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"Thank you all for coming. I'd like to address head-on and with brutal honesty some of the recent reports regarding my administration, reports that suggest while the voters may have elected me, others have been making decisions in my stead. The truth of the matter is that every decision made by any member of my administration is my decision. The buck, as they say, stops with me, because when you are in charge, everything that your team does is on you, and I trust my team. That team will include former police captain Quentin Lance, who will be serving beside me as Deputy Mayor."
"I appreciate the vote of confidence, Mr. Mayor."
"You're the right man for the job, trust me.
Oliver Queen and Quentin Lance

"A Matter of Trust" is the third episode of the fifth season of Arrow, and the ninety-fifth episode overall. It aired on October 19, 2016.



The Green Arrow pursues a hooligan with a weapon while his new group watches on Felicity's screens. Felicity and the enlisted people remark on the battle. The hooligan is a medication sealer, who sells another and hazardous medication called stardust. Subsequent to being compromised by Green Arrow, the hooligan drops a name, Derrick Sampson. Furthermore, Green Arrow drops him off a rooftop.

Rene needs to hit the roads, he realizes how to discover Sampson. Be that as it may, Ollie joins everybody and will not let any of them onto the boulevards until they dazzle him in preparing. Felicity gets a caution and Ollie leaves.

Criminologist Malone (Felicity's beau) utilized the alarm to bring The Green Arrow since he needed to share some data about the ongoing cop murder (from two scenes prior). There is some proof that ties back to Church.

Lyla visits Diggle in military jail, and he fills her in on how he was encircled for attempting to take one of Damian Darhk's nukes. He is taken back to a cell, and asks the gatekeepers not to leave him with the other man in that cell. The man is Floyd Lawton.

At his office, Ollie's security monitor is vexed about forgetting about Ollie the prior night. Ollie avoids and reminds that he never needed a security detail. He goes to meet with Thea, who shows him the news. A grapple named Susan Williams is tearing into Ollie for selecting referred to alcoholic Lance as Deputy Mayor, something which shocks Ollie since he had no clue Thea extended to Lance the employment opportunity. Thea consents to deal with the circumstance.

In Russia, Anatoly goes to see Oliver. Ollie is irate about the men who were slaughtered during the ringer ringing exercise. He is prepared to leave Bratva. Anatoly makes a deal to avoid halting him, however needs to show Ollie something first.

Rene and Evelyn sneak off to discover Sampson. She's not actually excited about defying the norms, yet keeps on going with Rene. They discover Sampson and a few others making stardust. Rene pulls out his hockey veil and bounces into the battle.

Evelyn protects herself as Wild Dog and Sampson battle. A funnel blasts, spilling fluid into an immense tank of stardust. In the long run, Sampson likewise falls into the tank.

In his office, Ollie meets the new DA, Adrian Chase. Pursue is irate about stardust, which is more terrible than even vertigo. He would have Sampson captured and flip him on his providers, however he can't on the grounds that Sampson is dead. Executed by a vigilante in a hockey veil.

Ollie seethes at Rene. While Rene and the others have to trust Ollie, Ollie additionally needs to confide in them. In the event that he can't, why trouble? Felicity is likewise not excited with Rene, and calls him much more difficult than Ollie.

Thea meets with Susan Williams. Williams is benevolent, and consents to stroll back the story when Thea concedes that she delegated Lance without asking Ollie.

Burrow asks Lawton how he is alive, and Lawton recounts to an account of enduring and getting captured once more. He requests Dig's story.

As the clinical inspector begins to post-mortem Sampson, the street pharmacist stirs, asking why he can't feel torment. Sampson executes the clinical analyst.

Curtis offers Rory a ride how, at the same time being a tease a little and referencing his significant other. When Rory specifies being from Havenrock, Curtis comes up with a rationalization, and goes to Felicity after Rory leaves. Felicity wouldn't like to educate Rory regarding the job she played in his house being nuked, she despite everything accuses herself. They are hindered by a caution from the medical clinic.

Sampson is causing confusion in the clinic. He is shot in the back a couple of times and scarcely responds, nor does he appear to feel the bolt that The Green Arrow shoots into his shoulder. They battle, and Sampson is obviously solid. Green Arrow figures out how to get away.

The group returns, however Ollie doesn't need their assistance. In any event, when Rene concedes his error and the others all attempt to offer collaborator, Ollie turns them down.

Anatoly takes Oliver to see a lady, who gets some information about her child. Anatoly shows her an image of one of the men who Bratva executed, and guarantees her that her child's executioners are dead. She calls Anatoly a heavenly attendant. Anatoly discloses to Ollie that the men attempting to ring the ringer with him were professional killers. Not all things are what it appears.

Lawton diverts himself by playing solitaire and getting under Diggle's skin. He makes reference to Andy, and Diggle winds up clarifying that Lawton didn't slaughter Andy, he did.

Pursue and Ollie have a gathering, Chase is more settled than previously. He needs Ollie to request that an appointed authority sign a court order to assist them with discovering Sampson. Ollie is willing, and Chase great naturedly recounts to an anecdote about how they met 12 years sooner, with Ollie taking Chase's better half.

Thea shows up and shows Ollie the most current story from Williams. Williams affronts Ollie for not in any event, realizing who was being employed and relinquishing his position to his group. Thea accuses herself and plans to leave.

Curtis and Felicity talk about Rory. Curtis reminds her about how privileged insights never remain mystery and how she has been harmed by them before. She should trust Rory.

Sampson assembles with his old group. He anticipates giving every one of his men a similar treatment so they can likewise be more grounded and feel no torment. At that point they won't need to fear anybody, even Church. He consumes himself to illustrate.

Felicity chats with Ollie about how being a pioneer implies being liable for everything his group does. In any event, when they rebel. He needs to trust. They are made aware of a break in. Ollie goes to get the group.

Lyla visits Diggle at his cell. She is attempting to research, to demonstrate he is guiltless, however Dig needs her to stop. He accepts that he ought to stay in jail, to pay for executing Andy. Lyla attempts to comfort him, and he understands that he's been separated from everyone else in the cell the entire time, Lawton was a fabrication of his creative mind.

The group trains and Curtis uncovers himself a wrestling fan, particularly a grappler called Mr. Dynamite. Ollie shows and apologizes to Rene. Felicity reveals to them that a substance replicator was taken. They understand that Sampson needs to imitate the medication which transformed him, which Rene uncovers is stardust blended in with the fluid which dribbled from the funnel. He's returning to the location of his "passing."

The Green Arrow discovers Sampson taking a shot at the new Stardust. They battle. The remainder of the group is there too, with even Curtis and Evelyn in covers. Curtis attempts to detonate the stardust, helped by Ragman and Evelyn while Wild Dog takes out certain gatekeepers.

The Green Arrow cuts Sampson's ligaments, rendering him stable. Not feeling torment doesn't mean his body isn't being harmed. Green Arrow and his group leave as the stardust is pulverized.

Ollie takes the group to the Arrow Cave just because, and they're all exceptionally intrigued. He additionally bonds a little with Rene over enjoying his hockey cover.

Anatoly clarifies that Bratva implies fellowship. Despite the fact that the men of Bratva have all attempted to execute Ollie, they are his siblings and he should confide in them. Ollie faithfully betrays the men, and permits them all to curtail with blades, believing that they won't murder him.

Thea discovers Chase informing Ollie regarding Sampson's catch, however what resembles the Green Arrow's new group. Thea attempts to leave, however Ollie demands he needs individuals he can trust. He strolls Thea out to a public interview, where he rehashes Felicity's previous words. He confides in his group, and he is answerable for each choice they make. Counting his new Deputy Mayor, Quentin Lance.

Thea stands up to Williams before she can leave. Williams despite everything plays at being Thea's companion, however Thea doesn't get bulldozed this time. She compromises Williams' activity if the columnist ever attempts to play her again.

As the group gets settled in the Arrow Cave, Felicity approaches Rory. She reveals to him everything about her part in the nuke falling on Havenrock. He mournfully leaves.

Lyla goes to the cavern to make a solicitation. She needs Ollie to break Dig out of jail.


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Preparation ran from July 8 until July 26, 2016. Shooting ran from July 27 until August 8, 2016, with a break for British Columbia Day on August 1.[1]