The Air Totem is a mystical object that allows the user to harness the power of air.


It is heirloom among the Tarazi family. It was owned by a Tarazi ancestor. At present times, it was owned by Behrad Tarazi until his death, after which his sister Zari took it for safekeeping.[1][2]

Powers and abilities


  • Aerokinesis: The totem allows the user to harness and manipulate the power of air. The manipulation is

    Behrad catching bullets midair.

    also strong enough to stop bullets.
    • Air blasts: The totem user to channel air from their hands for offensive or defensive purposes.
  • Totem connection: The totem connects to other totems when in their presence or from afar and can also let the other users know if a totem bearer has died.
  • Spirit/Consciousness containment: The Air Totem, according to Behrad can contain the spirit/consciousness of a previous totem bearer if their descendants are the ones who currently wield it. When Zari Tarazi used a method devised by Behrad to use the totem and converse with their ancestors, Zari instead met the consciousness of her original timeline counterpart, proving that if a totem bearer's personal timeline is compromised to the point where they would never have become a totem bearer in the first place, the version of said totem bearer is preserved within the totem itself.


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