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"It's a safe haven. Place for off-world'ers to hang out, have a drink. Not feel so alone for a minute."
Maggie Sawyer[src]

Al's Dive Bar[1] was an underground bar for aliens in National City. Like the rest of Earth-38, it was destroyed during the Anti-Monitor Crisis, however a version of it was created on Earth-Prime.


While looking for leads on where to find the alien that attacked the president, Maggie Sawyer brought Alex Danvers to Al's Dive Bar. When she knocked on the door, she gave the password, "Dollywood". Maggie then showed Alex that virtually everyone in the bar was an alien, and are just looking for a safe place to hang out. Together, they interrogated an alien before Alex left. That night, J'onn J'onzz visited the bar in his true form and met M'gann M'orzz a bartender there. She was originally taken aback by his real form and revealed outside that she was a Green Martian as well.[2]

J'onn visited M'gann at the bar, as she was working that day, and greeted her in Martian. They bonded over their mutual feeling of being alone. He asked about how she escaped Mars, and she told him about what had happened to her over three-hundred years ago. He offered to share minds, but she deflected and went back to work. The next morning at the bar, M'gann was taking out the trash where she encountered J'onn and allowed Roulette and her men to kidnap him.[3]

Mon-El and Kara Danvers hung out at the bar together, and M'gann delivered them both alien drinks. She informed them that the drinks were potent to humans, but a nice refresher for the two of them. She then told them that another alien, Giggles, had ordered the drinks for them. Kara remarked that it was the fourth round of drinks a girl had sent over to them. M'gann and J'onn then talked a bit over at the bar, where they agreed on their happiness of discovering the place. Back at the booth, Kara and Mon-El discussed Mon-El getting a human-job, and he informed her that he found a job doing various things. She asked him to let her train him, and he wasn't thrilled with the idea, but agreed to let him if she drank the alien drink. She downed it, and instantly became drunk, and agreed to let Alex take her home. Alex then talked to Maggie about her recent realization of her being gay and agreed to come out to her family. Later that day, Alex went to the bar to find M'gann and ask for her help, and she agreed. Alex then confronted Mon-El, who was drinking alone at the bar, upset about his recent fight with Kara. That night, Alex told Maggie that she came out to Kara, and Maggie planned to buy them drinks all night to celebrate. Excited and happy, Alex kissed Maggie. However, Maggie told her that they were at different places, and Alex understood and tearfully left the bar.[4]

Winn introduced James to the alien bar, and he commented that the place was exotic. Winn remarked that for a place that catered to aliens, they serve really good chicken wings along with other foods. The group discussed the new vigilante, Guardian, and started drinking beers when Maggie interrupted. Alex introduced Maggie to everyone, including Kara, and Maggie asked to talk to Alex alone. Alex agreed, and the two talked about their kiss, and Alex lied and said that she understood. The pair agreed to be friends.[5]

The real Hank Henshaw arrived and sat at the bar. Mon-El talked to a female alien, and declined her romantic advantages, and noticed Hank. He mistook him for J'onn J'onzz, the alien impersonating him, and followed him outside. He was unaware that Hank had placed a bomb under the bar, and confronted him outside where they engaged in a fight. Inside, the bomb starting to release a toxic gas that started to kill the aliens in the bar, and chased the humans out. Mon-El found out that the aliens inside were all dead, and went inside and found that everyone was, indeed, dead.[6]

James, Kara, J'onn, and Winn met up at the bar to meet Alex's new "boyfriend". Alex arrived moments later and introduced Maggie Sawyer, her new girlfriend, to the group. All of which were slightly surprised, but very happy for her. Winn asked J'onn if he knew, and he responded that he did because he's psychic, but was happy for Alex and knew she had to be the one to say it, not him. Mon-El arrived with the groups' order and celebrated the new relationship by getting them drinks. Maggie challenged Winn to a game of pool, and they played while J'onn and Alex watched. Kara and James also watched the news story on Lillian Luthor's sentencing that day and discussed Lena's involvement.[7]

Winn was drinking at the bar as he had no one to spend Valentine's Day with, when he was suddenly interrupted by two aliens. The aliens started harassing him about the type of drink he was ordering, and how it was meant for "weak-minded individuals". Winn offered to buy the two a drink, but the alien grabbed Winn by the throat and hissed in his face. Lyra, who witnessed the whole thing, yelled at the aliens to put Winn down - something they did rather roughly. Lyra then started fighting the two aliens and won. She then expressed her hatred for bullies to Winn, who agreed and thanked her gratefully. The two introduced themselves and started talking about Lyra's home planet. Lyra asked him out, and Winn agreed to go out with her for dinner. That night, he was running late and met-up with her at the bar, and apologized for being late and explained his reasons, before the two kissed and hooked-up.[8]

Lyra was teaching Winn to play darts and the two were enjoying a date when Mon-El entered the bar. Lyra greeted Mon-El briefly before she headed to the bar to get more drinks. In the meantime, Winn and Mon-El talked about dating and how to be a good partner, with Winn leading him some advice on his relationship with Kara. However, Winn had to leave when he received a notification about Project Cadmus, as he had managed to track the group down.[9]

Kara and Winn were visiting the bar when they were spotted by Imra Ardeen and Mon-El, who were eating ribs. Kara and Winn joined them, and Imra expressed her love for the ribs she was eating to the pair. Winn asked her if she had tired beer yet, and the two went up to the bar to order some. In the meantime, Kara and Mon-El reminisced about the times they had in the bar before she had to leave.[10]

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