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Abara[1] is a former agent of Crows Security.


At some point, Abara joined Crows Security, after spending presumably some time in the military.

When the citizens of Gotham City had a protest demanding to see Batwoman after the news showed that the Crows had fired their weapons upon her, Abara was deployed with a blowhorn and told people to disburse because the assembly was being held illegally; he was ignored. Later, however, when bats attacked the citizens, Abara assisted people by firing at the animals to scare them away from the crowd.[2]

Days later, Abara was present when Jacob Kane had a meeting, declaring that he did not want the drug Snakebite to become widespread throughout the city. Jacob told the agents that he wanted them to find the leader of the False Face Society, the gang that was distributing the drug. This agent later brought to Agent Whelan a photo of someone wearing a black mask, telling Whelan that that person was the False Face Society Leader; Whelan told this agent that he wanted a true identity before presenting any information to Jacob.[3]

Months later, the Crows received a phone call that there was a trespasser at the Cartwright house; Agent Abara decided to take the information. During the call, Abara was told that Julia Pennyworth was specifically to arrive to the location to apprehend the trespasser. Abara took the information to Julia and told her that the caller referred to Julia as "Penny Dreadful". Julia thanked Agent Abara for the message and went to the Cartwright house.[1]



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