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"Welcome to Helix, Felicity. We’re gonna change the world together."

Alena Whitlock,[1] known online under the alias Kojo Sledgehammer, is a computer hacker and a huge fan of Felicity Smoak, as she was inspired to become a hacktivist by Felicity since the latter's days in college, eventually becoming a member of the group known as Helix.


Early life

After discovering Felicity Smoak's hack of the Department of Education, Alena was inspired to become a hacktivist, going under the alias "Kojo Sledgehammer".[2]

Member of Helix

Alena joined a hacktivist group known as Helix. In late 2016, they hacked ECHELON, the NSA's information-gathering program, drawing from it 8 petabytes of data, referring to it as "Pandora".[2]

Alena meets Cayden.

When Alena joined Helix, she immediately decided to go to Cayden James's desk and learn about the man she admires. He was currently in the process of "buttoning the last button" in his latest hacktivist activities, and as soon as he was done, he greeted the woman, believing that they would be working well together, and left the premises to meet his son. The next day, when Alena noticed that James was about to leave the hideout, she ran to him and informed him that A.R.G.U.S. found out who was behind the recent hacking activities and issued a warrant for his' arrest. James, however, was very anxious to see his son's match and went to the place where he was arrested anyway.[3]

After Alena noticed someone who appeared to be Felicity attempting to hack into the NSA, she contacted her via terminal message, offering her help. The two soon met in real life, Alena excited to meet her idol. She explained Felicity's inspiration to her, before handing her the USB flash drive known as "Pandora", hoping to not only exonerate her friend but to inspire her to return to her hacking roots.[2]

After Felicity used Pandora to uncover incriminating information on General J.G. Walker, Alena urged her to use Pandora's capabilities on a larger scale.[4]

Alena soon met with Felicity, who decided that she wished to join Helix.[5]


Alena brought Felicity into Helix's headquarters, officially admitting her into the organization and showing her the hardware - a huge amount of servers. Alena saw Felicity's amazement and allowed her to use the resources, but expected something in return for helping to track Susan Williams. Specifically, it was about hacking internal security drones, to which Felicity agreed to. After a few hours, Felicity returned with another request - help in locating another friend. Alena agreed, but again in exchange for something.[6]

Alena helped Felicity find the video proving Adrian Chase was Prometheus in exchange for another favor of the girl. She found a suitable video of the serial killer removing his mask, but Chase's face was blurred. Helix quickly realized that this effect was achieved with the appropriate technology that they would have to get to clean up the video. Suddenly, a certain Curtis Holt was admitted, claiming to be Felicity friend, who found the hackers' hideout by tracking her with nanites. Fortunately for the organization, Curtis found out what they needed and brought it, but decoding the device could take up to several months, so Alena suggested using a device from Kord Industries to help. After successfully completing the task, Alena cleared the recording from censorship, providing reliable evidence that Chase is Prometheus.[7]

Helix find Cayden James.

Alena and Helix tried to track down Chase on Felicity's request, although A.R.G.U.S., Team Arrow and the police were already involved in the search. Alena came up with the idea of rescuing their founder, James, who is imprisoned by A.R.G.U.S., since he designed a device capable of tracking a man with his heartbeat. Their first targets were two A.R.G.U.S. agents: Jordan Pierce and Ditkoff, whose security keys were stolen. Helix then went to an offsite prison, from where they successfully rescued James, preventing Team Arrow from chasing them.

Soon after, Helix cut ties with Felicity, believing her affiliation with A.R.G.U.S. and Team Arrow was threatening them. However, as as a thank you for her help, Alena left Felicity the device designed by James as promised. Over a video call in their abandoned headquarters, Alena assured Felicity that she genuinely enjoyed working with her.[8]

Joining Felicity and Team Arrow

After freeing Cayden, Alena noticed that his time in A.R.G.U.S. had changed him. When Alena disagreed with his plans, Cayden attacked her. Alena would escape, and believed that Cayden was still in Corto Maltese. Alena would later break into Felicity's apartment to ask her for help. They would obtain a ghost mirror drive from Amnesiac, and would later go to the old Helix building in order to discover what Cayden was doing. However, Felicity and Alena were confronted by Black Siren and Cayden, who was about to execute them if not for Team Arrow. However, Alena was shot during the conflict and had to be brought to the hospital.

Felicity would later visit Alena in the hospital, and when asked what Alena was going to do now, Alena said she was going to take some time to get some much needed perspective. Alena then asked that after, if she could join Felicity's startup, which Felicity accepted. Alena then gave Felicity her pitch, mass-producing Felicity's bio-stimulant implant.[9]

Alena occasionally helps Team Arrow from the bunker with Felicity.

Becoming CTO of Smoak Technologies

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Erased future

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After stealing Archer, Alena sold it to Galaxy One as part of a software licensing deal. However, Alena didn't realize Galaxy One was a cover for Eden Corps until they threatened to use Archer to find and kill everyone she loved unless she disappeared.[10]

In 2040, Felicity tracks down Alena and forces her to help them stop Eden Corps by freezing her bank accounts and "shredding" her passport.[10]


Alena is a very friendly, cheerful individual with a sense of humor. She has great respect for others skilled in computer hacking, namely Cayden James and Felicity Smoak, her personal idol. Alena is strongly loyal to Helix and determined to change the world through its technological operations, even though it often leads into dubious territory. Her carefree personality is not broken even when being pursued by Spartan, as she quickly gets out of the situation, leaving the vigilante behind.

However, Alena is serious and determined when it comes to protecting herself and her friends, as shown when rescuing Cayden. She even embodied an ends-justify-the-means attitude if the situation calls for it; Alena didn't mind killing (albeit accidentally) a corrupt A.R.G.U.S. agent who could lead Helix to Cayden's location, stating that he wasn't even an honest individual to begin with. Once Alena located Cayden, she quickly rushed to him, distraught, and worryingly tried to assure him that he's being rescued.

Alena seemed to have some admiration for Team Arrow. When they tried to interfere in the mission to rescue Cayden, she avoided harming them since they were Felicity's friends; showing that while Alena isn't afraid to take drastic steps involving Helix, she doesn't believe in unnecessary violence or conflict.

However, after realizing Cayden "snapped" during his imprisonment and vowed to destroy Star City, Alena was horrified and immediately joined Felicity and Team Arrow to stop him.


  • Computer specialist/Master computer hacker: Alena is a highly skilled computer specialist and hacker, so much that she was able to hack into the computers of the NSA that had evidence to clear John Diggle of the crimes he supposedly committed and expose J.G. Walker as true culprit,[4] she even managed to hack into the computers of the Arrowcave, despite the fact that its firewalls were designed and programmed by Cisco Ramon, an accomplished scientist and engineer in his own right. Alena's computer skills rival those of Felicity Smoak's.

Erased future abilities

  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Alena is proven to have moderate skills in hand-to-hand combat.[10]