"Those confederates look..."
"Don't say it!"
"...a lot like..."
Jefferson Jackson and Martin Stein
"Abominations" is the fourth episode of the second season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the twentieth episode overall. It aired on November 3, 2016.


When the Legends discover a time aberration in 1863, they find themselves fighting for survival during the Civil War with Confederate soldiers who have been turned into zombies, which utterly terrifies Martin. With the Civil War outcome hanging in the balance, Jax must participate in a daring mission by going to a slave plantation with Amaya. Meanwhile, Sara begins to feel the burden of the decisions she has to make as the leader, and Ray struggles to find his purpose on the team.[src]



  • If one reviews the fight, Mick is never shown being bitten by any of the zombies.
  • As Jax searches a desk at the Collins Plantation, the drawers he opens are installed with extension slides, the first patents of which weren't issued until the 1900s.
  • Grant is wearing the 3-star rank of Lieutenant General, which he did not receive until 1864. He should be a Major-General (2-star) but Grant rarely wore any rank insignia, preferring the simple sack coat of a private.
  • One of the slaves, Mary, says her mother was from Zambesi. However, as the Atlantic Slave Trade ceased in 1807, it is highly doubtful any young slave in the United States would have a mother who came from Africa in 1863.
  • After the nitroglycerin explodes, Nate's clothing is completely intact.


Preparation ran from August 12 until August 22, 2016. Shooting ran from August 23 until September 1, 2016.[1]



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