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Abel (died 2014) was the second-in-command of the Church of Blood under Clinton Hogue's leadership.


Abel approached Caleb Green and offered him a better way through the Church of Blood. He took Caleb to an abandoned church and introduced Caleb to a multitude of Church of Blood members and points him to the leader, Brother Blood.[1]

After Brother Hoshaw was arrested, Abel told Brother Blood that Hoshaw escaped in the morning. Brother Blood proceeded to tell Abel that he needs to be more "discriminating" in his choice of new members to which he apologized for.[2]

Later, Brother Blood was impatient waiting for an artist to draw pictures based on descriptions given by him. Eventually Abel brought the artist to Brother Blood, along with perfect depictions of John Diggle and Felicity Smoak.[3]

Caleb Green admitted to Abel that he was probably not a "true believer" as they had hoped, though Abel took him to a room in which there was a Mirakuru soldier chained up. He mentioned that they would still need soldiers in their cause.[4]

Following The Arrow and John Diggle escaping, Brother Blood threatened him and made him beg for mercy. As Abel walked away, he was approached by Werner Zytle, who claimed to be worth his time.[5]

They later attempted to inject Caleb Green with Mirakuru from a previous user of it. The test was successful, as Abel found out. He went off to tell Brother Blood, who he claimed would be most pleased. Following that, he went to Felicity Smoak's house, claiming to want to take her to Brother Blood.[6] He took her back to his leader and sat in as they talked. Suddenly, a commotion arose outside, which Abel went to check out. Caleb appeared, confirming that the Mirakuru had worked, and snapped Abel's neck.[7]



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