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"We both know there is no Batwoman without Luke Fox."
Kate comforting Luke after his kidnapping.

"A Secret Kept From All the Rest" is the nineteenth episode of the first season of Batwoman, and the nineteenth episode overall. It aired on May 10, 2020.




With a gun in each hand, Tommy Elliot goes into the Gotham City University Library, shooting anyone who speaks to him. When he gets to Professor John Carr, Tommy puts a gun to his head and, before he can scream, says, "Hush..."

Vesper Fairchild welcomes "Hush" to Gotham, nicknamed such from his one word entry. At Arkham, Carr is tortured by Hush and Alice so that he can translate their copy of Lucius Fox's journal. Alice tells Mouse that they are wasting their time because Luke Fox is the best translator; Mouse tells her that they do not need the attention of the authorities just for her revenge plot to kill her sister. Spitefully, Alice kills Carr, so now they need another translator.

Meanwhile, Reagan has her door kicked in by Kate Kane; Kate wants to know where the journal is and wants nothing more from the bartender. Reagan, apologetic, reveals that she is Magpie's sister, but she has no idea where the book is; she also reveals that she is repeating herself as Julia Pennyworth has already interrogated her at knife point. This causes Kate to confront Julia about why she is seeking the journal; Julia does not tell and uses the approach of Sophie Moore to give only half-truths.

Returning empty-handed causes an argument between Luke and Kate; Luke decides that he no longer wants to be there.

Tommy kidnaps Tony Kim, only for him to fail and die, as Alice has set a ninety minute rule for the translators to solve the riddle before subjecting them to high levels of electro-shock therapy. Alice suggests that Tommy should retrieve Parker Torres; he tries, but Batwoman intervenes and Tommy must flee. So, now, after three attempts, it is Alice's turn and she has Mouse use Kate's voice to call Luke and learn his location; Luke is with Julia, trying to learn why she is after the journal and no longer a member of the SRR. Tommy captures the pair.

Mary gets jealous at Parker entering the Batcave

Kate brings Parker to the Batcave, to the anger and jealousy of Mary Hamilton, who feels that she was the last to know her own sister's secret identity. Sophie arrives at the house soon afterwards and informs Kate that Julia is missing; the women realize that Luke is missing, too. Parker tells them that the computers need an upgrade before she can help to find him.

While Julia is used as leverage to coax him, Luke discovers that his social security number is the key to solving the journal which has the past of the Batsuit and how to kill Batman.

Since Carr had a pacemaker, his last location can be traced back to Arkham, which Parker tells the others, causing them to realize that their missing friends are there. Meanwhile, Mary finds spectacles that makes a copy of the journal readable, and Kate runs off to Arkham.

Jacob sees Batwoman arrive

There, Batwoman gains entry and trades the glasses for Luke and Julia, but the Crows are alerted and Jacob Kane wants her captured. Alice wants Kate dead and frees all of Arkham; when Mouse protests, she removes his mask and lets it burn in the fire that has started and Arkham burns. Later Jacob uses the Bat Signal to summon Batwoman to tell her that he does not want her operating in Gotham any more; when she declines to leave, he wages war.

Mouse and Alice have retreated to a sewer where Alice, reading the journal, asks Tommy where he can get Kryptonite.

With Luke safe, Parker leaves, but advises Kate to pursue Sophie as a love interest; however, when Kate sees Sophie kissing Julia, she decides that she wants an answer to her original question. This time, Julia tells everything: Rifle stopped chasing Kate because Julia promised Safiyah Sohail the journals; but now that she knows the journal's secret, she will not keep her deal. However, Julia knows that now both women are targets.



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Journal passage revealed by Alice
  • When Alice uses the glasses, the camera cuts to show an excerpt from the journal. The relevant passage is taken from this Wikipedia page: Batsuit.
    • The excerpt reads; "during the resurrection of Ra's al Ghul, Batman, suit of armor from Talia al Ghul, The Suit of Sorrows. According, it's legends, it can impart strength and speed of its wearer but also would completely corrupt anyone whose heart and soul is not pure. At first, the Dark Knight was dubious of the legend, but eventually experienced an aggressive behavior while wearing the armor during patrols. Batman later learns from a member of the Order of the Pure, a splinter faction of The Order of St. Dumas, that the armor once belonged to a knight named Sir Geoffrey de Cantonna, who massacred hundreds of people in an alpine valley in 1190. The Suit of Sorrows becomes one of the trophy displays within the Batcave, to remind the Dark Knight that he must be ever vigilant not only in his crusade against crime, but also himself. The new Azrael takes up wearing the suit eventually".
  • As Batwoman fights the Arkham inmates, "See Them Fall" by Nicholas Hill, Glenn Herweijer, and Ben Sumner plays.