her sister the piece of tech which lets the coil accelerator penetrate the Batwoman suit. Kate advises Alice to turn herself in, but Alice orders her to leave as several of her henchmen arrive to back her up.

Meanwhile, Jacob is going to his car when Alice's henchmen grab him. He tries to fight them off, but is eventually overpowered since there's more of them and only one of him. Jacob is thrown in a getaway car and knocked out, and the Wonderland Gang members drive away.

At their bar, Mary invites Kate to attend the Gotham Humanitarian Ball with her, where Catherine will be honored. Kate is still dealing with Catherine lying to Jacob about Beth being dead, to which Mary reminds Kate that she's holding out hope for Alice. Kate claims that Alice is different because she's "[her] family", to which Mary takes offense. She informs Kate that Jacob is coming to the gala for her sake and thought Kate would do the same before leaving.

That night, Kate visits Jacob (who is really Mouse) and asks if he's getting back with Catherine. Jacob insists that he can't just walk away from their marriage, explaining that he had breakfast with Catherine when he returned to Gotham. Jacob defends Catherine and Kate leaves, disgusted at who she thinks is her father.

Alice wakes up the imprisoned Jacob and tells him that it's time for a "daddy-daughter chat". Jacob asks her to release him, saying that Kate will know that he's gone, but Alice warns him that Kate doesn't know. Jacob apologizes for leaving his daughter behind and Alice demands to know why he never tested the skull fragments Catherine found, even with Kate's objections. Jacob points out he had no reason to think Catherine was lying but Alice doesn't believe it. Jacob then confesses that believing Catherine had found Beth's body was easier than going to bed with a broken heart about not being able to find his daughter. Jacob admits that he failed her and Alice thanks him for saying it, but claims he made her what she is today. Jacob asks what she's planning, and Alice explains that it's the day of her "mad tea party", which he has been invited to. She notes that Jacob is stuck there and assures that he'll soon see what this means before leaving.

At Wayne Tower, Kate is drinking and asks Luke how her father could choose to be with Catherine after all the pain she has caused them. Luke points out that Alice caused much more damage than Catherine, but Kate insists her sister's actions were due to her being "brainwashed". Kate eventually figures that the Jacob she met isn't really him. As a test, she calls "Jacob" and tells him that it's not her business if he wants to get back with Catherine. Kate mentions a snowstorm at their wedding, and "Jacob" agrees. Once Kate hangs up, she reveals to Luke that Jacob and Catherine were married on the hottest day of the year, and deduces that the "Jacob" she just finished talking to is in fact Mouse.

Meanwhile, back at the Crows Headquarters, Sophie suggests that she and Tyler go on a road trip and throws out Dollywood as a possible destination but he's unenthusiastic. Sophie says that they should talk about what she told him regarding her and Kate, but Tyler is skeptical. "Jacob" comes in and briefs Sophie and Tyler about the security for the humanitarian gala. Kate texts Sophie and warns her that "Jacob" is Mouse. Just then, "Jacob" tranqs both of them unconscious.

Later that night, Mary takes a limo to the gala with Catherine and "Jacob" and vlogs about the trip. "Jacob" proposes a toast to Catherine.

Kate visits Alice and asks her what she has planned. Kate points out a photo that Alice kept of the two of them from their Bat Mitzvahs, and figures that there's still some good in her sister. Kate asks where Jacob is, and Alice answers that she left him in the same place he left her. As Kate leaves, Alice informs her that Jacob isn't doing well and she should hurry. Kate rushes to the Cartwright house, but discovers that Jacob has already broken out of his handcuffs and escaped.

Mary, Catherine, and "Jacob" arrive at Orpheum Theatre where the gala is going on. Luke checks the surveillance cameras and confirms via facial recognition that the Crow with "Jacob" is in fact one of Alice's henchmen in disguise. Meanwhile, both Catherine and Mary drink champagne but "Jacob" merely pretends to. Later, Dr. Ethan Campbell presents Catherine with the Humanitarian of the Year Award and she comes up on stage to make her speech.

Sophie regains consciousness in Jacob's office and wakes up Tyler. They're both tied to chairs and the office is soundproofed with one-way windows. Sophie figures Alice didn't want to hurt them and has something planned for the gala, accidentally revealing that if she killed the former, Kate would never forgive her. Tyler asks Sophie how she feels, but Sophie doesn't respond.

As Catherine continues her speech, the teleprompter flashes a message to her that the Wonderland Gang is there and will open fire if she stops talking. Alice is standing in the back and sinisterly waves at her. Catherine recites Alice's speech, claiming that Hamilton Dynamics makes millions by putting weapons of war in the hands of criminals. Jacob in turn makes money by protecting the citizens from these same criminals. She concludes the true villains are not the Joker, Riddler, or even Alice, but right in front of the audience. Blood then begins to drip from Catherine's nose and she collapses.

Mary calls for the medics, and "Jacob" goes to get medical help, leaving his guards to watch over them. Catherine wakes up and tells Mary that Alice forced her to give that speech. Campbell urges the audience to stay in their seats, just as the lights go out and everyone panics. Batwoman arrives and attacks the Wonderland gang members, who are disguised as Crows.

Sophie uses her engagement ring to work at the bonds holding her and Tyler. He angrily asks what really happened between her Kate. After Sophie gets herself out and frees Tyler, she admits that her relationship with Kate was the first time she broke the rules and it almost cost her everything. The two of them head for the gala.

"Jacob" calls Commissioner Forbes to tell him that Alice has infiltrated the Crows and the police need to stand down.

Alice goes to where Mary is watching over Catherine and says that Jacob won't be joining them. She reveals that she poisoned Catherine with one of her company's own projects: a neurotoxin designed to kill without mercy, for which they didn't develop an antidote, and tells Mary that Catherine made a choice. Alice found a solution though; a rare universal cure-all antidote. She pours it into a cup of tea and asks for a simple apology for all the pain Catherine caused her. Catherine obliges, but Alice doesn't believe her.

Batwoman continues fighting the fake Crows as she searches for Catherine and Mary.

Alice reflects how she was inches from her own mother's severed head in the car accident, and Mary pleads with Catherine that she can't lose her. Catherine explains to Alice that she is a mother, and when seeing Kate grieving, she saw her own daughter in the girl and just wanted to take away her pain. Catherine realizes she gave Alice a lifetime's worth of pain in doing so and admits it's all her fault, tearfully apologizing once more. Alice seemingly thanks Catherine and gives her the antidote. Just then, Mary starts bleeding from her nose and Alice realizes that they both drank the poisoned champagne... and there's only enough antidote for one. Mary figures that they need to find "Jacob" but Alice states that he didn't poison himself. Mary realizes what Alice is doing and that Mouse was posing as Jacob. Alice advises Mary to choose wisely and leaves.

Mary suggests that if she and her mother split the antidote, it will buy them enough time to get to the ER. However, Catherine knows it would be too late and orders Mary to drink all of the tea.

Alice radios her men and confirms that they've captured Jacob. Batwoman confronts Alice and demands to know where her father is, to which Alice answers that Jacob's their father and she will find out soon enough. Alice rants to Batwoman how she was locked in a cell for 11 years and only dreamed of revenge. Alice reveals she poisoned Catherine and Mary, claiming that Catherine had it coming by "slithering" into their family and "brainwashing" Jacob, who "replaced" both of them with Mary. Alice insists that Catherine brought her death on herself and Jacob deserved to go down with her before maniacally laughing. A furious Batwoman begins strangling her but Alice simply mocks on how Kate can't bring herself to kill her sister even now. Kate releases Alice, just as Mouse as Jacob arrives and knocks her over the balcony, before telling Alice that they have to go. Alice calls down to Batwoman, vowing that her sister eventually see things her way, and leaves.

A dying Catherine reveals to Mary that she knows about her clinic but never said anything because she didn't want her daughter to stop. Catherine expresses that Mary is the one thing she did right, and nothing makes her prouder than raising her daughter. Catherine starts to say that she loves Mary but succumbs to the toxin and dies. Mary administers CPR while begging her mother to stay with her.

Jacob wakes up in an SUV wearing a tux and calls Kate. Kate confirms her father is who he says, and explains that Alice and Mouse were at the gala. Police cars pull up and Commissioner Forbes and his officers place Jacob under arrest. They find the chip on him and take him away.

Later, Dana Dewitt reports that Jacob killed Catherine after she publicly admitted at the ball what her company had done.

Kate approaches Mary at her clinic. Mary reflects on the horrible people she's saved here when she couldn't even save Catherine. Mary tells Kate that her mother died the way that Alice planned it: slowly and in pain. The only way for Catherine to save herself was to let Mary die, but her mother didn't because she's not the horrible person Kate and Alice believe she is. Kate tries to comfort her but Mary tearfully rejects her step-sister and asks if Alice is still worth it. Kate sadly admits that she isn't, and Mary tells her that it's too late before walking off.

Sophie tries to call the commissioner about Jacob's innocence but he won't answer. Tyler tells Sophie about the life he wants with her, which he doesn't know if she does anymore. Tyler doesn't want to waste his life fighting for something he can't have and asks Sophie if she's in love with him. Sophie admits that she doesn't know. After a moment, Tyler tells Sophie that she needs to figure herself out, and if she sees the same future that he does, maybe he'll be there and maybe he won't.

In a voiceover letter to Bruce, Kate states that she chose to hope Beth could still be saved, but this only cost Kate her family again. She is forced to accept that the sister she knew is gone.

Kate looks at the photo of herself and Beth as kids. Sophie breaks down into tears after Tyler leaves. Kate angrily smashes the photo and destroys a table in the Batcave. Mary destroys some items in her clinic in a fury, crying. In the Batcave, Luke finds the broken photo of Kate and Beth.

Kate visits Jacob in his cell and expresses how much she hates Alice. Jacob promises to put Alice down once and for all when he gets out, to which Kate admits that she won't stop him.

In the sewers of Central City, Harrison Nash Wells says that he's traveled across the multiverse to kill the Monitor. Now the Monitor has saved his life and tells Nash to submit and begins his life anew. The runes glow and Nash touches them in sequence. The panel opens and a burst of light shoots out, bathing Nash in its radiance. He disappears, screaming.



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