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Alan was a high-ranking employee of Upswipz.


Ray Palmer approached Alan with a side project he'd been working on, but Alan wasn't interested. He expressed his belief that their work at Upswipz was changing the future, as he believed apps to be the future.[1]

Damien talks to dead Alan.

Alan was later visited by Ray, Damien Darhk and Nora Darhk. He was mad to see Ray, since he had quit and there were no take backs in Upswipz. Damien then recognized Alan as the up-and-down guy; saying he preferred side to side, Damien magically threw him around a bit, using his Magic powers, while Alan continued to explain that their focus groups found up and down was more intuitive. As they were waiting for Ray, Damien made a profile on the Upswipz app and received feedback from Alan, who was still on the ceiling due to Damiens' powers. Damien mentioned how he wasn't able to make his age go up any higher and asked Alan to change it, to which Alan tells him everyone lies about their ages. After telling a joke, Damien looked at Alan for approval of its funniness, but after seeing his daughters' face, agreed to be more serious, snapping Alan's neck. Damien later talked to Alan's corpse for parenting advice and thanked him for the "good talk".[2]


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