The Ahk-Ton Desert is a desert located in Kahndaq.


The extremist sect Onslaught used the Amon-Shu Caves,[1] located in the desert, to hold some schoolgirls they'd kidnapped. From the cave, Khem-Adam made an announcement via broadcast as to his motives.[2][3] One day, a military general working under Khem-Adam came to claim his promised wife, taking Mesi Natifah.[4] However, after almost being sexually assaulted, Mesi was able to escape and was found by The Canary and Nyssa al Ghul.[5] As Onslaught began to make sacrifices to the old gods, the Suicide Squad intervened. There was a number of casualties, but the group was disbanded and Khem-Adam was taken by The Canary and Nyssa to Nanda Parbat.[1]



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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics, Ahk-Ton was an priest during Ancient Egypt, and an enemy of the time-traveling Outsiders, who was gifted the Orb of Ra, leading to him ruling the country and ravaging Kahndaq before killing Teth-Adam's family.


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