"We've seen how you run your empire, and we're impressed, but there's room for improvement."
Damien Darhk to Al Capone[src]

The gangster Al Capone created a criminal empire in Chicago, United States. In 1927 it was infiltrated by the Legion of Doom, with the time traveling speedster Eobard Thawne de facto taking over the organization after intimidating Capone by slaying his men.[1]


At some point prior to 1927, Al Capone created a massive criminal empire based in the city of Chicago, United States, having the Chicago Police Department on his payroll and slaying all the rival thieves and good cops. Capone's gangsters were hunted by the Prohibition agency, for their egregious spread of booze and prostitution in Chicago. After recruiting Malcolm Merlyn, Eobard Thawne's team traveled through time to Chicago in 1927. The trio offered their services to Al Capone, but the gangster was not impressed and tried to have his goons kill the time travelers. After Eobard Thawne momentarily disposed of Capone's thugs, the crime boss listened. The time travelers suggested Al Capone to dispose of Eliot Ness, although in reality it was but bait for the villains to lure out the Legends into placing the Waverider in 1927. Eobard Thawne later kidnapped Sara Lance and Martin Stein, whom he tortured with the help of Capone's goons. The goons were then led by Malcolm Merlyn in his attack on the Waverider, which ended with Sara Lance's agreement to give the Askaran Amulet to Eobard Thawne. As the time travelers prepared to leave 1927, it's presumed that Al Capone's gang was taken down by Eliot Ness, who was given documents on Capone's tax evasion by Ray Palmer and Nate Heywood.[1]

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  • Historically, Al Capone was indeed a leader of massive criminal enterprises that were fought in Chicago by the prohibition agency.


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