"Adam Hunt—his crimes go deeper than fraud and theft, but he's been able to bully, bribe, or kill anyone who's gotten into his way. He hasn't met me yet."
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Adam Hunt (died December 9, 2012) was the corrupt CEO of Hunt Multinational. His name is on "The List". Adam was killed by the Dark Archer to tie up loose ends for the Undertaking.


Original multiverse

Illegal business

Detail of allegations against Adam Hunt.

Adam Hunt was a corrupt land baron involved in shady dealings. His crimes included swindling hundreds of individuals out of their homes and life savings through his company, Hunt Multinational. As a result, CNRI filed a class-action suit against Adam in late 2012, headed by Laurel Lance. Following his indictment, Adam tried to get the charges dropped by having his lawyers arrange for Judge Grell, whose reelection campaign received large donations from the former, to be the presiding judge at the trial.[1]

Encounter with the vigilante

While walking to his limousine with several of his security guards, Adam ordered one of them to warn Judge Grell that he can turn the latter into "a cautionary tale" if the allegations against him weren't taken care of. Adam also reminded the guard to "fix" the situation with Laurel. After the man left, the group was attacked by arrows, killing one of the guards. Adam was rushed into the limo by his remaining guard, who was also killed. Adam was then pulled out of the vehicle through the window by a hooded vigilante wielding a bow and arrows. The vigilante demanded that Adam transfer $40 million into the Starling City bank account 1141 by 10:00 pm tomorrow night, warning that the former would take it himself if he didn't comply. When the vigilante began to leave, Adam threatened to kill him if he turned up again. In response, the vigilante shot an arrow through Adam's limousine window before vanishing from sight.

The next morning in his office, Adam reported what had happened to Detectives Quentin Lance and Lucas Hilton. The two expressed skepticism of "Robin Hood"'s attack, to which an annoyed Adam stated that the vigilante put two of his men in the hospital. He revealed the vigilante would be back by 10 and demanded the detectives arrive beforehand to coordinate with his new head of security, Drakon.

While his security was prepping for the vigilante's return in his office, Adam noticed a party across the street. Constantine explained it was for Oliver Queen, who was recently rescued from an island.

Once the deadline passed, Constantine assured Adam that no one could enter the building. Just then, the vigilante burst inside and eventually arrived in the CEO's office, where Adam watched as several of his men were taken out. The vigilante confronted Adam about not agreeing to his demands and shot an arrow behind the latter before being interrupted by Constantine, who engaged him in combat. Adam then fled and alerted the police that the vigilante had arrived.

The next day, Adam was furious upon discovering that $40 million had untraceably vanished from his company's bank account and demanded someone on the phone to find the money. After hanging up, Adam wondered how the vigilante did it.[1]

Following this, Adam went bankrupt and lost Hunt Multinational.[2]


A couple months later in December, Adam was making calls, hoping to get a business going again. Suddenly, the Dark Archer broke into his home. Mistaking the figure for the Hood, Adam angrily asked if the vigilante had come back for "another pound of flesh". Suddenly, the Dark Archer shot three arrows into Adam's chest, killing him. Adam's daughter found his body the next day.[2]

New multiverse

Adam's name appeared crossed off on The List.[3]


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  • Hunt is very similar to Martin Somers from the DC comics universe; both were bald CEOs of corrupt companies who hired Constantine Drakon as their hitmen. Also, both were finally killed by a masked vigilante (though in the comics it was eventually revealed Deathstroke was responsible) despite this, the Arrowverse version of Martin Somers was introduced in the very next episode of the season.
  • Adam Hunt's name was an anagram of Prometheus' victims.[4]
  • Adam is the first antagonist of the Arrowverse.


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