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"Sure. I'll kill anyone if the price is right. But I take half of the money I make and I give it back to the Rez. To build something good. Something we never got."
—Adam Creyke[src]

Warrant Officer[1] Adam Creyke, formerly referred to by the callsign "Rasputin",[1] is a former soldier for the United States Army and childhood friend of Kristen Kramer.


Early life

At some point, Adam met Kristen Kramer, growing up together as two Native American kids who weren't too popular in their community. They were each others' support systems.[2]

Betraying the army

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While both in the United States Army, Adam sold out Kristen's unit. He didn't want her to get hurt, so he tried to convince her not to go on the mission the night before, but this caused the two to get into an argument. The day after, the unit was ambushed, resulting in the deaths of twelve soldiers.

Sometime later, Adam went missing, being gone for about six years.[2]

Adam believed Kristen to have died, unaware that she was a meta who copied his powers and survived.

Adam continued being a merc, sending half of his pay to the reservation every time.[3]

Hunting Kristen Kramer

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Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: At some point before selling out Kristen's unit, Adam became a meta-human through unknown means.
    • Regeneration: According to Adam, he is unable to be killed. He was able to survive the explosion at Fort Dakota that resulted in the deaths of 12 soldiers.[3] Kristen Kramer described his ability as "immortal healing powers" which suggests that his power is to regenerate after being injured.[4]


The Flash

Season 7

Behind the scenes

  • While Adam Creyke has no comic counterpart, he has similarities to the Native American bounty hunter Tracker from the DC Comics storyline Batman: Contagion. Unlike Tracker however, Creyke is a meta-human with accelerated healing.