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"Here it is, in the future you and I have been enemies for years. There have been others, of course. There's Thawne, Zoom, DeVoe, but none of them hurt you like Savitar. He truly broke you. I have to be honest, I always was a bit jealous. But now, it's like I get to kill her too."
—Abra Kadabra to Barry Allen[src]

Abhararakadhararbarakh,[1] also known Abra Kadabra and formerly known as Citizen Abra, was a criminal time traveler from the 64th century. He had outfitted his body with futuristic nanotechnology which provided him with a range of abilities that, for all intents and purposes, are almost indistinguishable from magic and sorcery in the 21st century.

Abra Kadabra claimed that he and Barry Allen were old enemies in his future and also claimed to know Savitar's true identity.


Original multiverse

Early crimes

Abhararakadhararbarakh was born sometime in the 64th century. Like all the people of his era, he was referred to as "Citizen Abra".[1] At some point, Abra outfitted his body with advanced nanotechnology, which provided him with a wide range of abilities that most people in the 21st century would perceive as magic. Adopting the moniker "Abra Kadabra", he became a criminal exploiting time travel and breaching for his own personal gain, primarily in the 21st century.

At some point, Abra became the leader of the Techno-wizards.[2]

Encounters with the Flash

At some point after 2017, Abra Kadabra came into contact with Barry Allen/The Flash and had several encounters that left Abra Kadabra with a bitter hatred of the Scarlet Speedster. He came to learn much about Barry's personal life including a relationship with Iris West and her death on May 23, 2017 at the hands of his supposed greatest enemy, his corrupt temporal duplicate, Barry Allen/Savitar. He also became aware of the Flash's other enemies, such as Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Hunter Zolomon/Zoom, and Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker and came to know Savitar's true identity.[2]

When the Flash from a past arrived in Central City the year 6345, Abra Kadabra went to fight him where Hocus Pocus was contained. During the fight, he asked Barry if he has figured out who is Savitar before Iris dies but Kadabra didn't realize that he is not like the previous version of Barry that he faced. Which surprised him but he still managed to avoid a punch since he was a hologram. Abra created 10 other holograms but Barry managed to find the real one by spinning his arm and create a whirlwind. He managed to break Pocus out after taking Pocus's wand from Barry before vanishing. Later at his lair he argued with Pocus about the bad decision he made by going back in time and slapped him after lecturing him how he should respect him for releasing him from the Quantum Cops prison but Pocus mocked him because compared to him people applauded him and a least he had managed to put the flash on his knees. Abra than revealed that the Flash was actually there in the present and when Abra showed him his wand, Pocus took it and teleported behind him asking "would you like to take this outside?". Later, Abra was still arguing with Pocus but this time 2 other Techno-magicians were present. But suddenly, Pocus attacked Citizen Ali, another Techno-magician that still possessed his citizenship but Voila, another techno-magician attacked Abra Kadabra and she and Pocus managed to put him on his one knee during the fight. The fight was interrupted by the Flash who saved Citizen Ali from a Bullfrog. Abra snapped his finger causing large spotlight in the ceiling to spin and knock Voila creating some kind of spotlight monster. Barry saved Citizen Ali again by destroying the object. After Barry knocked out Citizen Ali and Voila, Abra threatened Barry by saying that once he's done with Pocus, he's going to kill Barry. After a rough fight with fire balls, gravity and the Bullfrog, Abra just assumed that this Barry is from the Crisis of 2024 where he vanished and assumed that the reason why he vanished, was because he was destined to kill him. But before he could kill the Flash, Pocus knocked him out and tried to take the credit of being the one that kills the Flash. When Abra Kadabra woke up, he saw that Hocus Pocus was mind controlling the Flash. Hurt, Pocus still incapacitated him so that Abra could witness Pocus Ultimate Triumph. Abra than admitted that he is no one compared to Pocus allowing him to take his name "Abra Kadabra" and Pocus as the new Abra Kadabra made chains appear from nowhere and dragged him away from the fight.

At some point, after that the new Abra Kadabra was defeated and transformed into a wooden puppet, Abra had taken back his name since Pocus was a failure as an Abra Kadabra and went back into committing crimes.[1]

Trapped in the past

At some point, Abra Kadabra went back in time and got stuck in the past.

Trapped in the past, Abra Kadabra sought to return to his time and began traveling through the multiverse to obtain the technologies needed to return to the 64th century of Earth-1. During his quest, he traveled through Earth-19 in the year 2014 and killed several people in his pursuits, including the partner (in both the professional and romantic sense) of Gypsy before fleeing to another reality.[2]

Central City 2017

Abra Kadabra appeared in Central City to steal some more technology to build himself a timeship to travel back to the 64th century. He first targeted Stagg Industries, where he was confronted by two guards. Abra trapped the two in a vat and then had it fill with water so that they would drown. At his second robbery, Abra was confronted by the Flash. He had expected to run into the speedster, but was thrown to see him look much younger than he was used to. He revealed that he knew his identity and that he knew that Barry was dealing with the impending death of his love, Iris. When Barry asked what he knew about Savitar, Abra claimed that he knew everything. Barry rushed to capture him but instead yanked away a phony arm before Abra moved to escape. However, Gypsy appeared through a breach and attacked him. He quickly created a shower of cards to cover his teleporting escape.

Abra then went to S.T.A.R. Labs, where he incapacitated both Julian Albert and Joe West. Before he could kill any of them, he was quickly apprehended by Barry and Abra Kadabra quickly told him that he could tell him everything he knew about Savitar, in particular his true name. He was thrown into the pipeline as Barry and the West family asked him what he knew about Savitar. Abra Kadabra gave them some trivial information about what he would do in the future but wouldn't reveal Savitar's name for free. In exchange for the information, he wanted his freedom as he knew Gypsy would take him back to Earth-19 for execution. Later, he was visited again by Joe, who wanted to take the deal in order to save his daughter's life. He opened the door and held Abra Kadabra at gun point. Just as Abra was about to tell him Savitar's name, Gypsy interrupted and he used the distraction to escape. He then went to Dr. Wells' Time Vault and stole a power source in order to complete his time machine. Before he could leave, he was confronted by Team Flash and Gypsy and he set off a bomb to escape, seriously injuring Caitlin Snow.

As Abra prepared to leave 2017, he was pursued by Barry and Wally West with Gypsy and Cisco moving to cut off his escape attempts. He managed to open a wormhole but before he could fly into it, Barry crashed through the window of his ship and pulled him out and he watched in despair as the ship returned to the future without him. As Gypsy was taking him back to Earth-19 for trial and execution, he was confronted again by Barry. He tried to appeal to any sense of humanity that Abra Kadabra had to get him to tell him who Savitar was. Abra merely smiled and told him that all through Barry's life, he had a slew of enemies including himself, though none managed to truly break him save for Savitar by taking the one thing he really cared about. He admitted that he was jealous of the godlike speedster for that feat, but now, denying him the information, it made him feel like he was killing Iris as well. He was then taken away by Gypsy to Earth-19 to be executed for his crimes.[2]

New multiverse

Abra Kadabra's name is seen amongst Cisco's Who's Who? Binder.[3]


"It's frustrating isn't it? Knowing that you're going to die unless I give The Flash what he wants. All that power, all that speed, and yet you're still slow."
—Abra Kadabra to Team Flash[src]

Abra Kadabra was much like Eobard Thawne as he wanted to return home to the future and was willing to commit many terrible acts in order to do so, including murder.

Abra claimed he always felt "jealous" of Savitar because he managed to accomplish what no other villain who the Flash had faced managed to do; break the speedster by taking away the person who matters most to him. After fighting the Flash for so long, Abra grew to extremely hate him to the point that he wanted to make the speedster suffer. This is best shown as when Barry begged him to tell him Savitar's name, Abra refused and simply stated that not giving Barry this information was almost like he was killing Iris West as well, which would bring Barry that much closer to his breaking point.

However, Abra is not without a good quirk; he is more than willing to honor his promises. Joe West offered him freedom in exchange for Savitar's true name (keeping a gun on him good measure). Though he backed out it when Barry distracted Joe long enough to escaoe.

Powers and abilities


"He's certainly got a lot of tricks."
"Yeah, we think he has some sort of nanotechnology built into his body... allows him to do extraordinary feats. Teleportation, telekinesis, you name it, and believe me, I have seen it all."
Barry Allen and Gypsy on Abra's powers[src]
  • Techno-magic: Abra Kadabra was augmented with various nanotechnology infused into his body, which allowed him to perform various superhuman feats. To the perception of people from an earlier era, his 64th century technology could easily be mistaken for magic.
    • Conjuration: Abra Kadabra was able to spontaneously cause water to be created from within a glass chamber with no known water sources nearby. He even converted a few playing cards into several hundreds of playing cards.[2]
    • Hologram projection: Abra Kadabra can project holograms from thin air, even when he is not in the vicinity.[2]
    • Interdimensional travel: Abra Kadabra was capable of traveling between different universes, but not through time itself.[2]
    • Technopathy: Abra Kadabra was able to combine his conjuration and technology manipulation to cause water to squirt from Joe West's gun. He could command various technologies in S.T.A.R. Labs, and even the futuristic former lair of Eobard Thawne. Additionally, he can cause machines to explode.[2]
    • Telekinesis: According to Gypsy, Abra Kadabra is capable of telekinesis.[2]
    • Teleportation: Abra Kadabra was able to teleport in and out of anything. He could use this ability to teleport others, as seen when he trapped two security guards in a glass box.[2]
    • Vibe immunity: Cisco Ramon tried to find Abra Kadabra using his dismembered prosthetic arm, but was unsuccessful. According to Gypsy, Abra's powers render him "invisible" to Vibers.[2]


  • High-level intellect/Expert engineer: Abra Kadabra has enough experience with 21st century technology to construct a timeship, knowing what pieces he needed and where to get them.[2]



The Flash

Season 3

Season 4

Season 6


The Chronicles of Cisco


  • Abra Kadabra was indirectly responsible for Caitlin Snow finally becoming Killer Frost, due to giving her a stab wound that required her meta-human powers to heal.
  • Due to the fact that Savitar has been erased from existence, the future Abra Kadabra comes from may change as well, so it's possible that a version of him from a different point in time will return.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Abra Kadabra is an enemy of the Flash, a magician from the 64th century, where technology completely replicated something that would have been seen as magic centuries ago. With no interest for magicians in his century, Citizen Abra traveled through time, trying to earn pride and adoration in the Flash's era, both with magic shows and masterful crimes, seeking attention at all costs. After losing his technology, he made a deal with a demon for magical powers.
  • His nickname is a play on the phrase "abracadabra", an incantation often used in stage magic tricks.


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