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"Nice shooting."
"Eh, Ace of Winchester. Never misses. Forged by a mystic in the Old West.
John Constantine and Papa Midnite[src]

The Ace of Winchester is a Winchester Model 1873 rifle in the possession of Papa Midnite.


The rifle was said to have been made by a mystic in the Old West.[1]

Much later, Papa Midnite came into possession of the gun. He used it to storm the Scott University Tiger Radio station[1] and to shoot John Constantine when a bounty was placed on his head. This was a con, however, as Constantine reanimated a corpse in his image to fool Midnite, and then sneak-attacked him from behind and took the rifle.[2]



Behind the scenes[]

  • In the Hellblazer comics, the Ace of Winchesters is a gun which has the power to kill demons.