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"Um, who was Jack the Ripper?"
"The prevailing theory is there was a London barber by the name Aaron Kosminski who committed the crimes. He also suffered schizophrenic and delusional tendencies."
Marilze and Clifford DeVoe[src]

Aaron Kosminski was a barber in Victorian London. A prevailing theory pointed at him as a suspect in Jack the Ripper murders.


At some point, Aaron Kosminski had become a barber and settled in London. Having mental problems, he was institutionalized in Colney Hatch Asylum due to suffering from schizophrenia and expressing delusional tendencies.[1]


At some point, a popular theory was established pointing at Kosminski as a Jack the Ripper suspect.

In 2013 when asked by his wife Marlize DeVoe who was Jack the Ripper, Clifford DeVoe (who at the time gained meta-human power of accelerated thinking) mentioned the Kosminski theory, but also shared his own that it was Kosminski's nurse, Catharine Jewell.[1]


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  • In the real world, Aaron Kosminski (born Aron Mordke Kozmiński; 11 September 1865 – 24 March 1919) was a Jewish Polish emigrant in England and indeed a popular suspect in the Jack the Ripper case.