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"You didn't give up, even when that whistleblower got killed. You weren't afraid to pursue the truth, no matter what the risk. And we need more reporters like that. More reporters like you, that care about the truth."
Snapper Carr rehiring Kara Danvers

"Ace Reporter" is the eighteenth episode of the second season of Supergirl, and the thirty-eighth episode overall. It aired on April 24, 2017.




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Kara flies happily above National City and, exited, lands at the D.E.O. for a day of butt-kicking, only to be disappointed that there's nothing going on. J'onn, Alex and Winn have other things to do, which leaves Kara with essentially nothing to do. She returns home and attempts to bake, only to fail every time. Lena suddenly shows up and asks her to come along with her to a demonstration arranged by her ex-boyfriend Jack Spheer, CEO of Spheerical Industries. Kara agrees and in the demonstration Kara encounters her ex-boss Snapper Carr. The demonstration is about a nanobots capable of curing any kind of wound or ailment, called Biomax. This encourages Kara to make use of her reporter skills again, and she manages to beat Snapper by getting her question to Jack answered. Later, as Jack attempts to reconcile with Lena, Kara meets with a man named Joe Watkins, who tells her to meet with him later that evening. Kara shows up and inside his car Joe reveals that even though Spheerical delivered human trial tests, he believes Spheerical faked them. However, neither Kara or Joe witness that a swarm of Biomax nanobots is crawling under the car. By the time they hear the noise they make, the car explodes. Thanks to her powers, Kara survives but Joe is killed.

The next day Kara shows up at CatCo and asks James to publish a scoop about Spheerical under his name, as Kara is unable to use CatCo's resources. Snapper is also on the case. As Kara leaves, she uses her super-hearing and learns that Snapper has a source of his own called Derrick Simmons, who took part in Spheerical's human trials. At L-Corp, Jack attempts to get back together with Lena, but Lena is unsure.

The following evening, Kara, as Supergirl, arrives Derrick's place and with her X-ray vision, sees Snapper arrive too. Derrick reveals, that he took part on the Spheerical's human trials, but that he only filled a form; nothing was done to him. The Biomax nanoswarm then appears and they kill Derrick, leaving nothing out of him. Supergirl enters and saves Snapper by freezing the nanoswarm.

Kara returns home, disappointed that she has nothing on how to stop the nanoswarm and that two people are killed. Mon-El stops her by saying that Lena could be of help (as she had been trying to reach Kara), which then urges Kara to go see her, and she tells Mon-El to come along. At a restaurant, Kara and Mon-El find Lena with Jack. Kara introduces Mon-El as Mike, and then questions Jack about the nanobots, which also sparks Lena's curiosity. Jack explains how he was able to figure out the code on controlling the nanobots by thinking Lena (which inspired him to get back together with her). As Kara and Mon-El leaves, he hugs Jack in order to swipe his keycard, so Kara and he can snoop Jack's personal computer in Spheerical.

Kara and Mon-El break in to Spheerical offices and access Jack's computer. As they search the "Human Trials"-folder, it's empty. Mon-El opens another folder that has a video file. As they play it, it shows that Jack injected the Biomax nanobots into himself, turning him into a nanoswarm cyborg. This proves that Spheerical never performed any human trials, and that's why Joe and Derrick were killed. Kara and Mon-El copy the video. At the same time Lena and Jack kiss, and Jack then leaves and returns to his office as a nanoswarm. Kara and Mon-El escape just in time.

The next day Kara visits Lena and tells him that Jack killed two people and controls the Biomax nanobots. Lena doesn't believe it until Kara shows her the video. Lena wants to meet with him, but Kara urges her to stay away from him, and she agrees. Kara goes to CatCo and delivers her findings to Snapper. Agreeing to look into the matter together, Snapper and Kara combine their findings and their information aligns that Spheerical faked the human trials. Snapper had also found an indication, which points to Beth Green, Spheerical's financial director. Kara goes to investigate.

Against Kara's advice, Lena goes to see Jack. As Lena accuses Jack, Jack claims he doesn't know what she is talking about. This is proven to be true, when Beth arrives and admits that she controls Biomax. It has made Jack compliant as the nanobots inhibit his free will. Lena tries to reach out to Jack to no avail, until Supergirl arrives. She engages Jack while Lena and Beth fight.

"Did I tell you I'm a black belt?"
"Did I tell you I'm a Luthor?"
—Beth Breen vs. Lena Luthor

Lena manages to beat Beth, but Biomax pins Supergirl to a structure and overwhlems her. Lena destroys Beth's control device, which frees Jack from her control. Jack urges Lena to use system override from the mainframe, but Beth says if she does that, Jack will die. Overwhelmed with emotion, Lena initiates system override, which disables the nanobots and kills Jack. Beth is arrested and Lena grieves over Jack.

The next day Kara comes to comfort Lena about Jack's death and promises her that she will never leave her. Kara then goes to CatCo and just as Snapper calls out to Eve about her snack, Kara arrives with her own take on it. Snapper then shows Kara the article about Spheerical, and asks Kara to look at the headline; the article is published with both Snapper's and Kara's names. Kara then admits that Snapper taught her, that in the end it's not the reporter that matters, but the truth. And she has been seeking truth so badly, that she overstepped her authority and broke the rules. Snapper then tells Kara that he is impressed about how Kara kept searching for the truth despite her source getting killed in front her eyes, and that they need more reporters like her, thus giving Kara her job back.

At L-corp, Lena receives a visitor, who turns out to be Queen Rhea. She claims she has a business proposition for her.




  • This is the first episode of the series to not feature Floriana Lima (Maggie Sawyer) after signing on as a series regular.
  • Jack Spheer's pet name and password is "starling". This is possibly a reference to Starling City, the initial name of the home of Green Arrow in Arrow, due to Jack's connections with Green Arrow in the comics.
    • It's also a reference to the bird Starling, which Jack said inspired him to use murmuration (collective behavior) when completing the nanobot swarm.
  • The latest version of Biomax that Jack tested on himself is "version 38". This is a reference to Earth-38, the earth where Supergirl takes place in.
  • In one scene, Mon-El is reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.


  • Supergirl should not have been pinned down so easily by Biomax since the nanobots were made from Earth's technology and Kara is much stronger than any Earth metal.
  • Lena mentions that she and Lillian were present when Lex was arrested. However, in a flashback from Season 4's "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" it was revealed that only Lena was present when Lex was arrested.
    • However, since Lena was being held captive in a room, it's possible Lillian was elsewhere at Luthor Corp.