"Not to complain. I just thought that the afterlife would look a little less like your old office."
Felicity Smoak to Oliver Queen[src]

The afterlife is a pocket dimension, also described as a paradise dimension[1]. Oliver and Felicity are reunited there in the afterlife in 2040, after the Monitor takes her there.


Original multiverse

Novu sends Felicity to the Afterlife.

In 2040, Felicity Smoak made a deal with the Monitor and decided to go to the afterlife in order to reunite with Oliver. [2] Notably, she doesn't seem to 'die' as her body is not left behind in Earth-Prime, but rather she steps through a portal with Mar Novu.

New multiverse

In 2020, Oliver Queen sacrificed himself in order to save the multiverse.[3] After his death as a human, he became a Spectre[4], a cosmic being with extraordinary powers, which he used to create the new multiverse. After his death, he waits in the Paradise Dimension for Felicity.[5] Oliver mentions that he fashioned the Paradise Dimension to reflect where he first saw her, Which is Queen Consolidated indicating Oliver is able to maintain his own memories, unlike his residence in Purgatory.[6]

Known inhabitants

Known visitors



Season 7

Season 8


Season 2


  • According to Mar Novu; there is no going back after getting into the afterlife.

Behind the scenes

  • According to the belief of some religions, the afterlife is an existence that the essential part of an individual's identity or their stream of consciousness continues to have after the death of their physical body.


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