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"I never knew it was Halloween."
—Al Capone to the Reverse-Flash[src]

Al Capone is a crime boss operating in Chicago in 1927. He led a criminal empire that was hunted down by the Prohibition agent Eliot Ness and would be taken down by tax evasions in 1931.[1]


Original multiverse[]

Al Capone was confronted by the Legion of Doom who wanted to help with his criminal empire and they were successful at persuading him but in reality, they wanted to lure the Legends into a trap. Corrupt police officers brought law enforcement agent Eliot Ness to him. Capone pushed him into the water though Ness was saved by the Legends while Capone escaped. Later after Legion of Doom member Reverse-Flash captured Legends' member Martin Stein, Capone's men brought Stein to him. As he prepared to push Stein into the water, Capone and his men were taken out by Legends' member Sara Lance.[1]

New multiverse[]

Capone has an antagonistic relationship with J. Edgar Hoover, the Director of the Bureau of Investigation.

In 1925, Capone ordered several hitmen to kill Hoover while he was on a train en route from Texas to New York City. His men were foiled in their assignment by the Legends and a robot duplicate of Hoover.[2]



Season 3[]

DC's Legends of Tomorrow[]

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  • Al Capone hates the nickname "Scarface".
  • His employees are known to call him "Snorky".

Behind the scenes[]

  • Al Capone, sometimes nicknamed "Scarface" after he got into a fight, was a real person, an American gangster. He became famous during the Prohibition era as the co-founder and boss of the Chicago Outfit.
  • When Nate meets Cole Bennett, he introduces himself as Elliot Ness and Ray as "Bob De Niro". This is a reference to the actor, Robert De Niro, who played Al Capone in The Untouchables.
  • In the DC comics and media adapted from it, there are several fictionalized versions of Al Capone.