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Aaron Helzinger, also known as Amygdala, is a resident of Gotham City.


Early life

Aaron was born with a mental illness where began being treated by doctors at Hamilton Dynamics. The doctors performed experiments on him, blasting his brain with UV radiation to cure his mental illness. The treatments worked, but the radiation caused a tumor to develop near his amygdala, causing him to revert to unpredictable violence again, and thus was put in a holding cell by Dr. Ethan Rogers until they found a cure for his illness.[1]

Threatening Mary Hamilton & defeat

In 2021, Dr. Rogers entered Aaron's room and said that they had found a cure. After the conversation, Aaron had a crisis and attacked Rogers and the nurses, but was soon arrested by them and being injected with an injection by Dr. Rogers.

Aaron was released and went after Mary Hamilton and Jacob Kane. He caused an accident in the traffic that left them unconscious and took them to Mary's secret clinic, where he told them about their condition and asked for the cure of the Desert Rose. Mary said there was no more, so he stabbed Jacob. Mary then said that there was more of the Rose in Coryana, she called "Lucas" and asked him to take the map of the island. After an outbreak, he tried to choke Mary but was struck by Jacob. Later, after a brief fight with agent Sophie Moore and Batwoman, he was defeated.[1]

The next day, the story of Amygdala is retold to Sophie by Jacob, who is surprised by Catherine Hamilton-Kane past dealings.[2]


Aaron was mentally unstable where he was prone to attack others if he did not get what he wanted or whether he could not control himself. Even when Aaron tried to be polite, he would resort to attacking others if he had a panic attack or gets angered. Aaron was also intolerant; as he did not believe Mary Hamilton's claims of not having anymore of the Desert Rose antidote. Despite his crippled mentality, Aaron is desperate to have his illness cured and would go through such lengths to get what he needs to cure his symptoms such as torture and murder.


  • Peak of human physical condition: Aaron was able to hang a mobile nailed to the floor and launch it at Sophie Moore.


  • Mental instability: Due to Aaron's illness; he has outbreaks of laughter and anger at random times.



Season 2

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Aaron Helzinger is a super-strong and mentally unstable enemy of Batman known as Amygdala. He was created by Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle, and first appeared in Batman: Shadow of the Bat #3 (August, 1992).