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Alec Tarkov was the CEO of Vortex Industries and a resident of Markovia.


At some point prior to late 2017, Alec became CEO of Vortex Industries. While acting as CEO, he traveled to Star City in the fall of that year as part of a Markovian delegation intent on brokering a trade deal with the city. He and the other members of the delegation were giving a tour with Mayor Oliver Queen of a new factory site to members of the press when the group was attacked by the Bratva. Alec and three Markovians were taken hostage by Anatoly Knyazev and held for a ransom of $20 million. He was taken to a Bratva-owned restaurant and kept in a large freezer with the other hostages until he was later moved to a separate location by Anatoly, who proceeded to infect Alec with tetrodotoxin. When the Green Arrow arrived to rescue Alec, he administered an antidote via arrow by firing it at his shoulder. Though Alec appeared to be recovering from the effects of the toxin, Anatoly killed him by shooting him in the back, as the city had not met his ransom demands.[1]



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