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For the eponymous character, see Alex Danvers.
"Who is this?"
"The real question is who are you? Everyone around you thinks you're just a mild-mannered reporter but I know the truth."
Kara Danvers and Rick Malverne

"Alex" is the nineteenth episode of the second season of Supergirl, and the thirty-ninth episode overall. It aired on May 1, 2017.




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The scene opens with Maggie attempting to negotiate in a hostage situation. The stalemate closes with Supergirl flying into the structure and carrying out the criminals. Maggie is a little angry that she wasn't permitted to carry out her responsibility, yet Supergirl was simply attempting to be useful. She takes off to get pizza with Mon-El.

Over supper, Alex and Maggie talk with Mon-El and Kara whether it's their business to step in when the police are doing their job. Maggie gripes that there are "Supergirl safeguard" cases in the courts where speculates guarantee that excessive force and destruction of evidence ought to excuse them. She says Supergirl should focus on aliens and worldwide dangers.

The two go to a cold "agree-to-disagree" moment , and Kara pardons herself.

After Kara leaves, Alex asks Maggie to invest somewhat more energy to coexist with Kara, at that point pardons herself to go reveal to Kara the equivalent about Maggie. She ventures into a lift with a man whose face is clouded by a cap, and the entryways close.

At L-Corp, Lena is being drawn nearer by Rhea, who needs to assist her with changing Earth innovation utilizing the teleportation entryways that have been utilized to move slaves in the past scenes. Rhea is pretty clearly going about like she's only a standard businessperson and not uncovering her alien nature or the way that she wants revenge against Supergirl.

At CatCo, Maggie comes to search for Kara, and the two rapidly realize that neither of them saw her after supper. Kara's telephone rings, yet it's a man's voice, saying that he knows she's more than she lets on. He reveals to her that he has Alex, and sends her a photograph of Alex tied up. He says he needs her to break a man named Peter Thompson out of jail or probably Alex will die, and that he realizes she can because he knows she's Supergirl.

Alex awakens and tells a camera watching her that she's giving them one opportunity to free her, or she will end them when she gets out.

At the DEO, they state they can't negotiate with terrorists, and get the opportunity to work attempting to follow Alex. Maggie says they have to make sense of who Peter Thompson is and what he intends to the abductor.

At a café, Rhea and Lena are getting close, with Rhea playing the "glad maternal figure" card. She discloses to Lena that her child was consistently the adoration of her life until he met "this repulsive young lady, and everything transformed." She says that she and her husband lost their child, and shortly after, her husband died. She gives Lena a USB drive with the staying key ideas that she recently retained from the structure she was proposing. They give an impromptu speech, and when Rhea says "thank the divine beings I discovered you," Lena appears to be genuinely dubious.

The DEO stay with Thompson in prison, however he says he doesn't have the foggiest idea who may have Alex. J'onn guesses what him might be thinking and reveals to Kara that they're done here. After Thompson leaves, Kara gets a call from Winn, who says Thompson has an ill-conceived child - somebody who experienced childhood in Kara's old neighborhood of Midvale.

He has a house outside the city, where Kara proceeds to see film of Alex. She's drawn nearer by Rick Malverne, the man who's holding Alex prisoner, and he won't surrender Alex, yet allows the pair to pair. He discloses to Kara that there's no moving on the arrangement: his dad for Alex. She compromises him with heat vision, yet he says that in the event that she harms him, she'll never find Alex and she will die slowly.

Supergirl has taken Thompson in to jail - he saw Kara Danvers accomplish something unimaginable - salvage an infant from a consuming vehicle when she was a high schooler - and later made sense of she was Supergirl. He had an abusive mother, and had an awful relationship with her, however his father got him away from her and has upheld him for a considerable length of time. He's doing this to save his father like his father saved him. Kara blows up and tosses him around a bit, and when Maggie reveals to her they're done here. Outside, she discloses to Kara that she understood in there that Thompson is clearly the way to getting Alex back.

At L-Corp, Lena reveals to Rhea that there's a blemish in the structure: components that don't exist on Earth. She shows her out of the workplace, saying that Rhea discusses treachery, however then promptly deceives individuals.

At jail, Peter Thompson is brought to see his father... though he rapidly understands that it's not so much his dad, but J'onn. He brags that he's had a year to get ready, so obviously he's prepared for the Martian.

In her cell, Alex manages to retrieve the CCTV camera in her cell and access its wiring. She cuts out her tracker from underneath her skin and uses the camera's wires to make a solicitation and refresh the tracker's IP address. Winn detects the signal and realizes that it's Alex, so he tracks the IP and offers it to Supergirl. Supergirl takes off to get Alex, yet when she opens what she thinks will be the entryway to the cell, there's a note saying "now you have four". The 16 hours left on the clock get down to four, as Alex's cell begins flooding with water.

Supergirl comes back to the DEO and requests to know where Alex is, yet Malverne won't advise her. She requests to see Alex, yet Alex reveals to her that Supergirl is greater than Alex is, and Kara can't permit herself to be coerced. Alex requests to converse with Maggie alone, and Maggie takes the PC. Alex reveals to Maggie that there are things she needs to state in the event that it's the end. Alex explains the future she dreamed of with Maggie but Maggie doesn't want to hear it and promises that they have a lifetime ahead together, advising Alex to guarantee her she won't surrender.

After the connection is gone, Maggie blows up at Kara for surging in and causing Alex to run out of time. Maggie reminds the superheroine that she loves Alex too.

At L-Corp, Rhea shows up outside her window, disclosing to her that she trusts Lena will listen to her. She says that other than being an outsider, she spoke the truth about everything else, and she truly needs to manufacture a transmatter entrance to get herself home. She asks Lena not to give her slip by access judgment shield them from doing incredible things together. Lena says she'll think about it, and Rhea leaves.

Minutes after the fact, Lena calls Kara to request her recommendation on the issue. Kara reveals to her that it is anything but a decent time, and that she'll get back to. She's standing apart over the city, tuning in for Alex with her super-hearing, when J'onn comes to see her. He advises her that Alex is essential to every one of them, Kara, yet that Maggie was vexed and lashed out. Kara concedes she's frightened and J'onn embraces her, saying he is, as well.

In Malverne's cell, Maggie shows up to converse with him secretly. She reveals to Malverne that she realizes that he doesn't need them two to lose, which is the thing that occurs if Alex kicks the bucket. He discloses to her that he realizes love can cause individuals to do things that they wouldn't typically do, and requests that her assistance bring back their loved ones.

As her cell loads up with water, Alex attempts to figure out how to break the glass dividers but fails. As a last resort, she uses her pants to make a floatation device, allowing Alex to conserve her energy and hopefully buy her a few extra minutes of air.

At the DEO they're having a hard time making sense of what their subsequent stage is, the point at which they realize that Maggie is gone.

At the jail, Maggie breaks Thompson out utilizing taken DEO tech, just about to get him out... until they run into Supergirl, who convinces Maggie to stand down. Supergirl addresses Thompson about how she realizes his child is anything but a terrible individual on a basic level, and she figures he can step up as a dad and help Malverne make the best decision. Thompson discloses to Supergirl that there's one spot he can consider where his son may have taken Alex. Kara and Maggie show up at the warehouse just as Alex's air runs out. As she begins to drown, Kara punches through the cell's glass and Alex spills out alongside the water. Kara and Maggie embrace Alex, who is shaken and injured, but alive.

Back at the DEO, Alex is recuperating in the medbay when Maggie stays with her. Maggie remarks on Alex's procedure of getting herself additional time by utilizing her attire to get together additional air, and Alex says she realized they were coming. The two concur that they never need to quit having firsts together, and state their "I love you's" before Alex has her brought out to the fundamental room. Before J'onn gets ready to mind-wipe Malverne to secure Kara's personality, Alex punches him in the face. Kara and Maggie make up and embrace.

Lena gets back to Kara to set up a get-together, however she no longer needs exhortation: she's as of now chose to work with Rhea.



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  • Maggie mentions the "Supergirl defense", a legal loophole for criminals when claiming excessive force used during their arrest.
  • When talking to J'onn about rescuing Alex, Kara says she can't " fast enough and turn back time...", which is a reference to a scene in the 1978 film Superman, where Superman uses his powers to travel back in time to save Lois Lane.
  • Rick Malverne's name echoes that of Dick Malverne, a character from 1960's era Supergirl comic book stories who served as a companion and potential love interest for Linda Danvers.
  • To buy herself crucial time when her cell begins flooding with water, Alex takes off her pants and ties the individual legs closed to fill it with air. This is to make a makeshift life preserver, which lifeguards are taught during training.
  • This is the first Supergirl episode to be named after a character in a civilian sense and the fifth episode overall in the Arrowverse to do so, after "Sara", "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak", "Who is Harrison Wells?", and "My Name Is Oliver Queen".
    • This is also the second episode Arrowverse to only contain the character's name, after "Sara".


  • In the dinner scene, Mon-El's wine glass is full and empty from shot to shot. In one shot, the glass appears from the table to his hand spontaneously.
  • In one scene, Malverne goes from having handcuffs on to checking his watch without the cuffs.
  • J'onn is able to mind-wipe Rick at the end of the episode and read his father's mind earlier but somehow fails to read Rick's mind to find Alex's location.
    • However, J'onn explicitly says that Rick is blocking his telepathic abilities somehow, which in itself could be considered a MacGuffin; it helps drive the plot, but the actual specifics of how are irrelevant.