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Professor Adam Macalester[1] is a professor at Detroit University who is an expert in ancient artifacts.


Original timeline[]

After she experienced strange phenomena with her necklace, Mari McCabe sought out Professor Adam Macalester at Detroit University for knowledge on the totem. Amazed at the artifact, Macalester believed the necklace to be the Anansi Totem, indigenous to the M'Changa Province of Africa, and described its mythical origins and powers. After Mari left, Macalester contacted Kuasa, informing her that Mari had come by and Kuasa could meet her anytime. In return, Kuasa confirmed the money for his upcoming archeological expedition and seemingly assured Macalester that Mari wouldn't be harmed.[2]

Mari McCabe visits Adam Macalester

Mari McCabe visits Adam Macalester

Later that night, Macalester was preparing to leave when Mari burst into his office, asking for help. Mari explained she may be in danger and used the Anansi Totem to camouflage into the surroundings, much to Macalester's shock. When Mari requested he help her understand the totem's powers, Kuasa and two men arrived, looking personally to take the Anansi Totem.[3] When Mari couldn't take the totem off, Macalester realized it had bonded with her. Kuasa's men tried to kill Mari, but she fled from the university.[4]

Mari contacted Macalester to attempt to identify an idol owned by Damien Darhk. Based on the sketches Mari sent him, Macalester identified the artifact as a Khushu Idol.[5]

At some point he started dating Mari.[6] In 2018 he encountered Damien Darhk, who stole the Fire Totem without harming him.

Current timeline[]

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Season 4[]

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  • Adam has three PhDs.[2]