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"Acolyte" is the third chapter of the comic book series Arrow: Season 2.5, the third chapter in the Blood arc, and contains the first chapter in the Suicide Squad: Crisis in Kahndaq arc. It was released digitally on September 29, 2014. It was released in a printed collection on October 8, 2014.


As Laurel visits her father in the hospital, Oliver, still injured from his previous battle, must respond to a dangerous hostage situation! Plus: The identity of "Brother Blood" is revealed![1]


Diggle entered Blüdhaven in a van, and entered a warehouse. He was patted down by a number of security guards, before meeting their employer, Lodai. Diggle insisted that they were too paranoid, but Lodai claimed that that specifically was why they were in his employment. Diggle swapped Lodai a box of arrows for an envelope of money. Lodai was annoyed at how little money there was, but Diggle promised to pay more the following month, a claim that he'd heard before. Before he left, Diggle also requested that Lodai make a suit, similar to Oliver's, though with a number of alterations. Lodai guaranteed that he could make it, in fact he could make anything.

Back at the lair, Oliver watched over Roy's beaten body from the fall from an aeroplane. He noted that his condition had stabilized, though Felicity expressed that it was "still pretty darn bad". Oliver promised to take Roy to Starling General if his condition worsened. Dig contacted them, assuring them that Lodai hadn't given him much trouble, only having complained about the lack of money, which wouldn't have been a problem were Oliver still a billionaire. As they talked to Diggle, Felicity noticed a situation at Winick Tower on her computer. Despite having a dislocated shoulder, Oliver suited up and made his way there.

On top of the tower, a man held a woman at gunpoint, claiming that he was a prophet of sorts, there to weed out sinners. The Arrow arrived, and the man remarked that no mask could hide Oliver's sins. He began shooting at The Arrow, but before he could do much damage The Arrow threw various small arrows at him, wounding him. Before he could shoot at him again, The Arrow kicked him in the face, knocking him down. The man went on to tell Oliver that although he had been defeated, a man in a skull mask would follow him. The Arrow mentioned that the man, Sebastian Blood, was dead, though the man claimed that Brother Blood was immortal, a god.

Elsewhere, a man in a skull mask, Brother Blood, watched the other man's arrest on television. He questioned his subordinate, Abel, as to why he'd been let out when he had specifically ordered everyone to stay. Abel explained that he'd been rambling about showing his devotion, and Brother Blood simply despised Abel for having even initiated someone with prior history of mental infirmity. Abel apologised, asking for mercy from Brother Blood, though Blood asked for him to rather call him by his given name: Clinton Hogue.

Suicide Squad: Crisis in Kahndaq

Several trucks sped up to a school in Kahndaq, Africa. Inside, the teacher asked a student, Kamilah, to read off of the board. Before she could finish, the teacher was shot by the masked men who had come in the trucks. The men reassured the girls via megaphone that they were safe and that they would be shown the correct way, as opposed to the alleged heresy they'd previously learnt.

Back at the A.R.G.U.S. headquarters, a man informed Amanda Waller of the situation in Kahndaq, while she watched a number of the captured female students on a screen, with bags over their heads.