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For eponymous character, see Oliver Queen.
"There's only one thing left of him now - us."
Team Arrow promises to remember Oliver Queen for who he was

"Al Sah-him" is the twenty-first episode of the third season of Arrow, and the sixty-seventh episode overall. It aired on April 29, 2015.



Three weeks have passed and Oliver learns that Dig has shown up. He tells Oliver that he has been there this entire time. Dig tries to talk to him but Oliver has been brainwashed into being Al Sah-him. He then stabs Dig, revealing that it wasn't Dig but someone else.

In the past, the radio announces a state of emergency in Hong Kong. Oliver, Maseo, and Tatsu are trying to contact Akio.

Ra's takes Oliver to a gravesite and tells him about Damien Darhk before telling him that he must kill someone without mercy who is a threat to his rein.

In Starling, Canary is going after a criminal when Nyssa shows up to show that it was a training. Laurel says she's hungry so they go to a diner where they order milkshakes and burgers. Nyssa thanks Laurel for showing her kindness. Laurel then tells her that Oliver is in Nanda Parbat, something that upsets Nyssa. She then leaves.

Felicity and Thea are over at the Diggle home for dinner. They talk about Dig needing to hide his identity. Dig asks Thea how she is feeling about Oliver being gone. Thea mentions not being able to leave the loft so she was happy to be there. Felicity says not to blame herself.

In the past, Oliver, Tatsu and Maseo find out that people trying to get the cure were getting infected by the US army. Oliver breaks it up by using guns. Tatsu uses a sword to save the day.

Laurel approaches Nyssa and apologizes to her for not telling her. Nyssa tells her that she has greater concerns and Laurel says that friends don't leave. Nyssa says that men would go after her with many men. Laurel and Nyssa approach Dig and Felicity at Palmer Technologies and told them what she knew. Nyssa then decides to leave to face Oliver. Felicity doesn't believe anything that is told so Laurel yells at her for it. Laurel put a tracker on Nyssa.

In the past, Oliver and co blow up the virus in the truck. Tatsu says they have to get back to her son so they rush off.

Felicity is watching the tracker as Dig and Laurel went after Nyssa. Dig doesn't believe what Nyssa had said.

Thea walks into Palmer Tech approaching Felicity. She brings up helping out on the vigilante front. Felicity says that it is possible that Oliver is back with the league in town. Felicity said that they are handling it but Thea wants to get through to her brother.

Nyssa is standing on the rooftop where Sara was murdered. Oliver shows up and Nyssa asked him questions but he doesn't answer. It results in them fighting together on that roof. He soon has a kill shot when Laurel and Dig show up. Laurel uses the canary cry that Cisco made for her. When Dig says he can't let him hurt Nyssa, Oliver rushes off. Nyssa yells at Laurel as a result.

Dig talks to Felicity and they are upset with what had happened. Dig hugs Felicity.

Oliver returns to meet up with Maseo and the league. Maseo asks questions.

Thea calls Malcolm and they meet up. She wants to know information about Oliver. Malcolm however refuses to tell her a way to meet up with Oliver at first.

Felicity is invited to Dig's home and they find something wrong. Baby Sara is crying and Dig picks her up. Oliver had kidnapped Lyla as a way to get them to bring Nyssa to the league.

Dig and Felicity go to talk to Nyssa and Laurel about what happened. Nyssa apologizes for it and they all argue about how to go about doing it.

In the past, Tatsu returns to their son and he is okay. Oliver suggests they get out.

Oliver tells Maseo to search his friends, excluding Felicity when she makes a fuss, before Lyla is brought forward. Felicity spends the time trying to reach Oliver but Nyssa knows that it is no use. She is bound whilst Lyla is let go. Nyssa refuses to kneel when asked. Since Felicity wasn't searched, it allows team Arrow to shoot some of the assassins. Nyssa and Laurel both get knocked down, with Oliver going after Dig. He injures his friend but is stopped from taking a kill shot by Thea dressed up in black. She threatens to shoot him in the eye. He walks off.

Thea, Laurel, Diggle and Felicity head back to the Foundry. Laurel freaks for Nyssa and Felicity is upset due to Oliver being gone now. They vow that Oliver is gone but never forgotten.

Oliver returns with Nyssa to Nanda Parbat. Ra's looks through Nyssa's things for something she had taken from him. Nyssa vows to not being afraid as Oliver is set to kill her. He grabs a sword and is about to hurt her but is stopped. Ra's then mentions making them husband and wife, something she doesn't like.

In the past, the family and Oliver rush out through the chaos. They steal a vehicle but Tatsu notices blood dripping from Akio's mouth.

Felicity approaches Thea and Thea says that they should've let her die. Felicity admits to being in love with Oliver. Felicity says they need to move on and remember the best parts. Felicity then tells Thea that Roy is alive and gives her his location.

Dig looks at the photo of him and Oliver as Laurel tries to eat a french fry that has been dipped in milkshake.

In Nanda Parbat, Ra's tells him that to become demon he would have to destroy his home. Ra's gives him the Alpha-Omega virus to unleash on Starling City.


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  • It is revealed that in order for the "Heir to the Demon" to become the new Ra's al Ghul, two things are required: the individual must kill their rival who considers himself/herself the worthy successor to the current Ra's al Ghul and wipe out their hometown.
  • In this episode, Ra's tells Oliver about Damien Darhk, who would later become the main antagonist of the next season.
  • This is the first episode of the series that Oliver serves as an antagonist and Nyssa serves as the protagonist.
  • Oliver's League name and the episode's title, "Al Sah-him" (الساهم), is Arabic for "The Arrow".
  • This episode's opening monologue starts with "My name was Oliver Queen." instead of the usual "My name is Oliver Queen".
  • Oliver tells Diggle to meet him at a warehouse at Fullerton and Halsted. Fullerton and Halsted is a real intersection in Chicago, Illinois, best known as the location of the former Biograph Theater, where legendary bank robber and gangster John Dillinger was killed.
  • This is the first episode in which the Black Canary uses her Canary Cry.


  • During the scene in which Nyssa informs Team Arrow of Ra's al Ghul's plans to have Oliver hunt her down, David Ramsey mistakenly calls Nyssa "Felicity".
  • When Al Sah-Him caught Nyssa on the rooftop, he held his sword to Nyssa's left side of her neck. However when Nyssa and Laurel are talking in the next scene, the wound is seen on the right side of Nyssa's neck.
  • In the flashbacks, Maseo and Oliver detonate a large amount of explosives in the middle of the Alpha-Omega virus store in the truck. While this would certainly destroy some of the bioweapon, the heat of the explosion may aerosolize at least a portion of it, thus spreading it further. It is unknown if Maseo and Oliver took this into consideration before setting the detonator.


Preparation ran from March 5 until March 13, 2015. Shooting ran from March 16 until March 25, 2015.[1]