Aglin is the former leader of The Hoods. Seeking revenge for his wife's death in the Undertaking, he soon formed the Hoods, a group of vigilantes drawing inspiration from the Hood. Aglin and the rest of the Hoods were eventually taken down by the Arrow and arrested.


After the Undertaking, Aglin and the other members of The Hoods copied Oliver's tactic into scaring one percenters to stop taking advantage of people but they were much more violent. They eventually killed the current mayor, which was a ploy for Sebastian Blood to run for the now vacant mayor spot.[1]


It is unknown what he was like before the Undertaking, but after the death of his wife, Aglin became angry, vengeful and unstable as he was ruthless in killing people he saw as responsible for the quake, such as Oliver Queen who had nothing to do with the Undertaking, and he tries to justify his ruthlessness as acts of justice.

These negative traits of his are what eventually led to Aglin's deserved/justified incarceration.


  • The Hoods suit: Aglin wears a protective suit, used by the members of The Hoods, to hide her identity from his victims. It is unknown what materials it is made out of.



Season 2


  • Aglin claims that he was inspired by Oliver Queen (under the persona of the Arrow) and that they are the same. However, they are quite different; as Oliver only kills his enemies in self-defense or to save the lives of innocent people, but tries his best to avoid it, he never acts as judge, jury and executioner, he also willingly gives his enemies a second chance to atone for their wrong deeds.
    • Furthermore, Oliver never kills innocent people in his quest for justice.
    • Oliver eventually began letting go of his past and working to become a better hero, Aglin ultimately became a criminal in his refusal to move on from his grief.


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