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Alana (born c. 1994/1995)[1] is the former assistant of Lena Luthor at L-Corp and secretly, a member of Project Cadmus. She was fired upon Lena discovering her allegiance to Lillian Luthor.


Presumably at some point after Lena Luthor took over Luthor Corp and renamed it to L-Corp, Alana became her personal assistant while secretly acting as a double agent for Cadmus.

One night, Alana gave Lena the company's annual budget report from last year. Lena voiced her suspicions on L-Corp receiving a shipping bill from a Luthor Corp Naval Solutions facility, which had been shut down in 2007, and requested Alana bring her the tax returns and annual budget reports from the last 10 years. Realizing Lena discovered where Cadmus was hiding the kidnapped aliens, Alana reported this to Lillian Luthor, who requested that she "redirect" Lena, but without harming her.

Alana sent two Cadmus men to attempt to kidnap Lena from L-Corp, but Lena was rescued by Supergirl. Alana was subsequently fired.[1]



Season 2


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