Adam (died November 2018), designated as Subject 0331 by Lena Luthor, was a resident of National City and the first human test subject for Lena's experiments with the Harun-El.


Early life

Adam was sick. So, his brother donated a kidney to him, but died on the operating table. This led Adam on the path to signing up for Lena Luthor's experiment.[1]

Experiment and Death

In November 2018, Adam went to Lena's laboratory and allowed her to use Harun-El to treat his condition. After the experiment, he began displaying superhuman powers, but after three minutes and fourteen seconds of this, he subsequently died.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Harun-El mutation: After being injected with liquified Harun-El during Lena Luthor's experiments with the rock, Adam began displaying unspecified superhuman powers. However, after three minutes, he subsequently died.[1]



Season 4


  • Adam was 5'9" tall.[1]


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