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"You want to hear a story? Okay, but before I start, I need you to do something first. I need you to stop crying. And I need you to believe in the impossible. Can you do that? Good. Your dad is fast. Faster than the speed of sound. And the faster I go, the more the world slows down. But it wasn't always easy. When I was a kid, I lost the people I cared about most. I won't let that happen to you. That's why your mom and I, we need to do something impossible. Our family has been blessed with these amazing gifts. Maybe that speed shouldn't just belong to us anymore. My friend Oliver said that the lightning chose me. Well, now, I'm gonna do the choosing. My name is Barry Allen, but their names are: Avery Ho, Max Mercury, Jess Chambers. Maybe if we share a piece of ourselves, we can break out of our old cycles of violence and pain. Create a new world for you, Nora. A better one. One where we can co-exist. All of us. Together. A world where nothing has to be impossible... As long as we believe in it."
Barry Allen to Nora West-Allen

"A New World, Part Four" is the thirteenth and final episode of the ninth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-eighty-fourth and final episode overall. It aired on May 24, 2023.



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Now a speedster known as Cobalt Blue, Eddie resurrects Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Hunter Zolomon/Zoom, Savitar, and August Heart/Godspeed and gathers them in the Negative Speed Force. In 2023, they fight Team Flash and Nora. Cecile adopts her future costume and codename Virtue, Allegra saves Chester from Eobard, and Jay Garrick steals Eddie's speed. Eddie retreats into the Negative Speed Force to gain more speed. Not wanting Eddie to die, Barry follows him in and convinces him not to become like Eobard and that they can create a better world by co-existing. Eddie destroys the crystal and says he is happy for Iris and Barry returns to her at the hospital. Mark reveals that Chester is a metahuman with black hole abilities. The next morning, Nora is born and Harrison Wells tells Khione to ascend as the natural order's protector. She bids farewell to Team Flash and returns her body to Caitlin. At a celebration one week later, Barry apologises to Caitlin for how they left things and Joe and Cecile get engaged.

Barry Allen shares his speed

Barry Allen shares his speed as The Flash.

Later, at home with Iris, Barry tells about his life as the Flash as a bedtime story to baby Nora. Barry tells Nora about how fast he is and how when he was a kid, he lost the people he cared about most and said he won't let that happen to her. Saying their family has been blessed with these amazing gifts, Barry and Iris believed that speed shouldn't just belong to them anymore. Barry reflected on how Oliver Queen said that the lightning chose him, and that Barry himself would now do the choosing. As the Flash, Barry Allen unleashes a lightning bolt and shares his speed with Avery Ho, Max Mercury, Jess Chambers, who become new speedsters. He believes if they share a piece of themselves, they can break out of old cycles of violence and pain, and create a new better world for Nora where they can all co-exist together where nothing has to be impossible as long as they believe in it.



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  • The episode's title sequence subtitles this episode as "Finale", but the official title to the episode does not contain the subtitle.
    • The subtitle "Finale" is a reference to this episode serving as the four-part finale, season finale and series finale.
  • This episode has callbacks to various other seasons.
    • Barry's monologue: "I'd like to tell you a story... I need you to believe in the impossible" (first said in "Pilot") is referenced several times in this episode.
    • When Avery Ho appears in this episode, she is on a phone call saying she had "car trouble," before following up with the truth that she does not own a car. This is another reference to the pilot episode, where Singh reminds Barry that he had used that "particularly memorable" excuse.
    • Ferris Air Testing Facility is shown toward the end of the episode; this is where Barry had his first test run on Earth-1.
    • Eddie Thawne goes to the Negative Speed Force for more energy, which prompts Barry to stop him to avoid Eddie suffering the same fate the Reverse-Flash did in "Negative, Part Two".
    • Eddie absorbing the Negative Speed Force from his allies is very similar to what Godspeed did with his clones in the season 7 finale "Heart of the Matter, Part 2".
    • Eobard Thawne sitting in the wheelchair at S.T.A.R. Labs is a reference to when he masqueraded as Harrison Wells in Season 1.
      • It is also worth noting that Thawne was wearing the same Wells' face.
      • He also did this previously in "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3".
      • Thawne mocks Allegra by wearing the same face of her "old mentor Nash", who had an adoptive daughter in the past who was Allegra's doppelgänger. This is also a reference to the episode "The Exorcism of Nash Wells".
      • Eobard remarking that he loves what Chester has done with S.T.A.R. Labs is likely a reference to the animated movie Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, in which Eobard greets Barry in the Flashpoint timeline, saying that he "loves what he's done with the place" (in reference to Flashpoint itself).
    • Thawne killing Chester with Allegra trying to wake him up until she attacked Thawne in a fit of rage is similar to what happened in the beginning of the Season 2 finale "The Race of His Life" where Zoom killed Henry Allen with Barry trying to wake him up, until he attacked Zoom in a fit of rage.
    • Eobard described Eddie as "the dumbest branch on [his] family tree" and a "complete waste of a human being". This is very similar to what he said to him in "The Trap" and "Grodd Lives", which was also referenced and flashed back to in the previous episode, "A New World, Part Three".
      • Eobard emphasized this disappointment further when he claimed to Chester that he doesn't care what his ancestor says or what upgrade he got, but "Barry Allen's life" is his to take. Ironically, Eddie ended up taking Eobard's own life to energize him to take Barry's life. The second time he'd done so with the first time being in "Fast Enough".
    • Eobard mocks Hunter Zolomon for "stealing his playbook", referencing how just as Eobard had masqueraded as Harrison Wells and mentored Barry while being the main antagonist in season 1, Hunter had masqueraded as Jay Garrick and mentored Barry while being the main antagonist in Season 2.
      • It's worth noting that both characters wanted Barry to go faster. Eobard, so he could breach the time barrier; Hunter wanted to steal Barry's speed and later power up the magnetar.
    • Eobard complimenting Hunter that he liked his work is similar to what he told Clifford DeVoe in a flashback in the Season 4 episode "Therefore I Am", where he gave him credit for his work and was wishing him good luck, both pertaining to both major antagonists having their own respective goals to take down Barry.
    • Zoom's fight and interaction with Khione references him and Caitlin's romance throughout season 2.
    • Eobard also calls Hunter "a Velocity 9 junkie", as the latter would boost his speed artificially by using the drug.
      • Ironically, he doesn't call August out on this, despite having knowledge that his past version relied entirely on Velocity serums, (and so did the current August up to a point). However, August would realize organic speed was superior, and had achieved his goal of gaining an organic Speed Force connection by the time Eobard had arrived to fight him in "Heart of the Matter, Part 2" . Godspeed was also temporarily far faster than Barry and Eobard during their initial encounter, with only their combined efforts taking him down, which is perhaps why he refrains from this insult.
    • Zoom also mistook Eobard for Harry Wells. This was a constant mistake throughout season 2.
    • Singh saying "now we get payback" and Zoom replying "more of CCPD's finest to slaughter", and when he earlier told Eddie "[he loves] killing cops", are references to his massacre of CCPD officers in episodes "Enter Zoom" and "Rupture".
    • Zoom tells Khione and Mark they "aren't powerful enough to lock up the darkness" is a reference to a similar thing he said to Barry in "Versus Zoom".
    • Zoom runs and throws lightning at Khione, which she absorbs and sends back at him.
      • This is a callback to when "Jay" taught Barry to throw lightning. Barry would later do this during their fight in "Enter Zoom", which Zoom catches and throws back at him.
        • This took place during the Season 6 episode "Pay the Piper" which shows a flashback of Barry throwing lightning at Hartley and his team. This is a change due to the Anti-Monitor Crisis in which it's highly possible that Eobard taught Barry how to throw lightning instead of "Jay".
    • Zoom and Godspeed interacting with each other as soon as they first met is a possible reference to a possible future that was shown on a newspaper article of them attacking Central City in 2024, shown in the season 8 episode "Into the Still Force".
      • That future event could've happened during the events of this episode due to both Godspeed and Zoom being alive, but it's most likely the future had changed due to time travelling.
    • Savitar attempts to kill Nora the same way he killed Iris in his timeline which was shown throughout the second half of season 3 until the season 3 finale "Finish Line" where it was H.R Wells who was disguised as Iris that was actually killed. However, Nora phases at the moment Savitar attempts to stab her.
      • Nora vibrating to avoid Savitar's blade is also a callback to "News Flash", when her alternate self was hypnotized by Spencer Young and phased her hand through her father's chest but Flash vibrated it to avoid being killed.
    • Godspeed creates clones of himself to fight Cecile.
      • This references the final arc of Season 7 where Godspeed and his clones caused trouble. His fight with Cecile also references their interaction in the season 7 finale "Heart of the Matter, Part 2".
      • Additionally, this is a callback to his unique feature in the comics: August used his Speed Scout ability to lure Barry into thinking that August and Godspeed were 2 different people, before August revealed himself to be Godspeed to Flash.
    • Godspeed and Cecile's showdown is a parallel to their Season 7 interactions.
    • Eddie Thawne claiming that Flash has his team and Eddie has his Legion is a reference to the comics story "Finish Line", where the Reverse-Flash brought together the worst enemies of the Flash under the name the "Legion of Zoom". Mark later refers to them with this name.
    • Previous major antagonists appearing together to fight Team Flash is similar to what happened in the crossover episode "Invasion!" where almost every previous Arrow major villain appeared together in a dream world conducted by the Dominators to fight Team Arrow.
    • Jay Garrick steals Eddie's speed, a trick he learnt from his Earth-90 doppelgänger in "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three".
    • Eddie's temptation to kill Barry by the Negative Speed Force is the same as when Barry and Wally were tempted by Bloodwork in "The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 2" and "It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To".
    • During the fight, Eddie told Barry that "I always win, Flash". This is the same line Eobard said in "Fast Enough" when he was about to kill Barry. The flashback of that scene was included in this episode.
      • Their fight is also a nod to when Eddie punched Barry in the face in "Rogue Time".
    • Eddie, though not immediately aware of it, got revenge on his descendant Eobard in the episode. Eddie died in vain trying to kill Eobard, whereas for Eobard this second resurrection was in vain as he was unable to kill Barry due to Eddie killing him off and absorbing him as negative tachyons.
    • Barry picks up his favorite childhood book, The Runaway Dinosaur, before tending to baby Nora.
    • The toy hanging above baby Nora's crib resembles the XS symbol she wears on her suit.
  • It is confirmed that all of the major speedster antagonists had previously died.
  • Eddie using a lightning saber is what he did in the comics.
  • Avery Ho, Max Mercury and Jess Chambers were all shown at the end of the episode:
    • In the comics, Avery Ho is The Flash of China and a member of the JLC. Max Mercury becomes a veteran speedster, guardian and mentor to Impulse. Jess Chambers also becomes The Flash from Earth-11.
    • This episode marks the first appearance of a non-binary speedster, Jess Chambers.
  • This is the first and only four-parter of the series.
  • Eric Wallace described this episode as not the end of the Arrowverse, but the end of the Flash.[citation needed]
  • Despite Eric Wallace going for a happy ending, instead of one where Barry sacrifices himself to bring things full circle, the episode does leave a very strong reason as to why Barry should've died, being the Speed Force's sentience/physical form faded from existence/died once more.
    • Being the Speed Force's avatar, Barry is now solely responsible for choosing new speedsters instead of the Speed Force naturally choosing new ones on its own, unless he somehow receives guidance from Deon, Alexa, and Bashir, the Still/Strength/Sage Force avatars, to choose new speedsters. Sacrificing himself would rejuvenate the Speed Force.
      • Barry is still a mortal unlike the Speed Force, unless he has some sort of resurrection deal with Oliver/Spectre that makes him invincible.
  • This marks the return of Hunter Zolomon/Zoom since "What's Past is Prologue", August Heart/Godspeed since "Heart of the Matter, Part 2", Savitar since "What's Past is Prologue", and Tom Cavanagh's version of Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash since "Negative, Part Two".
  • This episode marks the unique interaction between Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Hunter Zolomon/Zoom, Barry Allen/Savitar and August Heart/Godspeed, all evil speedsters who were involved personally toward Barry and his family.
  • Grant Gustin had COVID during the filming of this episode.[1]
  • Carlos Valdes had wanted to appear in the episode, but was unable to due to scheduling conflicts.[1][2]
  • Teddy Sears was originally supposed to share a scene with Grant Gustin, but the latter got a covid infection during the filming, preventing that from happening.
  • Team Flash taking on various enemies from previous seasons of the show is identical to the Supergirl series finale "Kara" where Supergirl and her team take on various enemies from previous seasons of their show.
  • This is the only episode of the four-part finale to not open with a shot of blue flowers and not feature I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues in any capacity.


  • When Khione says goodbye to Team Flash, Barry mentions that it has been one week since the battle against the speedsters, and therefore also a week since Nora's birth. Following this, a title card of "one week later" is shown, and Joe says that Iris gave birth only a week ago. However, by this point, it has been two weeks since Nora's birth.


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