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Aleister Crowley was an influential occultist, mystic, alchemist, writer, poet, painter, mountaineer, and ceremony magician. At some point after his death, John Constantine summoned his soul to Earth and trapped it in a painting which he kept in the attic of his house.


Early life

At some point in his life, Crowley studied human and alien magic, and became an occultist, mystic, alchemist, writer, poet, painter, mountaineer, and ceremony magician. After his death, Crowley's soul went to Hell. Years later, John Constantine summoned Crowley's soul and trapped him on Earth[1] in a painting that Constantine stored in the attic of his house.[2]

Constantine kept one of Aleister's book about alien magic and Gary Green enjoyed reading it, taking it from the bookshelf in the house's library and holding it in his room.[1]

Manipulating Astra Logue

Now living in Constantine's house, Astra Logue was bored and went to the attic of the house and Crowley met Astra and Crowley promised him that he would teach him spells if he helped him get out of the painting to which Astra accepted. Crowley taught Astra new spells and they saw Constantine appear and Constantine got upset with Astra for talking to Crowley and Crowley manipulated Astra to transfer his soul with Constantine's and Astra exchanged the souls of Constantine and Crowley and Crowley took over the body of Constantine and Constantine got caught up in the painting and they locked him in the attic.

Crowley captures the Legends.

Crowley kept teaching Astra the possibilities of using the Permuto and they both dressed in fancy clothes for the occasion and Crowley started teaching Astra more magic. He stopped John and Astra's discussion to speak to Constantine alone. Crowley revealed to John to use Astra's powers to be able to reach the great Fountain of Imperium and obtain the most powerful magic, but Constantine did not believe that this fountain was real, and an angry Crowley took Constantine to the attic so that he would not interfere in his plans.

Crowley about to lose his powers.

After locking up Constantine, Crowley went with Astra to create an amulet that will have all the magic possible and to finish it they should steal a soul and Astra suggested using his racist neighbor Robert Truss. Since Astra still had a good heart she tried to take Truss away, but Crowley interfered and stole Truss's soul disappointed in Astra because he was a good person and Crowley became more powerful thanks to the amulet and no spell could harm him and with his powers changed the reality into an animated reality.

Crowley turns into a giant demon.

Crowley confronted Astra and the Legends, who became objects, but were no match for him and locked up the Legends planning to steal their souls. He was surprised by Astra, who chanted a spell to remove magic created by his mother and Crowley was losing his powers and confronted Astra and even Crowley turned into a giant demon to defeat her, but Crowley got tired and lost his powers returning to painting and everything returning to normality. He was locked by John back in the attic and Crowley still wanted to find the Fountain, but John refused to work with him.[2]

Helping Constantine

Since Crowley was the only person to know about the Fountain, Constantine visited him for help.[3] Crowley told John everything there was to know about the Fountain, and he would have to go a long way if he wanted to regain his magic, and explained to him about the map to get there. After returning to the house, Esperanza Cruz started pestering Crowley until John sent Esperanza upstairs. Noelle then came back and took the painting in exchange for giving Constantine magic potion. After Noelle took the painting containing Crowley away, his current fate is left unknown as she said she was going to trade his soul.[4]

Powers and abilities


  • Magic Crowley was a great sorcerer, able to use human and alien magic.[2]
    • Dark magic: Crowley was known to be highly skilled in the dark arts.[2]
      • Transformation:

        Transformation spell.

        Crowley was able to transform into a giant demon and then return to human form.[2]
      • Transmutation: Crowley was able to change the form of objects and people.[2]
      • Energy projection: Crowley blasted green energy at Astra during their fight.
      • Telekinesis: Crowley magically sent Astra into Constantine’s attic with a snap of his fingers.
      • Conjuration: Crowley was able to conjure magic handcuffs to hold the Legends.[2]
      • Portal creation: Crowley can open portals to teleport from one location to another.
      • Reality warping: Crowley was able to change reality and transform it into an animation.[2]


  • Occult knowledge: Crowley has acquired extensive knowledge of the supernatural. Crowley was a master of the dark arts and well versed in demonology.


  • Lack of physical body: As a disembodied soul, Crowley must possess someone's body in order to walk the Earth.[2]
  • Expulsion spell: Crowley can be dispelled by an expulsion spell.[2]



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Behind the scenes

  • In the real world, Aleister Crowley (12 October 1875 – 1 December 1947) was an English occultist known for founding the Thelema religious movement.