"Not to complain. I just thought that the afterlife would look a little less like your old office."
Felicity Smoak to Oliver Queen[src]

The afterlife is a realm where souls reside after their death.


In 2020, Oliver Queen sacrificed himself in order to save the multiverse.[1] After his death, he was sent to the afterlife.[2]

Novu transports Felicity to Oliver

Novu sends Felicity to the Afterlife.

In 2040, Felicity Smoak made a deal with The Monitor and decided to go to the afterlife in order to reunite with Oliver, [3] after her children grew up. [2]

Known inhabitants

Known visitors



Season 7

Season 8


  • According to The Monitor, there is no going back after getting into the afterlife.
  • It is unknown if the afterlife is simply an alternate version of heaven.


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