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"A Whole World Out There" is the eleventh episode of Constantine. It aired on January 30, 2015.



Egyptian dream temple ritual glyphs

Egyptian dream temple technique.

Four students decided to take a break from their daily activities and went together to play in the cemetery at night over Jacob Shaw's grave. Adam, who owned his diary, suggested that they perform a ritual that would enable them to travel to another world. The drunk young men did not realize how dangerous it was and did not think it was possible at all. The ritual was successful, and each of them was moved to a different room in a strange house, in which they found the likely owner - Shaw. Miranda's shrill scream pulled them all out of their trance, allowing them to return to normal life. Meanwhile, John was resting at the mill, talking to Gary Lester's reflection in the magic mirror. Suddenly Manny appeared, trying to get the exorcist to work. He only succeeded when he mentioned his old friend Ritchie Simpson.

Meanwhile, Ritchie was teaching voice recorders at the university. After the class was over, he heard a question from Constantine from the crowd of students, realizing that his day would be spoiled by an ex-friend. He took him to his office, where he found out about Gary Lester's death and that something dark was going on around him, and John intends to face it. The conversation was interrupted by a phone call to the professor from one of the students, Adam, who informed about his absence due to his friend's unexpected death. They both immediately went to the scene, where the exorcist stealthily stole the policeman's notes, learning about the cause of death. On the night before school on the wake of the student's death, Ritchie and John met with Lily, from whom they learned about what the four were doing a few days ago.

Later that night John decided to investigate the case alone and went to the cemetery described by Lily. There, he was surprised by the presence of Manny, who tried to show the man the mistake he still made about his friends. During the conversation, John found a clue above one of the graves, so he decided to use a spell that depicts the runes. Thus, he learned that a magical ritual was being performed here, related to the Egyptian culture. Constantine then returned to Ritchie's office, to whom he presented his discovery. It was then that the professor remembered the journal of Jacob Shaw he had. The man described there journeys to other worlds that ended tragically for him. To his surprise, the journal disappeared from Simpson's collection, indicating that it was causing campus problems.



They also understood that Adam might try to go back there and they went to the cemetery as soon as possible. However, it was too late to rescue, because the boy's body had cut defensive wounds, which eventually led to his bleeding out. Everything was different in Shaw's world as Adam was trying to protect Miranda from Jacob. Soon after, Ritchie and John returned to campus, where they learned of the death of Miranda, who they found dead in a dance studio. At last Simpson began to understand how Constantine was feeling and what he was hiding. He decided that they were both like cancer that spreads disease on and on. Nevertheless, they remembered that they could save another person and visited Lily, whom they gave the news of Adam's death. The terrified girl was taken to the mill, where their goal was to deal with her problem. A moment of inattention made Lily look at the phone and unknowingly through the reflection she found herself in the other world.

There, meanwhile, Adam and Miranda met Carter, trying to understand together what had happened to them. Suddenly, Shaw appeared in the room, who tried to explain everything to them in his crazy way, and then ordered them to flee, threatening to kill them. Only Adam remained motionless, understanding the principles of this world, thus putting himself in danger. Soon after that, Adam found Lily and, realizing that he could still save himself, decided to try to help her. At the same time, Ritchie and John, after a little argument, decided to visit this mystical world on their own and performed a ritual that allowed them to enter there. Moments later, they found each other and together they traveled on, where Simpson had the opportunity to demonstrate what he had learned over the years - modification of worlds. They didn't realize Shaw was watching them, until he finally decided to show up. Ritchie then realized that there was a grain of truth in the legend of Jacob's second life. The enraged men tried to fight the enemy, but this was his world and he held power here, wounding them. Constantine explained to Ritchie that the wounds he was inflicting on them were not real and he could fight it. Thus, the professor took courage, stood up and began modifying the world against Shaw's principles, destroying it once and for all.

Jacob Shaw

Jacob Shaw.

Because of this act, the apartment began to collapse, forcing Ritchie and John to flee. After a while, Lily's friends brought her to the exit, who could not leave this place themselves. Thus, Simspon showed the girl how to get out of this world. Constantine understood that Ritchie might want to stay here because he saw the potential of the place that Shaw did not see. Sam went back to reality and watched, and after a while Ritchie returned as well. After shaking off and returning to teaching, the professor stopped using the dictaphone during his lectures and spoke himself - he taught based on what he had experienced.



Guest starring[]


  • Will Campbell as Carter
  • Teddy Cole as Young Man
  • Wil Jackson as Police Man


  • The episode is arguably the first one to introduce the concept of the multiverse from the perspective of Earth-1.
  • The spell used by the students to reach the alternate dimension shows up again in the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode "Necromancing the Stone", where John uses it to try to reach a demonic realm.
  • The building where John and Ritchie have a conversation is called Bradstreet Hall. It is named for Tim Bradstreet, a comic book artist that did artwork for the comic Hellblazer. This episode features three actors who have all appeared as recurring characters on Lost - Harold Perrineau, Jeremy Davies, and William Mapother.
  • Oglethorpe University in Atlanta is the actual campus used as Ivy University in this episode.
  • Ritchie talks about the concept of the singularity and a human soul merging with a computer in order to live on. In the graphic novels, Ritchie's essence ultimately ends up trapped within a computer and the overall web of computer connections.