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"It is our job to take risks. We run into the line of fire. We face enemies that no one on this planet has the courage to."
—Alex Danvers to J'onn J'onzz[src]

Dr. Alexandra "Alex" Danvers (born 1989[1][2]) is a bio-engineer and former director of the D.E.O.. She is the daughter of Eliza Danvers and the late Jeremiah Danvers, the adoptive sister of Kara Danvers, the ex-fiancée of Maggie Sawyer, the wife of Kelly Olsen, and the foster mother of Esme.

When Alex was a teenager, Kara was adopted by the Danvers at Clark Kent's behest. After a rough start, Alex became her new sister's steadfast guardian and ally. In adulthood, she was recruited by "Hank Henshaw" to join the D.E.O. to combat extraterrestrial threats, eventually rising to become his right-hand agent. When Kara became Supergirl, Alex helped train her at the D.E.O. and aided her sister's fight against the fugitive aliens from Fort Rozz, led by Astra. She soon grew suspicious of "Henshaw" upon learning of her father's unwilling affiliation with the D.E.O. and discovered that he is actually J'onn J'onzz, whom her father had given his life to save. Alex was forced to go on the run with J'onn after his Green Martian nature was revealed and they decided to investigate Project Cadmus after realizing Jeremiah was still alive. However, they returned to National City to help stop Myriad, consequently receiving a pardon.

Alex came out as a lesbian after falling in love with Maggie Sawyer. During this time, the D.E.O. came into conflict with Cadmus and Lillian Luthor, during which Alex was forced to stop her father when he was coerced into joining Cadmus. Upon thwarting the Daxamite invasion, she proposed to Maggie, but they broke up over whether or not to have children. Alex began seriously contemplating motherhood as she developed a friendship with Samantha and Ruby Arias. When J'onn decided to leave the D.E.O. after the war with the Worldkillers, Alex was appointed the new director.

Alex led the D.E.O. against new threats in National City, like the Children of Liberty and the Elite. In order to protect her sister from Lauren Haley, J'onn wiped Alex's memory of Kara being Supergirl. However, she regained her memories while saving Kara after a battle with Red Daughter. Following the Children of Liberty and Lex Luthor's downfall, Alex began dating Kelly Olsen.

Alex was killed during the Anti-Monitor Crisis but brought back when the Spectre recreated the multiverse. On Earth-Prime, while facing Leviathan, she left the D.E.O. due to not agreeing with Lex, its new owner's, actions. When her father was killed, Alex retreated into Obsidian Platinum and adopted the identity of Supergirl until breaking free with Kelly's help. She decided to become a vigilante, donning a new suit and was eventually codenamed Sentinel.

Alex along with the team, defeated Lex, but first he sent Kara to the Phantom Zone. Eventually, they managed to rescue Kara from the Phantom Zone along with her father Zor-El, but without them realizing the Imp Nyxlygsptlnz came along. Back on Earth, Nyxly and Lex teamed up to find the AllStone Totems. Meanwhile, Alex and Kelly decided to adopt an orphaned alien girl named Esme and soon, the couple became engaged. Before the wedding, Lex and Nyxly attacked the city along with old villains, but were defeated and ended up imprisoned in the Phantom Zone.


Original multiverse[]

Early life[]

Alex was born in 1989 in Midvale to her parents; scientists Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers.[3] When she was six years old, Alex and her parents visited Nagano, Japan for the summer. Alex grew homesick so one night, a local village girl helped her sneak down to one of the temples. There, Alex wrote down a wish and placed the paper in a crack in the wall in the hopes that it would come true. The girl then taught Alex a rhyme, "yubikiri genman, uso tsuitara," which means "pinky swear."[4] When she was eight years old, Alex met and became best friends with Josie.[5]

Young Alex and Kara

The Danvers sisters in Jr. High school.

Since early childhood, Alex displayed a gifted intellect and brilliant attitude towards science. As a teenager, she enrolled in Midvale Junior High, obtaining remarkable results.[6] The star of her family, when Kara arrived in 2003, Alex was jealous of her newly-adoptive sister due to her abilities and dismayed at the fact that Kara easily excelled at math and science.[5] Thus, she was secretly happy when Kara decided not to use her powers.[3]

At first resentful of that "strange girl" who came into her life for constantly following her around at school and embarrassing her in front of her friends,[7] Alex soon began to warm up to Kara and acted as her big sister, often comforting her when she was afraid or sad.[3] At some point in junior high, Alex came down with chicken pox.[8]

One night, Kara took Alex flying, in spite of the latter's initial protests. During the adventure, Alex told Kara the story about her summer trip to Nagano and taught her sister the rhyme which the girl from the village taught her.[4] Unfortunately, due to that night, the D.E.O. subsequently found out about Kara. They forced Alex's father to work for them in exchange for not taking Kara away. One year later, Jeremiah "died" protecting a Martian from the D.E.O.'s ruthless director Hank Henshaw,[6][9] but Eliza told Alex and Kara that he was killed in a plane crash.[1]

Troubled teen[]

Alex attended Midvale High School, during which her relationship with Kara became frosty as she blamed the latter for her father's death and resented having to be Kara's "earthly ambassador". Alex completely put her focus into her studies and social life, becoming a popular girl alongside Josie. In high school, she met and befriended Vicki Donahue, who also became a member of her clique.

In 2007 during her junior year, Alex began failing calculus, but was too embarrassed to tell her family or friends. Her classmate, Kenny Li, then offered to tutor her in secret, which she accepted. Alex and Kenny would study together in the nearby woods and over time, became close friends. However, Alex never acknowledged Kenny outside of their tutoring sessions, always dismissing him as "Kara's friend", which she would grow to regret.

When Kenny was murdered, Alex and Kara worked together to investigate his death, in which they discovered that Kenny learned of Josie's secret affair with their history teacher, Mr. Bernard. Despite Josie's protests, Alex reported this to the authorities. While she and Kara were walking home that night, they were almost killed by a speeding car, whom they believed to be Mr. Bernard. Shortly after though, Alex found out that Josie was with Mr. Bernard at the time of the attack, meaning he wasn't the culprit. She rushed to school and spoke to Sheriff Ronald Collins, who turned out to be the real killer and he held her at gunpoint. When Kara tried to contact her, Alex managed to reveal she was at Midvale High before Collins took her phone. Collins took Alex to the boiler room, where he planned to kill her as well, but Alex showed no fear, knowing that Kara was coming for her. At that moment, Kara arrived and knocked out Collins, saving Alex's life and making the pair's relationship whole. Later following Collins' arrest, Alex's friendship with Josie fell apart and she was cast out of the popular clique, but ultimately didn't mind much. That afternoon as they ate lunch together for the first time, Kara revealed to Alex that Kenny had a picture of her flying, but kept it a secret.[5]

Despite Alex's fallout with Josie and the popular clique, her friendship with Vicki persisted for some time. She loved sleeping over at Vicki's house, in which they would share a bed. However, Alex eventually developed feelings for her friend, much to her confusion and alarm. As a result, she began subconsciously pushing Vicki away by starting fights with her over almost everything, even if it was stupid or insignificant, until the pair drifted apart. This memory hurt Alex so much that she repressed it for years, consequently not coming out as a lesbian until much later in life.[10]

Over the years, the bond between Alex and Kara became so strong that neither of them can imagine their lives without the other.[7]

After graduation, Alex pursued an MD/PhD at National City University.[6] In medical school, she had a boyfriend, Capraro, who would write poems about him and Alex fighting and they allegedly broke up because of it.[11] Alex also conducted research in genetic engineering at Stanford.[1]

Alex meets "Hank Henshaw"

Alex first meets "Hank" after she is arrested.

Despite her intelligence and academic results, Alex grew up a troubled young adult who used hard-partying and heavy drinking to cope with her insecurities and troubles, including her latent homosexuality and the loss of her father. This escalated to the point where she began falling behind in school and was placed on academic probation. In 2012, after a night of drinking and clubbing led to a DUI and her arrest, Alex was visited by "Hank Henshaw" in jail. He offered her a position at the D.E.O., assuring Alex that she is special just like Kara and pointing out that she owed it to her father to be the person "Hank" knew she could be.[6]

Working for the D.E.O.[]

Alex had to go through a full year of training before being allowed to work in the field.[12] Despite her close connection to Kara being one of the main reasons the D.E.O. hired her, Alex soon proved herself as one of the best agents, quickly becoming "Hank"'s second-in-command.[3]

Alex frequently struggled with dating and romance, unconsciously suppressing any feelings she developed towards other women. As a result, Alex soon began to devote nearly all of her time towards her work.[10]


Assisting Kara[]

In 2015, Alex had to attend a conference in Geneva but Flight 237, on which she was traveling, was sabotaged by Vartox in an attempt to kill her and other D.E.O. agents on board. Though the plane was saved by Kara from crashing, Alex later berated her sister for doing so, angry that she had revealed herself to the world, and now there is no turning back. Kara was later captured by the D.E.O. and taken back to their base, where Alex revealed her identity as a D.E.O. agent. After Kara was defeated and almost killed by Vartox, Alex rescued her. revealing that the only way that the Fort Rozz escapees could get back at Kara's mother was through her now. She later went to Kara's apartment, apologetically explaining herself, and encouraging Kara to be a hero. The two then went to the D.E.O. base, where they convinced Director "Hank Henshaw" to let Kara defeat Vartox.[3]

A week later, Alex along with the rest of the D.E.O., tested the limits of Kara's abilities, firing missiles into the sky at her. Afterward, Alex debated with Kara over the necessity of the tests before Kara had to leave to stop a fire raging at National City Port. Days later, the D.E.O. investigated the theft and murder of a security guard on Plastino Chemicals factory, with Alex calling Supergirl to assist in the investigation. Later at the D.E.O. base in the training room, Alex defeated Kara in a sparring match with the assistance of Kryptonite emitters in the room, in an attempt to prepare Kara for anything she might face. She later came to Kara's apartment and questioned her sister as to whether telling James and Winn her secret identity was a good idea, soon after apologizing to Kara, regretting how she handled things earlier however, Alex was soon called by the D.E.O. who needed her back at the base, telling Kara that she'd call her.

Alex and Hank following behind the vehicle with the DDT

Alex and Hank following behind the vehicle with the DDT.

At the D.E.O., Alex along with "Henshaw" and Agent Hartmann came to the conclusion that the Hellgrammite was eating the DDT he had been stealing, as the government had been destroying remaining stockpiles, and his food source was shrinking. Later, the D.E.O. set a trap for the Hellgrammite with a truck carrying tanks of DDT, while Alex and Henshaw along with several other D.E.O. agents followed it in another vehicle. The Hellgrammite abducted Alex and takes her to General Astra, who revealed her true identity after she mistaking her for Alura. Alex was later found by Kara who had tracked her down with her super hearing. A fight between Kara and Astra ensued, and Hellgrammite attacked Alex, who tried for radio contact D.E.O., who was able to overcome him by forcing the stinger he protruded from his hand into his heart. Later at the D.E.O. base, Alex was asked by Kara to train her, with Alex promising to make Kara better than herself. Alex then showed Kara a room that had been setup containing an Artificial Intelligence program of Alura that had been sent with her pod. Leaving Kara to talk to it, she thanked "Henshaw" for helping her set up the room.[12]

When Reactron comes to National City with the intention to kill Supergirl as he wanted Superman to suffer and lose everything, Alex decide to help her sister to fight him despite he is not an alien and so none of D.E.O. business. Her stubbornness and determination makes that even "Hank Henshaw" decides to help them.[13]

Eliza and Alex

Mother-daughter speech.

On Thanksgiving, Kara and Alex are visited by their mother Eliza, with whom Alex had a strained relationship because. since Kara arrived, Eliza expected Alex to protect her, often leading to a fight when she didn't. Alex admitted to her mother that she works at the D.E.O. leading Eliza to told she and Kara how Jeremiah was forced to work for the D.E.O. by Hank Henshaw to protect Kara but was killed in action; never knowing how or why he died.[1] Alex had trouble working with "Hank" after this and enlists the help of Winn to hack into the D.E.O. mainframe to find out what really happened to her father only to discover that Jeremiah Danvers went missing on a mission with Henshaw in South America.[14] Alex and Kara begins to mistrust the director, until an earthquake traps him and Alex at the D.E.O. headquarters with a powerful alien escapee and, while fighting side by side, she found out he is not Hank Henshaw, but a martian named J'onn J'onzz and that her father died protecting him from the real Hank.[9] She and J'onn later disclosed this secret even to Kara.[15]

Dinner with Max[]
Alex Danvers and Maxwell Lord at dinner

Alex and Max have dinner.

After a Kryptonians attack to Lord Technologies Alex, who over previous investigations has become close with the ambiguous millionaire Maxwell Lord, accepted his invitation to a dinner to interrogate him. After she learned that the appetizer they're eating is actually snail eggs (which cost $100 a spoon) she spits them out in a napkin then starts to question him about what were the aliens looking for in his laboratory. Max recalls that Supergirl is also an alien, Alex replied that Supergirl saves lives. Max tells her that she too, saves lives, and asks her what's her real relation to Supergirl, Alex responds him that she works for her organization and she's a reliable employee. Finally Max tells her that they have conducted an inventory in the laboratory and found that the aliens did not take anything, then he proposes a toast to "Alex Danvers, a real hero". Unbeknownst to her, Maxwell planted a recording device in Alex's purse and, later that night, when she goes to Kara's apartment, he overhears their conversation, confirming his suspicions that they're sisters.[16]

Alex arrests Max

Alex arrests Max.

After the appearance of Bizarro, Alex goes to Max, saying she knew that he's responsible. Max indirectly confesses his experiments, but threatens Alex to not reveal his operations, insinuating that he knows her family; however Alex orders D.E.O. agents to arrest him and, when he threatened to reveal Supergirl's secret identity, she slams him on a desk and stated no one would hear him, then she brought him to the D.E.O.; J'onn berates Alex for bringing him in, as Max is not an alien, but Alex counters he of all people should understand her desire to protect her family.[17]

Saving Kara[]

When Kara is attacked by the Black Mercy, and plunged into "the perfect dream", in which she appeared on Krypton, Astra came to Alex and told her how to help Kara. Alex with the help of Max Lord, who invented a special helmet, was plunged into Kara's mind to force her to give up illusions.

Alex on Krypton

Alex on "Krypton".

Alex goes through the corridors and find the room where the House of El sits with Kara, who could not remember Alex. She tries to explain to her what is really going on, but she does not believe her and let her being captured and sentenced to the to capital punishment - exile in the Phantom Zone. Alex tells Kara that if she doesn't wake up, they both remain in her mind, until Black Marcy kill them both, while Zor-El tells Kara that once Alex will go, they will be happy again. Alex, weeping, says Kara that she understands how much she has lost and how much she knows Kara wanted to go home, but this is only an illusion. An earthquake begins, Kara realizes the truth, says goodbye to her parents and reach for Alex's hand just in time to avoid being swallowed by a sinkhole. As she wakes up with an expressionless look, Kara demands to know who did this to her, and Alex responds that it was Non.[7]

Killing Astra and recognition of Kara[]
Alex kills Astra

Alex kills Astra.

When Kryptonians gathered to start the next stage of their plan to conquer the Earth, they decided to use the Lord Technologies satellites and connect them to their device. Alex shots Astra from an helicopter and distracts her from the activation of the device. A fight between them ensued. Alex insisted she didn't want to fight Astra, knowing she still loves her niece because she had plenty of opportunities to kill Kara and Alex, but she didn't. Alex offers Astra a chance to surrender but they were interrupted by J'onn, who began to fight with her. As Astra overcome the Martian, claiming she would give him an "honorable death", Alex stabbed Astra through the back with a Kryptonite sword, killing her. When Kara arrived, J'onn covered for Alex, claiming that he killed Astra because he could not see any other way to defeat her.

Later, Alex asked J'onn why he lied about Astra's death and he explained he didn't want to change the fact that she is Kara's hero. In the aftermath, Alex, Winn, and James celebrated with Kara at her apartment, comforting her after her ordeal.[7]

Alex struggled with keeping the secret from Kara, at one point drafting an email to tell her the truth about Astra, unable to do so face-to-face. However, she couldn't bring herself to send it.[18]

After Alex helped her sister take down Master Jailer, Kara quit working with the D.E.O. because she didn't know how to work with J'onn after what he had done to Astra.[19] Upon defeating Indigo though, Kara returned to the D.E.O., telling J'onn and Alex that she was ready to work with them again because it's better for the world. However, Alex could not stand it anymore and began to tell Kara the truth about Astra. J'onn tried to stop her, but Alex continued, revealing that she saw Astra about to kill J'onn, who was defenseless, so she reacted and killed her to save him. Crying, Alex confessed that she allowed J'onn to take the blame because she was afraid of losing her sister. Kara embraces Alex as she breaks down, forgiving her.[20]


After J'onn is forced to reveal his Martian identity to save Alex from Kara (who was under the influence of Red Kryptonite) he was arrested and questioned by Colonel Harper, along with Major Lucy Lane, to find out how he got into D.E.O. and what happened to the real Hank Henshaw. He explained to them that he did not kill Jeremiah Danvers, but they were skeptical about it. J'onn told them about what happened 10 years ago in Peru, about how he met Jeremiah Danvers and how Hank Henshaw tried to kill him. But Harper does not believe him and sends in Project Cadmus both J'onn and Alex, which is accused of complicity and treason as Lucy realized that she knew about J'onn. To save them, Kara is forced to reveal her secret to Lucy, and then asks her to help rescue them. After intercepting the truck in which they are taken to Cadmus, they attack it on board of a pair of motorcycles and set J'onn and Alex free. The martian also sees in Harper's consciousness that Alex's father is still alive and in Cadmus. Alex and J'onn are nevertheless forced to leave National City as fugitives.[6]

Activation of Myriad[]
Myriad Alex vs Kara

Alex fights Kara under Myriad's control.

After they learn about what is happening in National City, Alex and J'onn went back there to help Kara. However, they are attacked by Indigo, who kidnapped Alex so that Non can later put her under the control of Myriad, forcing her to fight Kara with the intention to kill her.[21] She almost did it, but was stopped by her mother, who told her that she believed in her, snapping her out of the mind control.

Later, Alex told her mother that her father is alive in a secret laboratory, where they will go to save him, after sorted out with Non who, meanwhile, strengthened Myriad's power to kill all the people on Earth. To stop him, Kara decided to carry Fort Rozz, the source of Myriad, into space, however, there she loses consciousness and is rescued by Alex, who drives her back to Earth thanks to the pod on which she arrived twelve years prior. She was later present at Kara's apartment during the celebratory dinner they were having. Thought it was interrupted by a pod flying in the sky catching their attention, causing Kara and J'onn to leave to check it out.[22]

Cadmus and Daxamite invasion[]

Superman's arrival[]

When Superman flew to National City, Alex immediately noticed that there's some tension between him and J'onn, so she tried to find out what happened and discovered that Superman has once helped the D.E.O. uncover an alien asteroid, composed of an emerald-green Kryptonian xenomineral whose radiations weakened Kryptonian's physiology and, despite he asked J'onn to destroy it, the martian refused, deciding to keep the meteorite as a means of protection against other Kryptonians, enraging Superman and leading to the pair falling out. The next day, despite having survived two previous attempts to her life, Lena Luthor, attends to the ceremony to renaming the Luthor Corp into "L-Corp", however, at that moment she began to make her speech, several explosions take place on the site forcing her to flee to a safe place, but John Corben dressed as a policeman, stops her and tries to kill her at the behest of Lex Luthor. Alex intervened and fights him but was ultimately held at gunpoint and taken as a hostage by the hitman; however before he could leave, Lena shot him in the back freeing her.[23]

Supergirl and Alex vs Metallo

Supergirl and Alex fight Metallo together.

After Corben resurfaced as the Kryptonite-powered cyborg Metallo, Alex and Winn realized that behind the sample of D.E.O.'s stock of Kryptonite stolen four months ago there is a traitor: J. McGill, who Alex instructed to prepare trucks for transportation of Kryptonite, to caught him red-handed at the time of the abduction. However, before she can arrest him, the agents of Cadmus shot him and knocked down Alex. When she awakes, Alex is approached by the mysterious "Doctor" of Cadmus, who said that if she does not want to join them, she will be killed, however Alex was able to fend off the agents and, after a fight broke out between them, she is saved by Kara. Later, Supergirl and Alex (one in an anti-Kryptonite device and the other in her special exosuit) fought Metallo and together were able to overcome the cyborg, who is ultimately stabbed him in the chest with a piece of pipe by Alex, while Kara held him.[24]

Meeting with Maggie Sawyer[]
Alex meets Maggie

Alex meets Maggie.

After the assassination attempt on the President, Alex found Detective Sawyer collecting evidence at the airport and asks her what she was doing in her crime scene, Maggie pointed out that she was from NCPD's Science Police and her work is to investigate everything regarding aliens. Alex tried to throw her off the investigation, but Maggie proved herself as the other woman's intellectual match, culminating in an exchange of banter between the two of them that finally ended with Alex sternly asserting herself. The two would later meet again when Alex led her team into a warehouse raid in search of a supposed rogue Kryptonian, in where Maggie was already there, thanks to her street contacts, and casing the edifice from within; Alex's armed gear and team allowed Maggie to discern that the former was in fact D.E.O., much to the agent's chagrin. Later, after being accosted by Kara for going after the kryptonian without her as backup, Alex is invited by Maggie to Al's Dive Bar and they tried to figure out where is Mon-El, since they assumed that he is the one who attacked the president. Upon arriving at the bar, the waitress, Darla, handed out two drinks for the pair of women (ordered by Maggie) before commenting the cop "moving on"; confused, Alex inquires Sawyer if the waitress was a Roltikkon, to which Maggie confirms, along with the fact that she and Darla were formerly a couple, making Alex realize that she was just mistaken by the alien as Maggie's new flame. The next day, Alex, along with Maggie, attended President's Marsdin signing decree on the alien embassy act. During the ceremony Scorcher tried again to assassinate the President; they tried to stop her, but she ran away kidnapping Maggie an bringing her to a factory stock. Later Supergirl and Alex rescued the detective, who helped them fighting the alien terrorist. After a brief medical check-up at the D.E.O. Maggie thanked Alex for having saved her and then left, saying she had a date with a girl.[25]

Alex and Maggie at the fight club

Alex and Maggie undercover at the alien fight club.

A few days later Maggie brought Alex to a crime scene, where they found the corpse of an alien and, according to the bruises on his fists, they concluded that before his death, he fought and was killed by another alien. Later, they went to their prime suspect's home, only to see him being kidnapped by few unidentified people in a van. In the evening, they infiltrated an underground National City fight club hosted by Roulette, in which the aliens are forced to fight to the death for the money. In the first battle, M'gann M'orzz fought the kidnapped alien Quill and is about to kill him, when Supergirl showed up, and Alex and Maggie shot into the air to disperse all those present.[26]

Later at the D.E.O., Kara and Alex told J'onn they have seen M'gann in the underground fight club and, after both the martians are kidnapped, Alex informed Kara and goes to place where the fighting took place only to finds that there is nothing anymore. However, after Supergirl found out the new address in which Roulette was to host the battle, Alex and Maggie organized a police riot and arrested the woman who, anyway, managed to get released thank to her friends in high places. Before she get into her limousine, Alex told Roulette that her time will come and, after that, she invited Maggie to have a drink together, but the detective said she couldn't and left with her girlfriend. Seeing the couple walking away made Alex feel an odd jealousy.[26]

Sometime later, Alex and Maggie were playing pool in the bar and the latter told Alex that she broke up with her girlfriend. Alex tried to cheer her up and, after they went to the site of a diamond robbery, Alex invited Maggie to go somewhere to hang out. Interpreting it as Alex asking her out, Maggie told her that she didn't know Alex was "into girls." A shocked Alex begins to deny it, but Maggie says that some gay women she knew had done the same thing, prompting her to leave. Beginning to realize her homosexuality for the first time in her life, Alex went to Kara's apartment and told her that she was confused about something, but seeing Kara upset, she immediately asked her what happened and the latter responds that Mon-El did not perceive the work seriously. Alex advised Kara to let Mon-El find what he is interested in. After that, Kara asked Alex if she was going to say something, but before she could speak, Lena came in and told Kara that she wanted to meet Supergirl.

Alex comes out to Maggie

Alex admits to Maggie that she may be a lesbian.

That night, Alex found Maggie at Al's Dive Bar, she apologized for how she behaved insolently when considered that she was gay, but Alex said that she could not stop thinking about it and that in the fact could be the truth.[27]

Coming out[]

The next day, Maggie advised Alex to come out to her family and promised that immediately after that, they'll go to have a drink together. Later at the D.E.O. she and Winn showed J'onn a video of the Thorul Arctic Research Station in Norway, in which one of the scientists asks for help, Alex and J'onn go there only to find all the scientists were dead except for Rudy Jones, whom they brought back to National City.

Alex comes out to Kara

Alex comes out to Kara.

The following morning, Alex asked Kara to talk in private, and they went out into the street. There Alex admitted to Kara that she had developed feelings for Maggie and that she is gay. Despite at first being shaken, later in her apartment, Kara told Alex, who thought that Kara was disappointed in her, that she could never be disappointed in her and that she's totally okay with it, that Alex is a lesbian. Then she told Alex, she understands how it feels to keep part of yourself locked away, and confirmed her support for Alex and her feelings towards Maggie. In the evening, Alex comes to the bar came into the bar asking M'gann for help as J'onn need a blood transfusion following his clash with Parasite.

Alex kisses Maggie

Alex kisses Maggie.

The next night, Alex came back to the bar telling Maggie that she has come out to Kara, then kissed her. However, after the kiss, Maggie said to Alex that she wants Alex to experience being with a woman for herself, and does not want to have a relationship with someone who has just come out, as that those relationships never really have good endings. After these words, Alex exited the bar with a disappointed face; feeling heartbroken and humiliated, and she went back to her apartment, where she was visited by Kara, who hugged her and began to comfort her and told Alex, that she's proud of her.[10]

Relationship with Maggie[]
Alex tells Maggie they can't be just friends

Alex tells Maggie they can't be just friends.

A few days later Alex, Kara, Winn and James sat in Al's Dive Bar, discussing the new vigilante, when Maggie came in and asked Alex how she was doing, the latter pretended not to be offended by what happened during their last encounter and said that she was fine. The next day, Alex discovered from Winn that James is the Guardian and agreed not to tell Kara, then she approached Maggie, who had gained a warrant for the arrest of the Guardian, and asked her to stop the hunt for the vigilante, telling her that they are not looking for him, without revealing any further details. Maggie agreed as they're friends, but Alex told her that they are not because she was hurt that Maggie does not want to be with her. Later Alex returned to the D.E.O. and asked J'onn if there are any news from Kara, he said to wait before starting to alarm, then, suddenly J'onn aimed a gun to one of the agents because he sees him as a White Martian in a vivid hallucination, after Alex stops him, he asked her to do some medical tests on him, from which it results in his blood cells changing.

After Kara fled from Cadmus and returned to the D.E.O., she told Alex that she saw her father and that he helped them escape so, along with several agents, Alex went to the secret base of Cadmus finding it completely empty. Later that night, at the celebration party for Kara and Mon-El's return in Kara's apartment, Maggie told Alex that she cherishes their friendship and hopes that they will be able to become friends, because she did not want to imagine her life without her. Alex agreed to meet her and play pool. Back at the apartment, Alex realized that Kara had overheard them, so she said that she and Maggie have chose to remain friends. Then Kara promised her that they will find Jeremiah.[28]

During the Thanksgiving dinner at Kara's apartment, Alex tried to come out to her mother but was stopped by the opening of a breach.

Alex comes out to Eliza

Alex comes out to Eliza.

After Mon-El is infected by the Medusa virus, while working to find a cure, Eliza asked Alex what she wanted to tell her, and she finally found the courage to come out to her mother, saying that she was afraid to disappoint her, to which Eliza replied she could never be and embraced her. Alex and Eliza, found that to spread the virus on National City Cadmus needs a substance produced by L-Corp, so Alex calls Maggie and asks her to send all their available troops to the company headquarters.

Maggie kisses Alex

Maggie confess her love to Alex and kisses her.

However, there Cyborg Superman hurt Maggie whit his cybernetic laser eyes, and the woman is delivered to the D.E.O., where Alex checked her wound, then informed her that she had speak with her mother, and thanked her for having opened her eyes. The next evening, Maggie visited Alex at her home, confessing that she had feelings for her, and the two shared a kiss, thus beginning their relationship.[29]

Maggie and Alex first morning together

Maggie and Alex the morning after they slept together for the first time.

Alex began to spend more time with Maggie as they explored their new relationship. When Kara had a lead on a missing person named Izzy, Kara insisted that she didn't need her help and that she could handle it on her own. However, she had gone missing and Alex tracked her by her last location and found that she had been taken to the planet Maaldoria where she wouldn't have her powers. Alex then became hysterical and blamed herself as she was distracted by her new relationship and didn't protect her sister. When Maggie arrived, Alex told her that she couldn't see her as Supergirl had gone missing and that it was her fault. Maggie was confused by how she was acting but Alex told her that she had to focus on getting Supergirl back and Maggie couldn't help her.

Alex and Winn on Maaldoria

Alex leads a D.E.O. strike team on Maaldoria.

When Winn helped activate the portal to Maaldoria, Alex led a strike team to the fortress and arrived just in time to find that Kara and Mon-El were leading the other captured humans to safety. They headed back for the portal but an attack ship was heading for them and Izzy was grabbed by a Maaldorian. Alex then threw a yellow sunblast grenade which gave Kara her powers back and she used them to destroy the ship and save Izzy. They then all returned to Earth. Later, Maggie visited Alex and told her that she was aware that her sister Kara was Supergirl as Kara was the only one that Alex could worry about as much as she did. Maggie also told Alex that she wasn't going anywhere and that she deserved to be happy.[30]

After M'gann suffered from a telekinetic attack from the White Martians that left her in a catatonic state, Alex took care of her and informed J'onn that the former was slowly dying. Although J'onn was hesitant about helping her because of his old hatred for her kind, after Alex talked to him he decided to save M'gann's life through the Martian Bond. Meanwhile, Alex and Maggie helped Supergirl in her investigations to track down Livewire, strengthening both their professional and personal relationship.[31]

When Valentine's Day arrives, Alex learns that Maggie dislikes the holiday but is unsure why.

Return and betrayal[]
Jeremiah returns to the D.E.O.

Alex reunited with Jeremiah.

During a mission Kara rescued Jeremiah Danvers and he was reunited with his family, happy to be reunited Alex introduced her father to Maggie revealing her sexuality. Jeremiah accepted, but when Mon-El was suspicious of Jeremiah, it caused tension between Kara and Alex. It turned out though that Mon-El's suspicions was right as Jeremiah's rescue was part of Cadmus's plan as he was working with them. He stole the list of all known aliens, Alex, Kara and Mon-El confronted them, but Jeremiah escaped when Alex couldn't shoot him. J'onn decided to test Alex and transformed into Jeremiah, and asked for help. When Alex decided to help him, J'onn transformed back and had Alex suspended. Alex though refused this as she and Maggie tracked down a member of Cadmus about to kidnap an Alien. Alex and Maggie parted ways with Alex confronting her father and Lillian Luthor.

Jeremiah and Alex against Lillian Luthor

Alex and Jeremiah confront Lillian Luthor.

Prior to entering the base, Alex had rigged explosives around the area and had Jeremiah make a choice, her and the aliens or Cadmus, he chose to side with his daughter and the father-daughter duo worked together, but Jeremiah was knocked out and taken. Alex decided to stop a ship that was planned to leave Earth with all the aliens, in which Kara arrived and it was through Alex that Kara was able to stop the ship from leaving Earth.

Alex Danvers trapped in a hermetically-sealed room

Alex captured on video.

Despite losing their father again, Kara and Alex's relationship was still strong, but Alex found that Maggie and Kara had trouble due to Kara's inability to wait. Maggie made a point in which Kara's actions in charging in and stopping robbers, have caused criminals to use the Supergirl defense in which her heavy handed tactics causes criminals to escape justice. When Alex tried to make peace between the two, she was kidnapped by Rick Malverne and was imprisoned. Throughout her time in the prison she told Kara and Maggie not to give in, and when she was almost killed, Alex was able to keep herself alive long enough to be rescued. Before Rick's mind was erased by J'onn, she punched him and told J'onn to make sure he remembered that.

Acting leader[]

When Queen Rhea of Daxam, made her plans to take over Earth, J'onn attempted to stop her, but she put him in a never ending nightmare, leaving Alex in charge of the D.E.O., in which she worked with Kara and Maggie to stop Rhea. When Lillian Luthor offers assistance, Alex and everyone else defiantly refuse due to fighting with her and C.A.D.M.U.S. for months but eventually agrees after Kara calls for her. When the President ordered Alex to fire a cannon at the Daxamite mother-ship, Alex was forced to make the tough call and was hesitant to fire the cannon when it was ready due to Kara being inside it. Unfortunately a mind controlled Superman destroyed it.

Supergirl, Superman and Alex at the Fortress of Solitude

Alex, Kara and Clark at the Fortress.

Alex and Maggie witnessed the battle between Superman and Kara in which the latter won. Alex took both of them to the Fortress of Solitude. After the final battle with the Daxamites, Alex tried to console Kara who was forced to send Mon-El away due to poisoning the atmosphere with lead to send the Daxamites running. Kara gave Alex some advice, which caused Alex to propose to Maggie who agreed.

Reign and the Worldkillers[]

Losing Maggie[]
Alex breaks up with Maggie

Alex breaks up with Maggie.

Alex and Maggie's relationship grew stronger, with their wedding getting closer. Alex convinces Maggie to confront her past and led her to finally confronting her estranged father, but during that time, Alex discovered that Maggie didn't want kids, something that Alex has always wanted. Alex attempted to continue the relationship, but upon seeing the relationship between Samantha and Ruby Arias, she confessed to Kara, her desire to have children. Maggie, soon realized what was happening and told Alex, that she has to say it, in which Alex ended the relationship with Maggie. The two spent one more night together and the pair parted ways amicably, with Maggie telling Alex that she was going to be a great mom. The heartbreak that Alex suffered caused Kara to take her back to Midvale, in which the two ended up having an argument. The next day, the pair made up, and returned to National City, in which they found a ship which contained Mon-El.

Crisis on Earth-X[]
Sara Lance and Alex Danvers

Alex sleeps with Sara Lance.

After having dealt with a Dominator, Alex and Kara talked about Mon-El in which Alex discovered an invitation to Barry Allen and Iris West's wedding, though hesitant at first, Kara decided to go with Alex. Alex went to the rehearsal dinner, in which she started drinking and was soon joined by Sara Lance. Alex mentioned to Sara her sexuality and how she had to cancel her wedding, and the two continued to drink before making out outside Jitters. The two ended up at a hotel room in which the pair had sex, three times. Alex wakes up to discover Sara next to her and sneaks out. Alex arrived to the wedding where she and Kara talked until Sara arrived who asked if Alex was okay after falling out of bed, thus revealing their interaction to Kara. Kara told Alex that it was okay and mentioned how Sara was an assassin, Alex calls her a "sassy assassin". Alex and Kara entered the church and watched the wedding, but before the ceremony could continue, the priest was killed by Overgirl and the invading Nazi forces of Earth-X. Alex and Sara teamed up and took down many Nazis as well as knocking out Prometheus.

After imprisoning Prometheus in S.T.A.R. Labs, they learn that he's Tommy Merlyn. While Oliver conversed with him, Alex joined the other heroes in the Cortex to discuss recent events. The Legends suggest that Tommy was an anachronism, yet Alex agreed with Iris' argument over why Nazis would target her wedding, stating that time-displaced Nazis would target military or law enforcement. Ultimately, Team Flash discerned their attackers were from another Earth and Harry Wells revealed the existence of a fifty-third Earth, Earth-X.

Later, Alex runs into Sara and was nervous, though Sara didn't think too much of it. Alex then speaks with Kara and admitted that she doesn't know what to feel due to her sleeping with Sara and wondered if she made the right choice when it came to Maggie. Kara tries to console her but Alex believed that she made a mistake when it came to sleeping with Sara and breaking up with Maggie.

When Kara, Oliver and Barry return from a confrontation with the Nazis at a science lab, they also produced a kryptonite arrow with blood on it, explaining that the Nazis leaders were doppelgangers of Kara and Oliver. A confused Alex inquired how Kara could have a doppelganger. Harry pointed that if there were 53 Earths, there could also be 53 Kryptons. Alex quickly analyzed the blood and determined that it contained high amounts of solar radiation, giving them the means to track Overgirl.

When the team had discovered Overgirl's location, Alex and Sara teamed up again in which Sara asked if that was okay, Alex agreed. Alex battled along with the others and seemed to be winning until the arrival of Metallo who quickly took down Supergirl and Firestorm with ease, and Alex and the others were knocked out. Once they awoke, they were imprisoned and discovered that Overgirl was dying from excess solar radiation and that they planned to cut out Kara's heart and put it into Overgirl's. Alex warned against harming her sister, to which Overgirl reacted with amusement, stating that her own sister tried to kill her. Metallo then knocked them all out again in which they were all taken to Earth-X except Kara.

After awaking on Earth-X, Alex and the group met Ray Terrill who revealed he was in prison because he loved the wrong person, this worried both Alex and Sara due to their sexuality. Suddenly they met the Earth-X version of Sara's father, Quentin Lance who planned to have them executed along with Ray. When they tried to escape they were shocked by the collars they were wearing and were almost executed until the arrival of Leo Snart. Leo freed them and helped them escape when he freed Ray which allowed him to use his powers. They escaped to the Freedom Fighters, who were led by the Earth-X version of Winn Schott, and he refused to allow them to go to the breach as he planned to have it destroyed. Alex tried to convince him due to knowing his Earth-38 counterpart, but he still refused. Alex attempted to find a gun so that she could try to rescue Kara, but Sara stopped her by mentioning that she is part of her team now. Sara learned about Maggie and talked to Alex about her own Maggie, Nyssa. Sara then told Alex that she should follow her instincts and that her reasons behind the break-up were valid. Eventually Winn was convinced by Ray and Leo to attempt to get to the portal, in which Alex and Sara teamed up against the Nazi's. They succeed in taking the site, but during the conflict Martin Stein got injured.

Earth-1 heroes and Earth-X rebels listens to Oliver of Earth-X's bargain

Alex along with the other heroes.

Alex and the rest of the team along with Ray and Leo arrive back on Earth-1, where with the help of the Legends, Team Flash and Team Arrow were able to rescue Kara and escape to the Waverider. Alex was reunited with Kara, in which Kara joked about how their plan to come to Earth-1 went up in smokes. They soon discovered that Martin Stein died from his injuries. In the final battle with the Nazi's, Alex and Sara teamed up against the Nazi's and won after the deaths of Dark Arrow and Overgirl. Alex attended the funeral of Martin Stein along with everyone else. Alex and Sara had one last conversation in which Alex agreed with Sara that she should follow her instincts, they hugged before parting ways. Alex and Kara said goodbye to Barry, Iris, Oliver and Felicity and returned to Earth-38.

The rise of Reign[]

After returning home, Alex along with Kara, Winn and J'onn listened to Mon-El and Imra's interpretation of their future, Imra revealed to them that they are part of a group called The Legion and that Mon-El helped create them through what he learned from Supergirl. Alex went to Kara's Christmas party, where she bonded with Ruby Arias through tales of her adventures with Supergirl, who Ruby idolizes. Later when an unknown Kryptonian arrives in National City leaving marks all over the city, Alex finds out along with everyone else that the Kryptonian is said to be the Krypton equivalent of the devil, Reign. When Reign finally makes her presence known and is called out by Kara, Alex tells Kara that she needs to embrace her Kryptonian side. Kara did, but was brutally beaten to unconsciousness. Alex arrived at the scene and took Kara back to the D.E.O. where she attempted to keep Kara alive after her brutal fight with Reign.

Mon-El awakened Querl Dox from his hibernation in order to help Kara and Alex watched with the others. Mo-El and Imra told Alex and the others about their mission and that they know Reign eventually left but with Supergirl out of commission, Reign is creating terror. In order to capture her, Alex, J'onn and the DEO staged a robbery in which Reign arrived to kill them, but when they revealed themselves she hesitated, this allowed the DEO to use their advanced weapons to capture Reign, in which Alex placed a chain with kryptonite on hjer, but she resisted it and broke out and used a whip that was used on her to snap Alex's leg. Alex was taken care of by Querl, in which Alex decided to watch over Kara, she would use words of encouragement that Querl would use to help Kara awaken. Alex witnessed Kara awaken and told her of the plan that the Legion were doing, in order to subdue Reign. Kara left and was successful in subduing Reign, though she escaped.

M'yrnn J'onzz apologizes to the D.E.O

M'yrnn J'onzz apologizes to the D.E.O. for his actions.

Bonding with Ruby and Reign's defeat[]

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With Alex's leg broken, she was side-lined from active duty, when Sam couldn't get her usual sitter for Ruby, Alex offered to look after Ruby. Alex and Ruby bonded throughout the day, in which Alex got a text from Maggie, asking about her passport that she left at her place, Alex pointed out to Ruby where she believed it to be and she was right. Ruby then admits to Alex that she is being cyber-bullied, refusing to allow this, Alex had Ruby take her to the girl and pretended to be an FBI agent, and scolded the girl for cyber bulling. Alex and Ruby spent the rest of the day bonding, when Sam arrived to pick her up. Alex pretended that Ruby was a nightmare that Sam laughed about. When Alex asked about Sam's business trip, Sam had no knowledge of it, Sam then asked for Alex's help.

Alex Danvers in a costume

Alex Danvers in her suit.

Fully healed from her leg injury, Alex ran some tests on Sam to find out what was wrong but had no luck in finding out. While at the DEO, Kara arrived with a dying Lena, who had ingested some poison, after asking Kara several questions, Alex deduced the poison and had Kara use her freeze breath to counteract the poison. Alex and Sam then went to Kara and Lena in which Sam revealed to them about her blackouts, after hearing from a friend, Alex informed Sam, Lena and Kara that there was nothing wrong with her blood.

Facing the Children of Liberty[]

Becoming the new director of the D.E.O.[]

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After J'onn left the D.E.O., Alex became the new director. Alex struggles with her new role as director, and her organization deals with a new wave of anti-extraterrestrial bigotry within the country, like the Children of Liberty and later the Elite.

Losing her memories[]
Lauren about to question Alex

Lauren about to question Alex.

After Supergirl attempted to save a freighter from invisible aliens, Alex arrived with Colonel Haley to investigate and clean up the matter. However, Haley was more concerned about finding out Supergirl's identity, which forced Alex to do whatever she can to keep her sister's identity safe. She briefed all those within the D.E.O., who knew Supergirl's identity about Haley's intentions, and they all swore to protect it.

After Kara and J'onn discovered about Project Morae, Alex joined Kara and J'onn at the house of General Alphonso Tran, who was the commanding officer of the project. He explained, that they found three Morae children, and after learning of their camouflage ability, they were trained to become invisible assassins. But the methods used were brutal, and now the Morae wanted to find and kill all those involved in their lifelong torture. The Morais arrived, and despite the protection from Alex, Kara and J'onn, they managed to kill Tran.

Alex returned to D.E.O. to question Haley about Project Morae, as she was involved in it. Haley admitted it, but claimed she wasn't involved in the Morais torture. Alex grows even more frustrated as Haley was turning the D.E.O. into a force for an alien war, and that she was more focused on discovering Supergirl's identity than protecting Earth. Alex called Kara and claimed that as long as Haley is in the D.E.O., she can't work there anymore. Kara said that she just has to bear it, and fight for her ideals. Just after that, Alex discovered that agent Reiff had broken during Haley's interrogation, and revealed Supergirl's identity. Haley reprimanded Alex for protecting her own sister. At that moment, the Morais attacked the D.E.O.

Haley had ordered the use of lethal weaponry against the Morais. Eventually, they managed to corner Haley to the cell block, where Alex managed to save Haley with Supergirl's help. However, despite that she was just saved by Supergirl, Haley attempted to blackmail her into rejoining the D.E.O., so that she could keep her in line, otherwise she will reveal her identity to the world. Alex snapped, and knocked Haley unconscious. The sisters put her inside a cell and called J'onn to erase her mind of the knowledge. J'onn reluctantly did.

The next day however, Alex saw Haley bringing with her a Vertullarian. Brainy revealed to Alex that they are known as "Truth Seekers", capable of detecting lies. Although Haley's memory was erased, her desire to reveal Supergirl's identity wasn't. Alex went to J'onn's office, where he claimed that there's no avoiding a Truth Seeker; anyone who knows Supergirl's identity, will be forced to reveal it. All the agents, who knew about it, agreed to have their memory erased by J'onn to protect Supergirl. But when Alex said that she too has to have her memories erased as well, Kara denied her, to no avail. Kara left the office in tears, unable to look as J'onn erased Alex' memories of Kara being Supergirl.

Regaining her memories[]

Despite the martial law, Alex is exercising with Kelly, and they talk about Kara and James. Alex' phone rings. It's the adoption agency saying that they have found a suitable baby for her. She is immediately nervous, and with Kara in Kaznia, she isn't of support. However, Kelly goes with her to Portsmouth.

In a hotel at Portsmouth, Alex gets even more nervous, since she worries, will she be a good mother. Kelly calms her down, and by asking, what Kara would do, Alex gets the courage. But then, the phone rings, and it turns out the birth mother decided against all odds to keep the baby. The two return to National City, where Kelly tells her she too was once engaged, but nobody knew. Her fiancée was killed during a military operation. Alex sees she and Kelly are in many ways alike.

Alex has a dream from her youth from 2007, when she was with Kara in the cliffs in Midvale, and taught her to be in the rhythm with music. As Kara clapped her hands in sync, she accidentally caused a thunderclap, that knocked them both down the cliff. The dream ends there, and Alex begins to wonder, what does the dream mean. Alex gets a call from Brainy, and she goes to the D.E.O., where she sees that Ben Lockwood took all the experimental Harun-El serum. Lena arrives, and reveals, what she and Kara learned in Kaznia, and that Lex has engineered Kaznia to invade the United States. She also reveals that Lex has a clone of Supergirl, who was the real culprit behind the attack on the White House. Alex decides to find the clone herself.

Kara sneaks into the D.E.O. to talk with Alex, to warn her about the Red Daughter. Colonel Haley catches them, but they convince her, and together all three try to find out, where Red Daughter is. Haley also has been looking into the Claymore, since she didn't know about it. They triangulate an address in National City, and Kara goes there. Alex wants to come along, but Kara denies it.

But Alex doesn't remain behind. She comes to Red Daughter's apartment, and is shocked, that it's like an exact copy of Kara's apartment, and that Kara's apartment can be seen there. Alex wonders, why Red Daughter would be interested in her sister, and starts to have more suspicions. Her phone rings. It's Eliza saying, that Kara just came by. Both Alex and Kara realize it's actually Red Daughter. Kara speeds away to Midvale, while Alex follows in a motorcycle.

The night falls by the time Alex reaches Midvale. When she hears Supergirl's and Red Daughter's fight, she witnesses Red Daughter defeating Supergirl. With every hit Red Daughter inflicts on Kara, Alex has flashes about her memories with Kara, from their youth and Kara's early times as Supergirl, when they fought together. Alex's memories return, and she once again remembers, that Kara and Supergirl are one and the same, her beloved adoptive sister. As Red Daughter hovers, seemingly victorious, Alex goes to her sister, whose heart beat fades. Eliza arrives, saddened, but Alex claims she only needs sunlight to recover and Alex tries to put grass on Kara's hand, since plants too have sunlight within them. At first, nothing happens, and Alex cries in despair but then sunlight starts seeping from plants towards Kara, and she is revived. Alex and Kara are immensely happy to see each other again.

Alex, Kara and Eliza return to the Danvers' house in Midvale, and Alex talks with Colonel Haley, who reveals, that the Claymore Kara destroyed was actually a prototype. Since then, Lex developed it into a size, that it can be used with Lexosuit. Haley tells Alex to turn on the TV. President Baker holds a speech, where he commends Lex as the one, who saved America from the Kaznian invasion, and further frames Supergirl, as Alex and Kara witness Lex defeating and carrying an unconscious Red Daughter in his arms.

Battle at Shelley Island[]

Alex arrived with Kara to Lena's office and met with Brainy, who had reacquired all of Kara's evidence about Lex's scheme. As Lena left for the White House, Alex supported Kara, as she wrote her article in order to expose Lex. When Kara was finished, Alex commented, that the article is a real masterpiece, maybe even worth a Pulitzer. Brainy, acting without emotions, expected Nia Nal to appear in the office through astral projecting. When she did, Alex and Kara couldn't see her, but Brainy breathed water vapor on window, and Nia wrote "Shelley Island" on it, as it was Lex's base for captured aliens. Kara and Alex went to get James and then head to the island with Brainy.

When the four arrived on the island, they were met by Ben Lockwood and the Children of Liberty. They wanted revenge against Lex for using them as pawns and also kill every alien they could find on the island. A battle erupted between them and Superfriends, but the Children were no match against them. Suddenly, Lex arrived. Kara took him on, while Alex remained with James to take care of the Children. During the fight, James and Ben used the Harun-El extractors on each other, and took out their superpowers. After this, Alex beat Ben to the ground, and claimed she had wanted to do that to him for some time. The battle on the island ended in Superfriends victory: Lex was defeated by Kara thanks to Red Daughter's sacrifice, and J'onn and Nia managed to stop Lex's Claymore from destroying Argo City.

Kelly and Alex kisses

Alex and Kelly kiss.

After the battle, Alex was walking to J'onn's office with Kelly. Kelly admitted, that her time with Alex had made her feel whole again, and they both kissed. This was the proof of the encouragement Alex received from Sara Lance, that there is someone out there for her. They were passed by Nia and Brainy. Inside the office, all of the Superfriends had gathered for a game night, finally able to relax. Lena arrived later as well. When Kara went to get more drink, she told Alex that she can no longer keep lying to Lena about her identity as Supergirl, and intended to tell her. Alex, however, suggested, that since Lena has gone through a lot because of Lex, to let Lena enjoy this night without further distractions. However, both Alex and Kara were unaware that Lena had already learned the truth about Kara's identity from Lex.[32]

Conflict with Leviathan[]

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After the Children of Liberty were defeated, a new criminal organization arrived in National City; the Leviathan.

Anti-Monitor Crisis[]

Crisis On Earth-38

The Crisis begins.

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Alex learned that worlds were being destroyed by an antimatter wave so she went to Lena Luthor for help despite not trusting her. The two combined their knowledge in science and engineering to create Transmatter portals to send the inhabitants of Earth-38 to Earth-1.[33] During the evacuation of Earth-38 to save its inhabitants from the wave of antimatter in the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Alex helped Kelly, Nia, and Lena to embark the citizens of National City. Then, she went to Earth-1 together with three billion of her world's inhabitants.

Later, Alex as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[34] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[35]

New multiverse[]

One of changes caused by Crisis is that Kenny Li did not die; he remained a good friend to Alex and became Kara's boyfriend and partner against crime in Midvale.[36]

Early life[]

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After Kara Zor-El's adoption, life in the Danvers family changed for Alex. It seemed as if everyone was making sacrifices to hide Kara's powers while Kara did as she pleased. Alex wanted to leave the country for college but her mother, Eliza, would not allow it.

Nia and Brainy talk to young Kara, Alex, and Kenny

Young Alex, Kara, and Kenny talk to the aliens.

As Alex visited from college, she chastised Kara and Kenny for their crime-fighting and good deeds because they were drawing attention to Midvale; Alex had a newspaper article as proof. Suddenly, Kara asked if they could go to the nearby baseball field; there, a spaceship had crash-landed. Alex watched as Kara introduced herself to the duo who called themselves "Brandon" and "Brenda" and sad that they were stranded their until they could repair their ship. After hiding the ship with their powers, Kara told "Brenda" that she could stay at the Danvers house.

At the house, as Alex brushed her teeth for the night, she heard the young aliens laughing; checking on them, she saw Kara hovering on the bed and "Brenda's" hands glowing. Alex told them to get some sleep and to stop their noise before they awakened her mother. The two complied.

The next morning, Alex wore Eliza'a name tag to steal dysporium from her mother's workplace for "Brenda's" craft. Alex was approached by CJ Grant who asked her questions about the good deeds that were occurring in town; Alex dismissed the reporter by explaining that Midvale was just a boring town and the press was exaggerating.[36]

Final battle against the Anti-Monitor[]

In the New Earth, Alex's life appeared to remain the same, after the creation of Earth-Prime, with the sole exception that Lex Luthor was an international hero and the owner of the DEO, and now forced to work together.

The heroes gets ready for the final battle against the Anti-Monitor

The heroes gets ready for the final battle against the Anti-Monitor.

Alex woke up Kara in her apartment and eventually had her memory of the original multiverse restored by J'onn. Later, Alex traveled to Star City to join the final battle alongside J'onn, Kara, Nia, Clark, Spartan, the Flash, White Canary, Batwoman and Wild Dog to stop the resurfaced Anti-Monitor from destroying the universe once more.

Later, the President of United States held a televised speech about the Anti-Monitor Crisis, which Alex watched at Kara's apartment with her and Kate. She joined in the moment silence the president declared in honor of Oliver Queen's sacrifice.[37]

War against Leviathan[]

Reunited with Winn[]
National City University (Earth-Prime)

Alex and Supergirl protects Andrea.

After dealing with the brief disaster of multiple Brainy’s, they determined they are all one and the same, just different versions of their Brainy before the new creation of Earth-Prime.[38]

Winn makes an unexpected trip from the future, wanting to clear his name from a doppelgänger look-alike. Everyone gathers at J'onn's office who has added a secret entrance for their new headquarters. Toyman - Winn from the alternate timeline appears on their screens, promising a firework display once he reaches 1 million followers. After defeating him for the first time they celebrate with karaoke.[39] While dealing with evil Winn, Alex, wanting to solve her problem of working with Lex plant spyware on DEO Internet, but Brainy removes it, not wanting her to get caught. No longer able to work under Lex’s thumb, Alex quits.[40] While doing some light commiserating with her sister, they are interrupted with the revival of Mr. Mxyzptlk, looking to make amends for his last visitation. Kara agrees to his help and sends her and J'onn away for an elaborate game of paintball. [41]

Alex removes herself after William brings Kara and Nal coffee. She and J'onn track down who might be attacking Andrea Rojas right before the launch of her Obsidian Platinum lenses. Brainy thinks it might be xx’s aliens. And when the question one of the alien bartenders he disagrees, as they are not aggressive. Despite Brainy confirming no one was at an address outside the city, they decide to check it out but are attacked by the mind controlled aliens, and Alex is unable to work her Martian weapon. After calling Supergirl she saves them and tracks down the emotionally distraught wife who lost her husband to suicide.[42]

Losing her father[]

Weeks later, Alex gives her sister a quick pep talk before her first date with William, Alex begins her investigation into a missing alien refugee, Trevor Crane, who disappeared after volunteering as a trial patient for Obsidian lenses. With Kelly's help she uses the new lenses, and enters the alternate reality version of Las Vegas. Once inside she discovers a random add-on of a haunted house, and frees a couple of people trapped inside. She has much more control over her Martian weapon, creating the key, but once she goes through the door she loses communication with Kelly.

At the end of the hallway she finds Trevor, who randomly explodes every couple of minutes. She talks him through overcoming his mental barriers, and eventually helps him out of the game, but only after physically fighting Richard Bates, the man who trapped everyone inside.

Kelly and Alex discuss about VR's morality

Alex and Kelly discuss VR's morality.

Afterwards, in reality, Alex and Kelly go to Al's Dive Bar and discuss virtual morality, and how people are having affairs in VR while evading guilt because they believe it is not real. Trevor Crane soon approached their table and finally met and hugged the real Alex.

Later, Alex and Kara receive a devastating phone call from their mother, that Jeremiah Danvers is dead. [43] His funeral is the following day and both Alex and Kara have an explosive argument when Alex refuses to grieve for her father one more time, insisting he was always so focused on protecting Kara, he stopped being a good father, long before he disappeared. Kelly tries to calm her down and suggests that she stops drinking, much to her annoyance.

Obsidian Platinum

Alex wears the lenses.

Wanting to be alone, Alex eventually decides to put on the new Obsidian lenses. Once inside her alternate reality, she decides to be Supergirl. She meets a couple of people looking to escape inside the game as well, and while dealing with her anger and grief is also slowly sucked into a fake reality, believing it too is real.

Kelly and Alex at Jeremiah's funeral

Alex and Kelly at Jeremiah's funeral.

After again saving the day and stopping a bank robber, Alex discovers her teenager self is one of the criminals. Unbeknownst to her, Kelly is trying to contact her and wake her up from the outside.

After an intense standoff with her video-player friends, Kelly is able to forcefully awaken Alex. She confides in Kelly and how she just wanted to escape and eventually decides to go to her father's funeral.[44]

Life without the D.E.O.[]

Alex continued to practice with the Hand of the soldier but she missed the resources that she once commanded as director of the D.E.O. as the other members of the Superfriends used their powers to search for Leviathan. Places that were once theirs have changed on Earth-Prime. Alex suggested that she and Kara should meet with Pete Andrews, an old friend of Kelly's who worked in Washington, D.C. and has knowledge of obscure information.

While there, Kara gets called back to National City by William Dey who is researching Margot Morrison, leaving Alex and Pete to continue their research. They have a difficult time when the library refuses to willingly give them the proper papers and books. Suddenly, an assassin begins firing at them, causing them to run for their lives. Ultimately, Alex leaves the city discouraged.

When she returned home, she told her ordeal to Kelly, who suggested that if she was going to act as a super hero, Alex might as well dress as one.[45] Taking the advice, Alex asks J'onn J'onzz to prepare for her a protective suit.

Alex doubts how well the Superfriends can defend Kara

The Superfriends discuss recent events.

The Superfriends get a call that Lena Luthor was in Kara Danvers' apartment and Kara needed help; they hurry to Kara's location and burst through the door, with Alex armed and ready to fight. Kara calmed her teammates and explained that Lena was there telling all she knew about Leviathan and Lex and Kara wanted their help in stopping their plans. The team discussed recent events and it was decided that the Martians would distract Rama Khan away from Kara as she got a new suit from Lena. Alex took Kara to the side and caused her sister to scream in delight as she saw the new suit that J'onn had prepared for Alex.

M'gann protects Alex

M'gann protects Alex.

Alex teamed up with M'gann M'orzz, who shape-shifted to look like Supergirl, to be a distraction. When they received word that Rama Khan was fighting Dreamer and Martian Manhunter elsewhere, they relaxed for a moment until M'gann felt the presence of Sela. Alex used her Martian weapon to create a bazooka to blast the foe, but Sela was not deterred and attacked the two with her electrical powers, ultimately causing Alex and M'gann to flee.

Soon after, Alex received a call from Kelly that William was missing and Kelly wanted help to break into Obsidian North to find information on where he might be. They quickly learn that William is a hostage of Eve Teschmacher and convey the information to Kara.

Later, Alex is with the others as they made a stance against Leviathan to distract them as Supergirl entered Obsidian Platinum to save its users from being killed while in virtual reality. The Jarhanpurians suddenly disappeared, thanks to Querl Dox.[46]

Becoming Sentinel[]

The Superfriends get a call from Dreamer to converge at the Leviathan ship to save Brainy from radiation poisoning. As the Martians and Supergirl battle Gamemnae, Alex uses the Hand of the soldier to heal Brainy. Brainy tells Alex that the Anti-life equation was necessary to stop the foe, giving the Superfriends success.

Alex as Sentinel

Alex as Sentinel.

Later, to stop Lex's plans to conquer the world using the satellites that he had launched, Alex goes with Supergirl and Lena Luthor to get Myriad. Alex and Kara hug because Kara has a bad feeling about her plan to distract Lex as the others work. Alex leaves to complete her assignment in retrieving the bottle that contains the Jarhanpurians so that Jarhanpurium could be made. The alien element is used to de-power Lex of the powers that he had absorbed.

After Kara was sent to Phantom Zone by Lex Luthor, Alex was codenamed Sentinel, in honor of an old friend of J'onn's named N'or Cott.[47]

Saving Kara[]

Alex and the team found Silas White and questioned him about how to get into the Phantom Zone to save Kara. The team later built a portal but several phantoms escaped, but they managed to capture them again soon after.[48]

Alex sat and cried in her apartment as she was the hologram of Kara in her video will; Kelly entered with breakfast and questioned Alex because Alex specifically said that the video would be watched only if Kara was dead. Alex felt that it would be easier if Kara was dead, instead of hoping that she was alive, only for her hopes to be dashed because Kara could not be reached. Kelly, who explained that she had her own problems including unemployment but was still hopeful, convinced Alex not to abandon hope and to go to the Tower to see what J'onn wanted.

At the Tower, Alex nursed Silas and learned the origin of Phantoms and how Brainy knew what a "soul" was. When Silas transformed into a phantom after losing his soul, Alex stood frozen while Brainy and J'onn fought him. Alex's mind recalled that seeing a phantom exit the portal instead of her sister broke her emotionally.

After Silas was caged, an alert was issued by the police stating that a phantom was attacking citizens; before the Superfriends could arrive, Prime Phantom had scratched M'gann and had escaped. Back at the Tower, J'onn cried before Alex about how much he loved M'gann and feared for her life, causing Alex to remember that J'onn literally had a piece of M'gann's soul; they devised a plan to give that piece to M'gann after she lost hers becoming a phantom.

During the process, Sentinel, Brainy and Lena Luthor fought a squadron led by Prime Phantom when it attacked the Tower.

Alex, with a bouquet of flowers, went home to see Kelly nursing her injured hands and asked her lover to stay with her permanently at the apartment.[49]

It was explained to Alex that she could not go back in time to 2009 because she was not to meet her past self, before Nia and Querl time traveled.[36]

When Sara Lance was abducted by aliens, Ava Sharpe hesitated in calling the D.E.O. because she believed that Alex was still the leader.[50]

Reunion with Kara[]

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Alex and the Superfriends used the Tower as a ship to travel the Phantom Zone and free Kara, in which they succeeded (along with her father Zor-El.) On the way back to Earth, Nyxlygsptlnz hitched a ride on the Tower, unbeknownst to the passengers onboard.[51]

After Kara's return, they had to face a transformed Kelex.[52] Later, Alex and Kelly decided to adopt an alien girl named Esme from the Hochschild's group home. Meanwhile, they have to deal with Imp Nxyly attacking the city.[53][54]

The Seven AllStone Totems[]

Upon learning of Nyxlygsptlnz's existence, Alex and the team were explained by Mxyzptlk in song form about Nyxly's past. She and the others supported Kara in stopping Nyxly together.[55] As they talked, Alex got a call from Kelly, asking for help in an emergency, but Alex told her that he couldn't help her because they were a bit busy.[56] Alex told the team that they must create an anti-magic amulet to take away Nyxly's powers and snatch the magic orb that she has. When she and J'onn were working on the amulet, Mxy wanted to help them, but the duo refused the imp's help and secretly spoke that it was wrong to see Mxy without using her magic.

Superfriends confront Nyxly

Alex and the team confront Nyxly.

When a giant cat created by Nyxly attacked the city, Alex and the Superfriends confronted him. After seeing how Nyxly discovered the trick, Alex, J'onn and Brainy brought the Phantom Zone Projector to stop Nyxly, but they were defeated by her, and she called a giant dragon to kill them until Alex and the team were saved by Mxy. Alex took the projector to try to attack Nyxly. Alex and the others tried to save Mxy, but Nyxly used the orb to capture Mxy. Soon after, she and the team returned to the Tower, planning to find the seven totems before Nyxly does.[55]

Alex and the Superfriends wanted to find the totems, but decided to help Kelly and John Diggle investigate the destruction of the Ormfell Building. After apologizing to Kelly, Alex and the team confronted Jean Rankin, who had magical powers until she was defeated by the Superfriends. Later, Alex hugged Kelly to motivate her to continue being Guardian.[56]

Superfriends stop the lightning storm

Alex, Kara, and J'onn try to stop a lightning storm.

The team discovered the location of the first totem, so they went to look for it in a science museum, but Nyxly was also there, resulting in a confrontation and causing the Courage Totem to split in two. When people went crazy over fifth-dimensional magic, Alex, J'onn, and Kara took it upon themselves to keep the situation calm. Alex confronted Spike and managed to calm him down. After half of the totem left with Nyxly, the Superfriends took it upon themselves to avoid a lightning storm accidentally created by Beatrice Lahr's machine. Alex was glad to see how Kara managed to wake up. Soon after, she and Kelly had a romantic evening.[57]

Superfriends with the Totem of Humanity

Sentinel and the Superfriends see the Humanity Totem.

When William joined the team as an ally, Sentinel and the Superfriends explained what he can and cannot post. Because people lost their humanity to the Humanity Totem, Sentinel and Guardian took it upon themselves to stop people while they talked about Esme and flirted until J'onn interrupted them. The moment Esme was going to be attacked, Sentinel and Guardian appeared to save her. After Kara obtained the totem, Alex and Kelly decided to adopt Esme.[58]

Alex was glad to see how Esme and Brainy became friends. When Esme got angry because she wanted to know the heroes' secret identities, Alex and Kelly told Esme everything, which gained the girl's trust by accepting them as her adoptive mothers.[59] At the Tower, Alex carried drawings of Esme focused on the Superfriends. When a nightmare monster attacked the city, Alex helped Brainy create a portal to send the monster back to its kingdom.[60]

The Superfriends face Lex and Nyxly

Alex and the Superfriends confront Nyxly and Lex.

Determined, Alex revealed to Kara and J'onn that she would propose to Kelly. To trick Nyxly, the Superfriends made a fake Love Totem and all was going well with their plan until Lex showed up to save the imp. Alex went to talk to Al about reserving his bar and proposing to Kelly, but the bar was booked. Alex went with Kara and J'onn to find the Love Totem, but mysteriously the totem was missing.

Alex proposes to Kelly

Alex proposes to Kelly.

Later, Alex went to Al's bar and met up with Kelly and Esme, who were the ones who reserved the place. Alex was happy that he can propose to Kelly, but to his surprise, Alex had the Love Totem and Nyxly and Lex showed up. Saving Esme, Alex and Kelly led her away from the scene. When Lex and Nyxly escaped, Alex saw that the totem had been destroyed and knew that the totem was for her, as she had love for all her friends. Finally, Alex proposed to Kelly and she accepted.[61]

Alex planned to finally take Esme to school, but Kara wanted her niece to wear glasses so as not to draw attention, this made Alex angry and the two sisters argue. Sentinel helped the team get the Dream Totem. Alex and Kara managed to reconcile to throw a party for Alex and Kelly's wedding while William took care of Esme, but soon, the team learned that William was murdered and that Esme had been kidnapped by Nyxly and Lex.[62]

Final Battle against Lex and Nyxly[]

The Superfriends were concerned that to save Esme they had to deliver the totems, but Alex was the only one destined to take that risk for her daughter, despite Kara trying to convince her. Sentinel managed to obtain the Destiny Totem to exchange it with Nyxly. Alex's plan went awry as Lex showed up to attack the heroes. Sentinel and the Superfriends confronted Lex and Nyxly for the Destiny Totem. Alex managed to save Esme, but the villains had stolen the seven totems, managing to change the states of humanity. Alex apologized to Kara for what she did.[63]

Superfriends (Earth-Prime)

Sentinel and all the Superfriends defeat Lex and Nyxly.

The Superfriends managed to motivate everyone to rise up against the villains. Sentinel and the team took on Lex and Nyxly, but Lex revived several villains from the past to attack them. Sentinel managed to defeat Parasite and faced Nyxly with the help of Eliza, Nia, and Mitch. Sentinel and the Superfriends including Mon-El, Winn, and James, teamed up alongside the city to stop Nyxly and Lex once and for all, but the villains were defeated forever and sent to the Phantom Zone. After the battle, the Superfriends attended William's funeral and Alex invited Winn to her and Kelly's wedding.[64]

Marriage to Kelly[]

Alex and Kelly get married

Alex and Kelly get married.

Before the wedding, Alex spoke to Kara about the decision to reveal her identity to return to CatCo. The next morning, Alex was nervous about marrying Kelly, but was supported by Eliza, Kara, and Esme. Alex came down the aisle to meet Kelly and the girls finally got married. Alex and her friends celebrated at the wedding and Alex drove off with Kelly in J'onn's car for their honeymoon. Upon returning, Alex played with the others at Kara's apartment.[64]

Despero's invasion in Central City[]

Alex helps Team Flash

Alex talks to Team Flash about Despero.

After Despero came to 2021 to try to kill Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow called her to see if there was any alien named Despero.[65] Alex later called them and while searching the D.E.O. databases, she could not find data on him. However, when she was later called and told Despero was from Kalanor, she stated she heard a legend about a planet called Kalanor. Alex confirmed that Kara and J'onn were outside Earth.[66]

Erased future[]

Future Team Flash at Eobard and Iris' ceremony

Alex and Team Flash look at Barry.

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In 2031, Alex attended Eobard Thawne and Iris West-Allen's engagement ceremony alongside Team Flash, Ryan Wilder, Ryan Choi, and Marcus. When Barry Allen arrived from ten years prior, she and everyone else turned to him in surprise.[67]


Alex is a courageous and independent individual who faces danger head on. She is caring, confident and headstrong with the same passion for bio-engineering like her parents. Alex had dedicated her life to protecting her sister, Kara and rarely found time for herself since teenhood.

Despite Alex's good traits, she can sometimes be impulsive and prone to make difficult decisions crossing the line between right and wrong (some might even classify her as morally grey), such as when she stabbed Astra in the back or when she assaulted a Cadmus facility on her own by placing mines in the structure to blackmail Lillian Luthor, even if on those occasions it was to save first J'onn J'onzz's and then her father, Jeremiah Danvers's life.

But Alex has a great sense of justice. When J'onn took the blame for Astra's death, as he did not want Alex to lose her relationship with her adopted sister, knowing it was wrong, she eventually confessed to Kara her role in Astra's death despite her fear of losing her.

After much soul searching and exploration, Alex finds the courage to come out as a lesbian to herself, then to her ex-girlfriend, Maggie Sawyer, then Kara, her mother, Eliza, her friends and her father, Jeremiah. Alex's interactions with Maggie show a more flustered, awkward, and almost goofy side of her personality, similar to that of Kara.

Above all, Alex is a strong woman. She fights for what she believes in and has a difficult time giving up. When she was kidnapped; by her childhood friend, Rick Malverne, she never stopped trying to escape and was able to use her D.E.O. training to help her survive. She has been referenced as being a "bad-ass" by several other individuals.

After losing Maggie, Alex became devastated, unable to cope and started drinking heavily. She is also fond of leather jackets.

Alex loves her sister, Kara, and asks J'onn to erase her memories of Kara's identity as Supergirl.

Alex later retrieves her memories when Supergirl saves her and fights Red Daughter.

After Alex's memories of Kara Danvers' identity as Supergirl were erased by J'onn J'onzz, her view on aliens completely changed. For example, she was about to kill an innocent alien who was attacking Bobbi Miller, as he believed her to be a member of the Children of Liberty, as he was only defending his home, forcing Kara to use her heat vision to disarm Alex of her weapon. But, even without her memories, Alex still teamed up with Supergirl when the false Supergirl attacked the White House.


"I mean, you're in much better shape than me."
  • Peak of human physical condition: As a top agent of the D.E.O., Alex is in top physical condition, with heightened reflexes, strength, and durability. She regularly engages in intense exercises to maintain her conditioning. Alex is strong enough to break Rick Malverne's nose with a single strike.[8] Alex was even capable of swiftly subduing Querl Dox and knocking him out with one punch.
    • Acrobatics/Parkour: Alex is very agile and nimble, able to fall from multiple feet without injuring herself.
"My girlfriend's a badass."
Kelly Olsen[src]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: As an agent of the D.E.O., Alex is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. As required by the organization, she went through an entire year in training before being let out into the field which included spending 12 hours a day for five months in the D.E.O.'s training room.[12] Alex is proved to be capable of overpowering several alien enemies simultaneously with little to no effort at all. She was able to fight on par against notorious assassin John Corben and was skilled enough to battle him to a stalemate. Alex was also able to easily best several Earth-X Nazis and together with Sara Lance, overpower Earth-X Tommy Merlyn. Alex could stand up to Mercy Graves for a while before being pushed back. She was later able to hold her own against and eventually overpower Manchester Black and managed to fight Ben Lockwood on equal grounds even after the latter was mutated by the Harun-El. Alex's combat skills later improved to the point where she was able to overpower Otis Graves relatively easily.
    • Skilled knife wielder: Alex practices fighting with knives as part of her D.E.O. training.[68] When battling Nazis during the Earth-X invasion, she proved capable of fending the assailants off with a blade.
    • Expert swordswoman: Alex was able to fend off several rogue Kryptonians with a sword that is comprised of Green Kryptonite. During her fight against Earth-X Prometheus, she managed to disarm the latter of one of his swords and use it against him.
    • Expert stick-fighter: Alex is an accomplished stick-fighter she was able to take down several Cadmus agents with a pool cue.[69]
    • Expert markswoman: Due to Alex's D.E.O. training she is highly skilled in the use of firearms. She shot and killed T.O. Morrow and Armek. During the Earth-X Nazi invasion, she claimed to be certified in the usage of 30 government weapons.
"They recruited me because my background in bioengineering makes me an expert on alien physiology."
—Alex Danvers to Kara Danvers[src]
  • Genius-level intellect/Expert tactician/Leader: Alex has a very sharp intellect. She pursued an M.D./PhD at an accelerated speed and finished the PhD portion[1] by 2012 at the age of 23.[6] Additionally, Alex is a highly trained tactician and an extraordinary leader, capable of managing and organizing a handful of D.E.O. agents by herself.[9] She is also the second-in-command of the D.E.O. and was the acting director of the organization when J'onn J'onzz was captured by Non and Astra[15] and when J'onn was incapacitated during the Daxamite invasion.[70] J'onn even entrusted Alex with leading the D.E.O. once he retired for good.[71]
    • Master scientist: Alex displayed an aptitude towards science since early childhood, as demonstrated by her interest in science fairs as a child.[27] Having a PhD in bioengineering, Alex is also an expert in alien physiology[3] and has used this knowledge in multiple D.E.O. operations, such in the mission to capture the Hellgrammite she figured out that the Hellgrammite embodied chlorine-based DNA and thus was raiding multiple chemical plants to gather their stockpiles of DDT for use as food.[12] Alex was able to successfully create Blue Kryptonite to incapacitate Bizarro[17] and working with Maxwell Lord, synthesized a cure for Red Kryptonite.[72] She is also an accomplished neuroscientist and xenobiologist.[73] Alex herself stated she could've had a promising medical career as a researcher had she not decided to work at the D.E.O. instead.[24][74]
    • Medical knowledge: Alex has performed medical procedures on both humans and aliens she patched James Olsen up after he was knocked out by a super soldier with Livewire's abilities[31] and examined a comatose M'gann M'orzz, who suffered a psychic attack, figuring out that a Martian mind meld with J'onn would be the only way to save her.[31] Alex also performed an MRI on Samantha Arias when studying her blackouts and helped save Lena Luthor when the latter was poisoned.[74] She and Lena later worked to treat Sam's failing health following her separation from Reign.[75]
    • Expert interrogator/Torturer: Due to her time with the D.E.O., Alex is an effective interrogator and torturer. She once claimed to know six ways to torture someone with just an index finger.[28] Her knowledge of interrogation techniques is so advanced that when she was interrogated with a polygraph, Alex managed to fake the results.[6]
    • Explosives expert: Alex demonstrated expertise with bombs, as seen when she rigged an entire Cadmus facility with Haldorr particle mines, linking some of them to a dead man's switch.[69]
    • Expert driver/Pilot: Alex is a very capable pilot, being able to drive both common vehicles and spaceships.[22]
  • Intimidation: Alex was able to intimidate Winn Schott to the point that he revealed that James Olsen is Guardian. However, when she attempted to intimidate Julia Freeman (who's alter-ego, Purity was in control at the time) by threatening her with months of incarceration, in order to get her to reveal who the other world-killers are unfortunately, this completely backfired, as Julia was completely unfazed by these threats of hers. However, after Alex's memories of Kara's identity as Supergirl was erased by J'onn J'onzz, she no longer has the ability to intimidate any individual even someone like Spencer, who has no form of training to resist interrogation. It is likely that she regained this ability after getting her memories back.
  • Indomitable will/High tolerance for pain: Alex has shown she is capable of tolerating a high amount of pain. While captured by Malverne, she snapped her credit card in half and used its broken edge to cut deeply into her skin on her shoulder to remove her subdermal tracking chip with barely any reaction.[8] With help from her mother, Eliza Danvers, Alex was able to overcome Indigo's brainwashing.[22] She even battled an army of Earth-X Nazis in spite of being slightly hungover.[76]


Original multiverse[]

  • Protective suit: Winn made Alex a protective suit for the battle against the Worldkillers. The suit is fitted with magnets so that Alex is able to force her gun back to her. Since leaving the D.E.O. Alex has lost the use of this equipment being D.E.O. property.

Former equipment[]

  • Kryptonite-powered exosuit: Alex used a special cybernetic exosuit powered via Kryptonite, which she got from Non while under Myriad's mind control, to allow her to fight superhumanly stronger opponents such as Kara Danvers or Metallo by physically enhancing her. Also, the suit's forearm was fitted with a Kryptonite-powered energy gun and it could generate green, concussive shockwaves to physically repel and incapacitate opponents, especially Kryptonians.[21][24] Since leaving the D.E.O. Alex has lost the use of this equipment being D.E.O. property.
  • Taser batons: Alex uses a pair of batons with an electric charge powerful enough to incapacitate super-powered humans. Since leaving the D.E.O. Alex has lost the use of this equipment being D.E.O. property.
    • Kryptonite electric field: With her new suit that Winn made her has included some new features such as a kryptonite blaster on her glove of her suit that generates a Kryptonite energy field.
    • Magnets: Also built into the suit are magnetics which can be used for offensive and defensive ta such as pulling her gun towards her if disarmed. She has also used the magnets in the suit to make a magnetic shield to defend herself or to contain explosives.
    • Maaldorian laser pistol: During a rescue mission on Maaldoria, Alex acquired an alien pistol from a fallen alien. The pistol itself is shown to be very powerful as it sends any target it hits over a distance and it has even proven strong enough to take down a White Martian, albeit weakened from J'onn and M'gann. Following the constant attacks by the Worldkillers, Winn has upgraded the gun to use not only laser bullets, but also Kryptonite bullets when fighting the Kryptonian witches.
      • Kryptonite bullets: While fighting the Worldkillers, Alex alien pistol was modified to shoot Kryptonite bullets when loaded.[75]
      • Electric bullets: While fighting against some mind-controlled aliens, Alex used electric bullets to restart Supergirl's protective suit.[77]
      • Electric net ammunition: Generates an electrical net capable of briefly restraining three Kryptonians, It works until the net is blasted by heat vision.

New multiverse[]

  • Hand of the soldier: Alex received a Martian watch from J'onn which is capable of transforming into any weapon she wants to use eg. Guns, brass knuckles, knifes.[42]
    • Sentinel suit: Winn made Alex a protective suit for the battle against the Worldkillers. The suit is fitted with magnets so that Alex is able to force her gun back to her. Since leaving the D.E.O. Alex has lost the use of this equipment being D.E.O. property and has started wearing a black and blue suit that was manifested by the Hand of the soldier for her time as Sentinel.[78] This suit is capable of protecting her from lightning strikes, resulting in only an electricity burn that could be treated by Kelly at home.



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Behind the scenes[]

  • Alex Danvers is the first main character of Supergirl who doesn't originate from the DC comics, being created exclusively for the TV series.
    • In the DC comics, the Danvers family did have a biological child, but instead of a girl named Alex, it was a boy named Jan.
  • Alex references a time she was a doctor in Seattle in the episode "For Good". Her actress, Chyler Leigh, previously portrayed a doctor named Lexie Grey in Grey's Anatomy, which took place in Seattle.
  • Alex is the fifth character in the Arrowverse to have an episode named after her in a civilian sense, after Sara Lance, Felicity Smoak, Harrison Wells, and Oliver Queen.
    • She is also the second character in the Arrowverse, after Sara, to have an episode title be solely her name.
    • Alex is the fourth character, after Harry, Eve Teschmacher, and Barry Allen to have 2 episodes ("Alex" and "Alex in Wonderland") named after her.


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