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Adeline Wilson (née Kane) is the estranged wife of Slade Wilson and the mother of Joe Wilson and Grant Wilson.


Adeline married ASIS agent Slade Wilson, with whom she had a son, Joe.[1]

At some point during Joe's childhood, Adeline gave birth to a second son, Grant. However, the boy's existence was kept secret from Slade, as she didn't want him to be a part of the murderous secret agent world.[2]

In 2006, Slade went missing while on a mission to Lian Yu. Four years later though, he returned home, reuniting with Adeline and Joe.

However, in late 2012, Slade succumbed to the Mirakuru and became a disturbed mercenary known as "Deathstroke". Adeline went into hiding to protect herself and Joe. She had Joe take up the alias "Kane Wolfman" in order to prevent his father from finding him.[3][4]

Five years later in late 2017, Adeline was contacted by Joe who told her Slade was looking for him. Adeline then contacted Slade and ordered him to stay away from her and their son.[4]



Season 6


Behind the scenes

  • Adeline Kane Wilson first appeared in the DC comic series Teen Titans (Tales of the Teen Titans #42), as a spoiled socialite who, after a traumatic first marriage at nineteen, joined the U.S. military, where she met, trained, and married Slade Wilson with whom she had three children: Grant, Joseph, and Rose.
  • In the DC comics, Adeline Wilson briefly used the mantle of the crimefighter Vigilante.
  • In the novel Arrow: Vengeance, Adeline was inadvertently killed by her husband when ASIS agents tried to arrest Slade at his home. However, in "Deathstroke Returns", Slade mentioned to have contacted Adeline recently, meaning she is still alive.