"Adam Hunt - his crimes go deeper than fraud and theft, but he's been able to bully, bribe, or kill anyone who's gotten into his way. He hasn't met me yet."
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Adam Hunt (died December 9, 2012) was the corrupt CEO of Hunt Multinational. His name is on "The List".


Adam Hunt murder board

Detail of allegations against Adam Hunt.

Adam Hunt was a corrupt businessman involved in shady dealings. His crimes included swindling many individuals out of their homes and savings through his company, Hunt Multinational. As a result, a class-action suit was filed against him by CNRI in October 2012, headed by Laurel Lance. Trying to get the charges dropped, Adam had his lawyers arrange for Judge Grell, whose reelection campaign received large donations from the former, to be the judge of the case.

While walking to his limo with several of his security guards, Adam told one of them to remind Judge Grell that he put him on the bench, and that he could as easily take him off, making him a cautionary tale. Adam then asked him about Laurel, who he had been told wouldn't be a problem, as he had told his aid to fix the situation, following by asking the employee why was he still there, as the situation hadn't been taken care of. Continuing to his car, Adam and his two guards were surprised when the lights were taken out, followed by one of his guards being shot in the abdomen with an arrow.[1]

Being rushed into the limo by his remaining guard, Hunt was later pulled out of the vehicle through the window by a hooded vigilante with a bow. Frantically asking what the man wanted, Adam was told by the Vigilante to transfer forty-million dollars into Starling city bank account, 1141. When Adam asked what would happen if he didn't, the Vigilante told him that if he didn't, he'd take it, and Adam wouldn't like how. When the Vigilante began to walk away, Adam told him that if he saw him again, he was dead. The Vigilante them turned and shot an arrow at which skimmed his ear.[1]

Later in his office, Hunt reported what had happened to detectives Quentin Lance and Lucas Hilton, demanding that the two be back at his office at 10, and coordinate with his new head of security Constantine Drakon, as that was when the Vigilante had told him he'd be back. While his security was prepping for the vigilante's return in his office, Adam asked Constantine what was going on outside, to which he told by his head of security that there was a party going on across the street for Oliver Queen, who had been recently rescued from an island. Adam later watched as the Vigilante took out several of his men after arriving because Adam hadn't transferred the money. He then alerted the police that the Vigilante was there, after the latter was distracted by Constantine, who engaged him in combat. He became enraged later, after being told that forty million dollars had vanished from his bank account, soon after asking himself how had the Vigilante done it.[1]

When Adam was making calls, hoping to get a business going again, he was killed by the Dark Archer.[2]



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