A kryptonite-powered exosuit is worn by Alex Danvers while under Myriad's mind control.


Alex used a special cybernetic exosuit powered via Kryptonite, which she got from Non while under Myriad's mind control, to allow her to fight superhumanly stronger opponents such as Kara Danvers or Metallo by physically enhancing her. Also, the suit's forearm was fitted with a Kryptonite-powered energy gun and it could generate green, concussive shockwaves to physically repel and incapacitate opponents, especially Kryptonians.[1][2]

The suit was later replaced by a suit built by Winn Schott. Allowing her some similar functions along with some new ones that gave her an advantage in battle against non-Kryptonians.



  • Enhanced strength: The suit allowed Alex to deliver blows to fighters such as Metallo and Supergirl. Even punching the former through brick walls.
  • Enhanced durability: Alex could withstand blows from powerful opponents while in the suit.
  • Kryptonite shockwave: The suit came equipped with a Kryptonite shockwave to deliver a concussive blast of Kryptonite when fighting Kryptonians.

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