"Captain, I've just intercepted a deep space transmission. It's a distress signal from the Acheron. She's the..."
"Flagship of the time fleet."
Gideon and Rip Hunter discuss the Acheron[src]

The Acheron is a timeship used by Captain Eve Baxter of the Time Masters. The ship's functions are operated by the artificial intelligence system "Gilbert", similar to the Waverider's Gideon.


Captain Eve Baxter was en route to the Vanishing Point with time pirate Captain Jon Valor and his crew in custody. However, Valor and the crew escaped. Before they could take full control of the Acheron, Eve destroyed the time drive in accordance with Time Master protocol, before being thrown in the brig.[1]

Jon Valor captures Rip's team on board the Acheron

The pirates then sent out a distress signal in order to lure other time masters. The Waverider detected and answered the distress call in order to retrieve the Acheron's updated timeline information. Captain Rip Hunter led an away team with Jefferson Jackson, Martin Stein, and Mick Rory to investigate the Acheron, only for him, Jax, and Mick to be captured as well. Valor contacted acting Waverider captain Ray Palmer and demanded he surrender the ship or he would shoot Rip. However, Rip used keywords to activate the Waverider's defenses to fire upon the Acheron. Jon Valor and Ray Palmer then fought each other in space combat. Martin, who stayed behind on the jump ship, snuck aboard and disabled the Acheron's weapon systems. After the Waverider camouflaged itself, Valor stuck Jax, Mick, and Rip into the brig with Eve Baxter. Stein then freed Rip, Eve, and Jax and they used the Acheron's airlocks to suck the pirates out into space and later apprehended Valor. After the fight, the Acheron was returned to Eve's command and she gave its current timeline data to Rip.[1]


The Acheron is powered by a time drive, and presumably has an ionic propulsion system similar to the Waverider. It also has specific compartments for its crew however only 3 compartments have been seen. The Acheron is equipped with advanced Time Masters technology other than the A.I. named Gilbert.


  • Bridge: The bridge is located at the front of the ship, it has several metal railings going down the steps, the bridge has a HUD display viewport at the front and panels on the walls which displays information on targets, system info, etc. It also has a central electronic console where the captain pilots the ship from as well as displays information.
  • Pirate brig: This room is where all apprehended time pirates are contained while on route to stand trial in the Vanishing Point contained by a blue energy Forcefields.
  • Engine room: The engine room is where the Acheron's engines and time drive are kept. The room has two large spherical/cylindrical orbs that fill much of the center of the room.

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