Alessandro's is a high-profile Italian restaurant owned and run by Alessandro in Gotham City.


Alessandro's was attacked by the Rifle in an attempt to kill Derek Holcomb under Alice's orders. However, the hitman was stopped by Batwoman. This prompted the owner, Alessandro, to gratefully thank the vigilante on the news and offer a free meal any time she wanted.

That night, Kate Kane had Sophie Moore meet her at Alessandro's for dinner to reveal her alter-ego. They were interrupted by Alessandro, who asked the pair to leave due to their apparent show of affection upsetting him. He initially tried to use the dress code as an excuse, but Kate caught on to his lie and stood up for her rights, forcing Alessandro to admit his homophobia. When Kate subtly made a scene by threatening to have her stepsister, Mary Hamilton, use her influence to shut down the restaurant, Alessandro agreed to let them stay. However, Kate stormed out, having lost her appetite.[1]

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