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For the titular character, see Philippe (Earth-1).
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is..."
"...indistinguishable from magic."
Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon stating Arthur C. Clarke's Third Law regarding Abra Kadabra's powers

"Abra Kadabra" is the eighteenth episode of the third season of The Flash, and the sixty-fourth episode overall. It aired on March 28, 2017.




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Inside Stagg Enterprises, couple of security guards are patrolling among equipment to be sold. They then come up with a man, who is not intimidated by them. When he refuses to surrender, he suddenly teleports inside a chamber. The guards attempt to shoot him, but he teleports again, switching places with them; trapping them inside the chamber and begins to flood it, drowning the guards.

At CC Jitters, Barry and Iris tell Cecile and Joe about their engagement, and Cecile is moved to tears about how Barry proposed. Cecile offers the tickets for Hamilton on first weekend of July. This silences all three, as Iris is seemingly no longer alive then. At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team is wondering, how can they stop Savitar's future from happening. Although they have prevented many of the future events from happening, Cisco learns Iris' death is still the same, and Caitlin and Julian are tense, with Caitlin's taking of the Philosopher's Stone. Barry, Joe and Julian get a call and leave for a scene at Stagg Enterprises.

At the scene, all three are perplexed, since there are no markings, only two drowned victims. Only some tech is missing, and Cisco soon learns another robbery is taking place in a technology company. Barry speeds to the scene and encounters the robber, the same from Stagg. He surprises Barry with his powers and the fact that he knows, who the Flash is. And he seems to know Savitar, too. He manages to evade Barry. Then, Gypsy appears from a breachand attempts to stop him. He uses a pack of cards to vanish, and even Barry can't catch him.

In S.T.A.R. Labs, Gypsy tells about the man. He calls himself Abra Kadabra, and he apparently uses advanced nanotechnology to pull the tricks. He is also a wanted criminal on Earth-19, and from the future, from 64th century, which is why he knows Barry and Savitar. Cisco attempts to use the arm he left behind to vibe him, but Gypsy says, he is prepared for that. Cisco then uses more basic means of tracking him, and as the search goes, the two metas discuss their relationship. Gypsy wants to see Abra Kadabra executed for his crimes, while Cisco and the team want to know more, as he might be the key to stopping Savitar. He is then tracked to Mercury Labs, and Barry and Wally speed up to the site. They catch him, but as he attempts to flee, Cisco and Gypsy surround him. However, they only tracked his hologram. In reality, he is in S.T.A.R. Labs, and surprises Caitlin, Iris, Joe and Julian. He causes some ruckus, but eventually, Barry and others manage to catch him. Gypsy demands they hand him over, but Barry knocks him out and he is taken to the particle accelerator.

The team interrogates Abra Kadabra, and he is willing to share his information about Savitar's identity, if they let him go. Gypsy refuses and Cisco learns she has personal reasons to see Abra Kadabra executed. Pondering the dilemma, Barry thinks he should accept, but Iris tells him not to let a killer escape, not even to save her. However, Joe takes matters into his own hands, and agrees to let Abra Kadabra go in exchange for Savitar's identity. But as soon as he lets him out, and he is about reveal Savitar's identity, Gypsy interferes and he is able to escape. He breaks into the Time Vault and steals a sphere-like object from there. Joe corners him in the elevator, and demands he tells, who Savitar is, but he reneges on the deal. Joe shoots him, but the shot goes through him. Caitlin and Julian show up, and Abra Kadabra uses a bomb on them and escapes. Joe and Julian survived without serious injury, but Caitlin was impaled by a metal pipe.

Caitlin is taken to the medical bay, and it is learned she has multiple metal shards inside her. She can't be taken to a hospital, as everyone would ID her as the meta-human who caused chaos inside the CCPD. Cisco says taking away her necklace would allow her powers to instantly heal her, but Caitlin refuses out of fear it would unleash Killer Frost. Caitlin pleads Julian to perform the surgery, while she walks her through it. The surgery is a success. Gypsy is outraged at Joe for letting Abra Kadabra free, but Joe tells her his reasons. He has made two oaths, one for the police and the second as father to Iris, and Iris takes priority. Cisco overhears their argument, and he demands to know, why Gypsy is so keen on getting Abra Kadabra. She confesses she once had a partner, who was also her lover, and Abra Kadabra killed him. This causes a falling out between the two.

The team learns, why Abra Kadabra hit all those technology companies and S.T.A.R. Labs. He is attempting to create a time machine in order to return to his time, and the sphere he stole is the power source used by Reverse-Flash to create his means of time travel. But in order to make it work, he has to open a temporal wormhole first, giving the team a chance to catch him. Gypsy intends to go it alone, but Barry convinces her to let them help.

Abra Kadabra boards a chopper and opens a wormhole, and Barry and Wally speed to the site, and Cisco and Gypsy jump across breaches to get to him. As Abra Kadabra is about to escape, Barry speeds past him and from a roof of a building, jumps towards the chopper, and phases inside and grabs him. The chopper enters the wormhole without Abra Kadabra.

Gypsy is ready to take Abra Kadabra to be tried in Earth-19. He is smug as the team was unable to get the information about Savitar. Barry attempts one last time to get him to tell, but he refuses. Unable to anything, Gypsy leaves with him. Back at Joe's house, Joe is feeling down about not being able to get the information. Barry then comes up, and tells he knows how to find out Savitar's identity. He intends to run into the future to find out.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco is looking after Caitlin, when H.R. comes, having been away for couple of days. Caitlin and Cisco have a hearty talk, when suddenly Caitlin begins hemorrhaging, alerting Julian and H.R. The trio attempts to revive her, but CPR and defibrillator isn't helping, and her heart stops. In grief, Julian rips away her necklace despite Cisco trying to stop him. Almost immediately, Caitlin's heart starts to beat again, and her wound is instantly healed. But, right after, her eyes turn, and she causes a massive cryokinetic blast, that sends all three flying. Out of the blast, Killer Frost rises and lets her power to be unleashed.



  • Caitlin mentions that Julian was a medic in the "Royal Army". There is a Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, but the British Army is just the army. Regiments within it, however, can be "Royal", such as the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.
    • However, it's possible the British Army's history was different on Earth 1.
  • When Caitlin begins to crash, her heart had completely stopped beating, so using a defibrillator to counter this would have no effect, and in reality could actually cause more problems such as brain damage.